10+ Celebrity Wives You Probably Forgot About

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Forget about using those annoying free online dating services and let’s talk about those Hollywood wives that broke our hearts. While some chose to live out of the spotlight, others are still married to some of the Hollywood’s famous men. Let’s check this gallery to start remembering those names.


John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Let’s start this list with John Travolta and his wife, the actress and former model Kelly Preston. In 1987, the pair met during filming “The Experts” and after dating for 4 years, they had got married.


Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison and Calista met at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Then they started to date and 5 years later, during Valentine’s Day, Harrison surprised her by making the question. In 2011, they tied the knot and adopted a son, Liam.


Dustin and Lisa Hoffman

In October 1980, the legendary actor married the businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen. They have 4 children together and have been together for 41 years, so they are considered one of Hollywood’s most stable couples.


Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight

Jack Nicholson was married to the actress, painter, and writer Sandra Knight from 1962 to 1968. They have one daughter, Jennifer. Sadly, the couple was separated for 2 years before the divorce deal was official.


Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

In 1992, Warren and Annette got married and since then they have been together. The couple has 4 children together. Warren said, “The most important and the best thing that’s ever happened to me was meeting Annette and having our four kids.”


Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Considered as one of the favorite couples of all time, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were living together for 50 years (!) until, sadly, Paul passed away in 2008. They met on the filming of the movie “The Long Hot Summer” in 1953 and five years later, they tied the knot. They had 3 daughters together.


Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson

Clint Eastwood met Maggie Johnson on a blind date and not long after that, the couple got married in 1953. Sadly, after 31 years of marriage, they decided to divorce. They have 2 children together.


Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune

Sean Connery met Micheline during a golf tournament in Morocco. They got married in a secret ceremony in the beautiful Casablanca in 1975. Since then, they are still living together.


Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen

Robert met Lola because she was his neighbor in the building where he lived. After dating for several months, the pair decided to tie the knots in 1958. Sadly, they got divorced in 1985.


Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Elvis met Priscilla in 1959 when she was just 14 years old. The pair was dating for 7 years until they finally got married in 1967. Nine months later, their daughter was born. After some issues, the couple decided to get divorced in 1973.


William and Elizabeth Shatner

William got married to his 4th wife, Elizabeth, in 2001 and they are still together. This multi-talented woman is a photographer and helped co-wrote the song “Together” on William’s album, “Has been.” Besides, Elizabeth is also a horse trainer. What a lucky man is William to have such talented woman as his wife!


Michael and Shakira Caine

The legendary actor married his 2nd wife, Shakira, in 1973. Since then, the couple is still living together to this day. After 43 years of marriage, Michael and Shakira said that they discovered the secret of their success: each one must have their own space.


Robert De Niro And Diahnne Abbott

Robert married to the singer and actress Diahnne Abbott in 1976 and they had one son together. But unfortunately, after 12 years of marriage, they divorced in 1988. While Robert got married again in 1997, Diahnne decided to live out of the spotlight.


Bruce Springsteen and Julianne Phillips

Bruce met the former actress and model Julianne Phillips during his USA Tour and since then they were dating. In 1985, the pair decided to tie the knots. Sadly, after just 4 years of marriage, they decided to divorce.

We know that Bruce has remarried but Julianne decided to have a life under the radar.


Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

While filming the TV series “Family Ties,” Michael J. Fox met Tracy Pollan, who portrayed his girlfriend (Ellen). Once again, the pair will meet again on the set of the film “Bright Lights, Big City,” and their relationship began. Michael and Tracy finally got married in 1988. Since then, they are still living together and have 4 children together.


Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston

Jeff met his future wife Susan while he was filming Rancho Deluxe in 1974. At that time, Susan was working as a waitress but Jeff fell in love since he saw her for the first time. After several years of dating, the pair got married in 1977 and have 3 daughters together.

Jeff said about his life, “I want to thank my beautiful wife, Sue. We’ve been married for 33 years and we have a wonderful family, and three amazing girls, Isabelle, Jessie, and Haley. I wouldn’t continue without you.”



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