6-Year Old Uses Her Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint to Buy Herself Toys on Amazon

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Ashylynd Howell, a six-year-old girl, used her mom’s thumbprint to purchase toys worth $250 on Amazon. The girl gently lifted her mom’s thumb and placed it on the home screen to bypass security. When the mom discovered what her daughter had done, she was understandably shocked.



How it All Started
Initially, her parent thought that their account had been hacked. However, the girl explained that she was the one who had made the purchases. The events leading to the purchase all started on a busy Monday night. The mother said that she had been quite tired that night, but her daughter did not show any signs of being tired. Therefore, her mother Bethany decided to put on a movie for her to quite her down. After watching the movie for five minutes, Bethany fell fast asleep.

Unbeknown to her, Ashylynd picked up her thumb and gently placed it on the security screen. She went on to buy 13 Pokémon toys that ranged from figurines to plush characters and even trading cards. The young girl also indicated that the toys would be delivered to their doorstep.

Bethany Only Found Out About it the Next Day
After the young girl made the purchases, Bethany only found out about it when she was sent email confirmations that the orders were being processed and were due for delivery. It was quite shocking for Bethany and her husband as their daughter had never done such a thing before.

According to Bethany, her young daughter had only used her phone in the past to watch videos on YouTube, pull up the Netflix app, or play games. When she learned that Ashylynd had made the purchase on Amazon, she thought that it must have been by mistake. However, her daughter later told her that she had been shopping online and that everything would be delivered to their door. Bethany was quite shocked to hear that, she did not even think her daughter knew about Amazon.

An Opportunity to Learn
It was at that instance that she and her husband sat down with their daughter to explain how she had made the purchases. They also decide to use the opportunity to teach their daughter something. The parents said that their daughter did not have the concept of money or that what she did was wrong or right. Once she had understood everything, she apologized to her parents and promised to ask for permission in future before making any purchases.

Bethany then decided to return the items to Amazon. It was at that moment that she discovered that only four of the items were returnable. That meant that she was stuck with the other toys. However, she did not tell her daughter about it. Instead, she told her that she had told Santa about what she had done, and he had decided to bring some of the toys to her for Christmas. It worked out perfectly since Bethany had not bought her daughter any Christmas presents yet.


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