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6-Year Old Boy Teaches by Example with ‘Free Toy’ Stand in Front Yard

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Our future is in good hands as long as we have children like Blake Work. The benevolent 6-year old opened his heart and his toy box, and the spirit of giving spread across the neighborhood.



Blake and his mom had the discussion that every parent has about chores.  She told him how many kids don’t have a lot of toys or no toys at all.  That’s when little Blake’s mind and heart went into action. He immediately had an idea to set up a toy stand, like a lemonade stand. But instead of selling them, he wanted to give them away.

The first thing the next morning he gathered his toys together. Mom helped him to make a sign, and with his chair and table, the little angel began his work. 6 hours in the Florida sun didn’t phase him at all. When his first customer asked to give him a donation for the toy he declined. The contractor, a grandpa with a grandchild in Belize, insisted. So Blake’s response was that he wanted to give the $5 away. Other families in the neighborhood came by to support the young philanthropist by picking up books and toys. Some of the other children took it a step further and brought their own toys to add to the pile of donations.

As the toys that he choose to give away were claimed by children and adults, Blake continued to go back into the house to pick more toys to donate. The toys that were left over were donated to a school. Those toys will be used as a reward for good behavior. Children that are good in class will be able to pick from the ‘treasure box’ filled with the gold from Blake’s heart.
Of course, Blake’s mom, Melissa, was more than proud of Blake.  His kind heart and actions at such a young age will encourage him to a humanitarian all of his life. Mom made sure to prepare him before his big toy giveaway that even if no one came, he was doing a good thing. Good deeds do get immediate rewards sometimes. This was one because his community came out to support him and teach him a lesson as well. Those that came out to support Blake’s stand gave him the gift of relevance for good works.