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33 of The Greatest Animal Photobombs of All Time

Mackenzie Freeman




Our furry friends make life worth living. They keep us company, help us heal, and prove over and over again that the simplest joys are the best. Because we love them so much, it’s easy to overlook their little faults. Take, for example, these pictures of animals ruining their two-legged friends attempts to create a picture-perfect memory. These dogs, cats, birds, and other animals are taking photobombs to another level.

They set the timer and arranged themselves to take advantage of the epic background scenery. This friendly squirrel, attracted by the strange blinking lights on the camera, made this ordinary vacation picture into an internet sensation.

Not everything in the Southern hemisphere is ice cold. This happy seal brightened this boring penguin-party with his warm, happy smile. Wildlife observers were surprised to find this joyful mug in their mundane nature shots.

Who is really ruining the shot here? The grinning hippo probably gets lots of attention from camera-wielding tourists. When this gentleman lined up for the shot, the happy hippo just smiled right along with him.

Shouldn’t you be running instead of staring at the back of a blinking box? This bull in Pamplona seems to be more interested in the cameraman than chasing down squealing celebrants.

The water is so beautiful in this unknown location, even the fish can’t stop smiling!

This cuddly fish just wanted to share the love by joining the group photo session. The shocked look on the ladies’ faces is proof that the fish was the only one feeling the positive vibes!

Yes, that is a frog next to a space shuttle in full launch. How did he even get there? He certainly doesn’t have the right security clearance.

This happy tabby seems to be having more fun than his human companions. His Cheshire Cat grin looks more genuine as they all pose for an obligatory night-on-the-town group photo.

This picture proves that bad-tempered toddlers come in all shapes, sizes, and species. When the camera tries to focus on his parents, this little fuzz ball steals the limelight.

Like college kids posing next to their friend passed out on the couch, this cow seems to be gleefully enjoying the awkward position the horse has gotten himself into.

Coincidence or premonition? This cat is keeping a close eye on his owner. Maybe he should have hidden the title.

Like an aquatic angel, this joyful dolphin shares in a moment of bliss with young newlyweds. His benevolent smile must mean that he approves of the union!

That’s a lot of fishing poles! This guy might need a few more hands, however, to wrestle with the prize waiting patiently to his left.

Surprisingly, only two out of these seven precious babies noticed the giant panda bear posing along with their family picture. He even got down to their level to fit into the frame better.

This diver is comparing pearly whites with a shark! There must be an unlimited supply of floss at the bottom of the ocean.

You’ve heard the saying “When pigs fly”. What happens when cats fly? Because it’s happening now…

This funny kitty wants to make sure all the attention stays squarely on him. He even goes so far as to attack the camera when it’s pointing in the wrong direction!

Here’s another kitty in need of some special attention. This bride is about to have a very furry surprise. Maybe she should have considered that bouquet of cat treats after all.

Mermen are real! This little fish used perfect timing to create the illusion of being a powerful underwater wonder.

This sweet llama just wants to join in on the love-fest. His gentle smile as he gazes at the happy couple proves that he shares the joy of this special occasion.

Argh! Pirate Kitty will be taking his share of the fruit basket bootie or all the humans will be walking the plank tonight!

This candid shot is a sweet reminder that best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

Just a goat sharing a smoke with the boys during a break from protecting the city.

This curious walrus probably just wanted to see what all those little blinking lights were about. Instead, he ended up creating a once-in-a-lifetime picture that these gentlemen will surely never forget.

On Halloween, everyone is on the hunt for sweet treats, including this tree-dwelling kitty waiting patiently to start the candy search.

This sweet doggo seems heartbroken that his owner would choose to focus the camera lens on the cat instead of him. How dare you deny my superior cuteness??

The mama kitty seems more interested in the human behind the camera than her kitten in distress. How do they get into these places anyway??

This guy was probably trying to take a selfie for his dating profile. This is better. Ladies LOVE a man who can get in touch with his furry side.

This cat KNOWS things. The poor dog is left wondering what exactly is going on.

This kitty was nice enough to help this lady achieve a more family-friendly photo. Thank you Censorship Cat for protecting our eyes from random internet nudity!

Another jealous kitty. This one is clearly angry that their owner chooses to feature the dog in the photo. They may want to let him stay outside a bit longer and calm down.

Another improved dating selfie. If this picture doesn’t help him find the woman of his dreams, nothing will.

This cat is a deep thinker. He clearly is not amused by the goofy doggo attempting to ruin his contemplation.



Relive the Golden Age of Air Travel With These Jaw-Dropping Photos!

Mackenzie Freeman



We may be living in the golden age of technology, but we are certainly not living in the golden age of air travel. If you looked at the cabin of a domestic airplane in the ’50s and ’60s and compared it to today’s models, there would be precious little overlap. In order to bring back some of that luxurious travel of yesteryear, we invite you to fly with us through 35 jaw-dropping photos from the Golden Age of Air Travel.

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Blind Golden Retriever Makes Fast Friends With His ‘Seeing Eye’ Companion.

Sherry Rucherman



If you are a living and breathing human being like us, you hate to see innocent animals suffer. In 2016, Charlie, a golden retriever, would end up losing both of his eyes due to a medical emergency. As an older dog, Charlie didn’t have to grow up without his vision.  Naturally, his owners were concerned about how their dog would adapt to life without being able to see. They knew that they had to do something to help their furry family member, so they decided to adopt a ‘seeing eye’ dog. If you can sense how cute this story is about to be, get ready to grab your tissues. We wouldn’t blame you if you cried from cute joy.

Adam Stipe adopted Charlie when the golden retriever was just a puppy. After nine years together, Charlie ended up losing his left eye due to complications resulting from glaucoma. Within a year, Charlie would lose his right eye, as well. By this time, Adam and his wife Chelsea had emptied their retirement bank account in order to pay for the treatment that had kept Charlie alive. Adam and Chelsea had also recently become pregnant. Talk about sudden life changes! In order to prepare for the baby, as well as better the life of Charlie, they decided to make a change.

When New Year’s Day arrived in 2019, Chelsea and Adam would welcome Maverick into their home. Maverick was an excitable golden retriever puppy who was ready to make new friends. Adam and Chelsea had adopted Maverick for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, they wanted to bring a puppy home to help Charlie get around the house. Second, Adam and Chelsea also wanted a puppy to grow alongside their newborn baby. While adding a baby and puppy to your house at the same time can be tough, the loving family managed to work it out!

After a bit of tension, Charlie and Maverick would soon become fast friends. In fact, you couldn’t walk around the house with the two golden retrievers running around together. According to Adam and Chelsea, Maverick quickly became a natural ‘guide companion’ for Charlie. Maverick learned to play with and guide Charlie around all without being told. According to Chelsea, “Maverick would realize that Charlie would lose the toy sometimes, so Maverick would pick it up and put it back in front of him to re-engage playtime.”

Due to Maverick’s kindness as well as Charlie’s own loving nature, both dogs have become the best of friends. According to Adam, Charlie has even begun to play like a puppy again. When Charlie was an ‘only dog’, he wouldn’t want to play nearly as much. Despite all the difficulties that life had thrown at Charlie, it is clear that he is being protected, loved, and cared for by the best furry friend anyone could ask for.

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Can You Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like?

Lea Lomas



When we talk about historical figures, how real do they feel to you? Unless you lived during the time that those historical figures were active, you might treat them like concepts more than living and breathing figures. Today, we are going to give you a chance to see some of the most important people from history as they would actually look! Using 3D printing, CT scans, and CGI, teams of researchers were able to bring these forty legends to life!

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