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A Box Sat in An Airport for 7 Days – And When It Was Opened, The Contents Were Heartbreaking

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Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe what was found in the box left at the airport without being opened for seven days. Boxes arrive at the airport all the time and are usually picked up or shipped off to the next destination. In this case, the box sat there without anyone attempting to claim it because there was no labels or notification of what was in the box. After seven days, someone became interested in the box and pried the lid off to a gruesome scene. Stomachs turned, and hearts broke at the ghastly sight.


1 The Beirut airport in Lebanon received the small plain wooden box on March 7, 2017 with an unknown origin. The wooden box was 10.6 cubic feet with small holes in the sides, and outside of these details, there was nothing of note about the box.