A Stranger Noticed A Dog Alone At A Grave – And Soon Solved A Town Mystery

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The sight of a dog guarding a grave caught the attention of a young woman, who got curious enough to do some reasearch. She discovered a story that went on to become a media sensation. This, is the story…

Animal lover -particularly dogs


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Alice Gill is an animal lover. She loves dogs particularly since she was a child. Her eyes wondered into a dog who was lying on top of something that looked like a grave. The dog seemed nice and she couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing there.

Deserted loyal friend?

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There was no one else around. The weather wasn’t kind at all but the dog seemed please to be there on top of that grave. The whole place was a graveyard. Her curiosity increased and she went closer.

Starving close to inanition

As she drew closer to the grave she was able to get a better look at the dog and she became concerned immediately. The dog was clearly underweight. His ribs were quite visible beneath his fur. He looked abandoned and disappointed. It was clear to Alice that this dog had spent a considerable amount of time lying on this grave. This dog wouldn’t last long if he remained on this spot.

Time for action

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Moved as she was she decided to help and the first obvious thing she was able to do was to give the dog some food. She had some in her vehicle and she thought it best to lure the dog closer to her instead of going towards him. The dog moved a little towards her and she felt confident to move forward. When the dog was an arm’s lenght from her
she realized she made some wrong assumptions and discovered something that made her even more curious.

Bittersweet surprise

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Alice did not understand why she had assumed the dog was a male. It was not a “he” but a “she” and more importantly she just had puppies. She could see her breasts swollen and hanging loosely. She wondered where the pups were and was puzzled to find none around.

That’s not the half of it…

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Immediately after assimilating all the information a new discovery that was not surprising at all revealed part of the stress the animal was suffering. The dog was riddled with fleas. These could be seen walking busily on his fur and Alice realized just how tired the poor dog was. She wasn’t just hungry and worried for her pups. She was exhausted to the point of lacking energy to scratch herself. The agony of a miriad fleas bitting and being helpless to do anything was visible in the desperate expression of her eyes.

Traumatized… By humans

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It was clear she was also terribly nervous about something. She seemed afraid of Alice and showed behaviour that she was familiar with. She had seen this behavior before, in dogs that had been traumatized.

Attached to something


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The dog was clearly attached to the place. She seemed determined not to leave and Alice did not want to force her -or even knew that she could. Maybe she had made even more wrong assumptions than she thought. Perhaps the dog was not attached to the place per se, but to her puppies who could be somewhere near.

Searching for the pups

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Alice new how terrible it is for dogs when they become infested with fleas. She happened to have some spot-on flea medicine in her car and the dog was the right weight. She went to look for it affraid that the dog might not be there when she came back and realized that her anxiety was completely unfounded. She was only going to move either to seek food or to look for her puppies and she wasn’t going to do either of those things after a nice human just gave her some food and appeared to show some concern for her. As she came closer with the flea medication and cracked open the little tube, the expression of the dog changed entirely. She could see a look of recognition and releaf spread around her face and when she applied the liquid directly on her skin spreading the hairs of her fur with her fingers she could have sworn her eyes were thanking her.

Thorough Research

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This was a good moment to momentarily leave the dog while the fleas abandoned ship and looked for their next victim. Alice needed to talk to someone in the neighborhood to see if anyone knew the owner of this dog. She knocked on a few doors to no effect but she didn’t let this stop her. Eventually she knocked on the door of Carl and he knew the whole story of the dog, the grave and the puppies.

The owner was dead

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Carl told Alice everything he knew about the dog. Her owner was his neighbor. The man, loved his dog very much, they had a really special relationship. When he died, a month ago his dog was very sad and she was also pregnant. Once the man was buried she followed his scent to his grave and discovering where her master lay she remained in place, on top of his grave. She never wandered off for long. Most of her time she spend there, on her master’s grave.

Mourning the dead and caring for the living


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Then Carl started talking about the puppies. His theory was that somehow she managed to divide most of her day caring for her puppies and spending time on the grave. He was conviced she only left the room to feed and care for her pups.

The puppies

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Carl also knew something about the puppies. According to him, her puppies were in the hands of her master’s nephew. She asked him if he could possibly tell her where this nephew lived because considering the state the dog was in, she really wanted to pay this pups a visit.

The Owner’s Nephew


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Carl told her that the nephew lived a mile down the road and after providing Alice with some directions he bid her farewell wishing her good luck. Alice had no trouble finding the place but when she knocked on the door no one answered. She stayed for a few minutes knocking on the door a few more times but she decided to go back to Carl because after a while she wasn’t sure it was the right place anymore.

Finding the Nephew

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Alice knocked on Carl’s door this time and she told him she knocked several times and there didn’t seem to be anyone there. She proceeded to describe the place to him thinking he would interrupt her any second to tell her it was not the right place, but Carl did not interrupt. When she was done he confirmed that it was the right place and seemed surprise the man was not there. Carl offered to come along this time and she knocked on the same door again. No one answered, just like before. Carl went back to her car and started honking on the horn and in seconds the door opened and the nephew emerged. Alice asked him about the puppies and he said he had no idea where they were. They looked around on as they were leaving for the car and it seemed the puppies weren’t there.

The search for the puppies continues…

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As Alice and Carl drove back to Carl’s place they saw the dog walking purposedly in the opposite direction and decided to follow her with caution. They had a feeling she was going to care for her puppies and if they were lucky, she would lead them straight to them.

The Shed

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The dog approached an old shed as Alice and Carl prayed silently for the puppies to be there. Just as the dog reached the shed they saw several nice looking pups emerging to greet their mother.


New Home

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Alice decided to adopt them all. It was a big decision to make but after all she learnt about their mother she thought it was the right thing to do. They all live happy in Alice’s place now. It was a hard beginning, but sometimes hard beginnings lead to nice endings, or perhaps newer beginnings.


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