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California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen

Leslie Tander




Searching For a Babysitter

Parents are concerned about who it is they are hiring to care for their children, even for only a few hours.  Such is the case of thousands of families who are constrained because of circumstances to either leave their home unattended during the day and drop their children at a day school. Such is the fact with the Lai family, who like Jonathan and his wife are tied between  responsibilities of work and home. There are disadvantages and advantages on both sides of each solution.

Found one!

We are so used to turning on our T.V. and finding the greatest drama made to order, but the fabricated show is different from real danger and the causes of this fear.  That is why when recently a young Nanny in a California home was given responsibility to care for a young boy of loving parents and showed herself fearless and cautious, so many people praised her charm, fearlessness, and courage in the face of unexpected danger.

The Nanny

As the story of Jenna unfolds we see one side of the solution of leaving children at home with a babysitter.

Apprehensive Parents

The Lai’s needed to find the right person to care for their son while they were away. This person would have to be a Nanny in the best sense, since they would be responsible for sitting with their son, bathing him, cooking and run errands.  The Lai’s would have to find a person who showed genuine love and care for children since their son was only three and a half years old.  In time they found Jenna Lee Baker. Following is the story of the trust and bond that took place between one family and the Lai’s Nanny.

Nanny Fears Intruder

In the summer of 2017, Jenna took the three-year-old out for errands, but on return to the Lai’s Home, she sensed in her gut that the home wasn’t safe and that she was not as safe as the other times she had returned to the same home.  Maybe it was a Nanny’s instinct, adrenalin or fear, but she didn’t hesitate to put into action her care for the three-year-old who was seconds getting closer to danger. Before she could formulate her words and her plans and her next moves, the Lai’s three-year-old son ran in from behind her and bolted into the house as usual. It all happened so fast she only remembers her concern for the three-year-old. Even before she could plead with him, she heard footsteps approaching from upstairs. As quickly as she could think, she knew instinctively that the Lai’s were away from home and became determined to bring the three-year-old to safety as soon as possible. Jenna pleaded with the three-year-old to leave with her and flee somewhere safer.  She snatched him up in her arms and made her way outside, even though she couldn’t put into words the reason why she was so much in a state of precaution and fear.

Nanny Senses Fear

Intruder Alert

Luckily Jenna exited the Lai’s home before the burglar approaching footsteps came down the stairway.

Something Was Wrong

Baker wanted to get out of site before the intruder could see she and the three-year-old, so as soon as she exited the Lai’s home, she bolted to the next door neighbor. Luckily she had already reached the neighbor’s house and was inside before the intruder exited the Lai’s home.  Baker was able to call the local police and report the burglary. She only felt relief that she and the three-year-old were somewhere safe and free from harm while waiting for the police to arrive.

Burglar Inside

The police calmed Baker’s fear when they arrived, but thanks to the Lai’s precautions, he had set up CCTV surveillance in the house, which the intruder acted like he was unaware.  The Good News was that Jonathan Lai was able to trace all the footsteps of the intruder throughout the home because of the CCTV surveillance footage.


Unfortunately, the intruder ransacked the house and personal belongings of the Lai’s, especially a purse, which Mrs. Lai had left in the kitchen while away from the house.  The intruder who forced his way into the Lai home rummaged thru the rooms and emptied out other parts of the home in search for more valuables to take.

Video Surveillance Captured

Mr. Lai’s hurt by the burglars prowl through the home taking things that were most personal to him and his family, but still very grateful for having a Nanny who kept their son from harm and showed courage in a time of danger and fear. Thanks to Mr. Lai’ pre-planning and foresight the all of the burglar’s activities were captured on CCTV.

Detective Work

The burglar was too quick for the police to catch, but they did get a good description of him from the CCTV footage of Mr. Lai.

Working Independently?

Mr. Lai came to a likely possibility that the burglar may not have been working alone since in the CCTV footage the burglar could constantly be seen on his cell phone talking with someone.

Who Is It?

Jonathan Lai is disheartened about home security since the burglar intrusion. One of the most tragic elements of this incident is caused by the fact that this terrible burglary took place in broad daylight when many people are at home.

Broken Window

Mr. Lai was also able to piece together how the burglar obtained entry into his home from a back door.

The burglar used some kind of object to shatter the back door’s window in order to gain entry into the Lai home.

Greatest Nanny Ever

Jenna Lee Baker acted with courage. Jenna Baker she says that she was happy to having been able to avoid encountering the burglar at any closer range. Jenna admits that these were traumatizing experiences and ones she is not wanting to happen again.  Jenna still enjoys babysitting.



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