Couple Decides To Make A Change and 18 Months Later, Their Lives Look Completely Different

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Lexi and Danny loved each other very much but there was something they had to defeat before their lives could really move forward and they became who they really wanted to be. Read on to find out what Danny and Lexi did to turn their lives around.

How they were

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Lexi was 390 pounds and she was only 25 years old. Ever since she was a child she had weight issues and she would lose some weight only to gain it back within months. She always tried to stay positive and really wanted to have a fulfilling life filled with joy. Her size however, got in the way of her happiness quite often.

When love knocks on your door

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Lexi kept her good spirits and did the best she could to be happy. Life rewarded her with someone to love, in the shape of her best friend of the past 10 years. His name was Danny Reed and he was able to look beyond the 390-pound woman and into the beautiful person Lexi was on the inside. They also shared something far from unique: an unhealthy lifestyle.

Bad Habits

Lexi and Danny would normally have 4 of these servings…/ Via YouTube

Unfortunately, bad habits die hard and Danny had as bad –if not worse– eating habits than Lexi. He was also far from his ideal weight even though his condition was not as serious. They were both sedentary. Their love for food was mutual and this led them to many “all you can eat” buffets. They would spend hours on end eating their fill in these places. At home, they rarely ever cooked relying on takeout instead.

A vicious circle

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Her bad habits begun –as most bad habits do– in childhood. Cooking was not an activity that was regularly performed at home when she was growing up. During an interview on PopSugar, Lexi  explained that money was an issue when she was growing up, and it was always easier to consume processed foods than to buy healthy groceries. When she met Danny things didn’t change much in that respect. Their favorite pastime became binge-watching TV together –while indulging in comfort food that was always there for Lexi who was an emotional eater.

Limitations begin to emerge

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Extra weight always makes things more difficult, but when you become morbidly obese, things like going for a walk, biking or anything that requires the least amount of effort or endurance becomes an unpleasant ordeal. Conversely, the motivation to stay at home and watch TV is increased because it becomes even easier and more pleasurable.

The Ring

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Danny decided to ask Lexi to marry him. After acquiring the best ring he was able to afford, he took her to the beach and knelt on the sand producing the ring and saying the words. Lexi, who by the time was 485 pounds consented to marry him with tears of joy. As they left the beach and she begun the mental exercise of visualizing her wedding she was confronted with a daunting task: Finding a wedding dress on her size, which at the time these events unfolded, was 34W.

The Marriage

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It wasn’t easy but “he who seeketh shall find…” and find her wedding dress she did. Everything went well during the ceremony but questions did emerge in Lexi’s mind… She wanted to visit Universal Studios in Orlando for her honeymoon (being a Harry Potter fan) but rides in a park are out of question for any person her size. She couldn’t possibly fit. Getting there wouldn’t be easy either; A person her size doesn’t fit on an airplane seat. But there was also the matter after the honeymoon and the reason why most people get married to begin with… Starting a family. There are always risks during pregnancy but these are made quite worse if the mother is obese. Risks to the fetus cannot be underestimated either.

Life after tying the knot

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One year of marriage passed in the blink of an eye. Lexi and Danny continued their TV binging habits accompanied by generous amounts of junk food. Lexi begin experiencing a feeling of impending doom. A certainty that things needed to change or else terrible things would happen. She wanted change but she just didn’t know where to begin.

New year… New life.

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The idea of a different life had already taken hold on Lexi’s mind and as it happens when a mind is resolved, it begun to manifest. On New Years Eve, Lexi had an epiphany. That the best way to start was in the beginning. The new year would bring a new life. Her days of idling on the couch watching TV with her husband consuming massive amounts of junk food were over. A new year, a new life. Danny, was not entirely resolved. In fact he wasn’t resolved at all. It would take no small amount of convincing.

A new beginning

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Danny loved going home, sitting down and eating. Lexi was resolved to change. It begun dawning on Danny that perhaps changing might not be such a bad idea after all. Health-wise at least, it was the best choice for both of them.

The new beginning is made public amongst friends.

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After the couple agreed to change their unhealthy habits that New Year’s Eve it was time to tell their friends about it. They knew that it would have been just far too easy to forget about everything the next morning so they told their friends. Either in jest, or as ancient warriors that would burn their ships so there was nowhere to go but forward, this was crucial because resolution was still diffuse, consisting only on changing their unhealthy lifestyle but their friends made them enter into a bet. So the resolution took a concrete shape… To guarantee this new healthy lifestyle they would follow some rules for one month and if either of them broke these rules during that month both would lose the bet. These were the rules:

  • No eating out
  • No soda
  • No alcohol
  • No “cheat” meals
  • Working out for 30 minutes, 5 times per week.

Lexi and Danny were determined to change their lives and now they were also determined to show their friends that they had what it took to follow these rules: self-control.

Fed Up

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Truth be told, Lexi had become fed up. She understood that the couch where they would spend hours glued to the TV set, came at a price. She had become so fat that going for a romantic walk with her husband was not something she could actually do. She was unable to fly on an airplane for a romantic holiday. Worst of all, starting a family would entail risks for her and the baby. She was tired and she could take it no more. They both had enough and they decided to do something about it.

Hitting the Gym

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Lexi and Danny became members of a local gym. She engaged in her 30-minute workouts religiously. It was painful. When you begin training your body tries to convince you to quit. Pain is mostly normal. However, for Lexi the pain she felt was crippling. Her joints were already painful because of the massive weight they needed to bear every day. When she began working out it the pain became severe.

Doing it right

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Finding the right gym was easier said than done. Lexi was concerned of what people in the gym would do when they saw her working out. She was mostly concerned with people staring at her. After looking at several gyms they found one that felt just right. It wasn’t crowded and some machines faced the wall, so Lexi could concentrate more on her workout and less in people looking at her. The perfect machine was there too. They were given a trial day and Lexi tried it out. It was the “Crossramp” and it wasn’t painful for her joints. It was also safe for her weight –something to bear in mind when you’re over 400 pounds.

A brand new menu

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The gym was only one part –a very important part– and it would take care of the 30-minute  workout 5 times per week. Not going out to eat though, meant that they had to start cooking at home. Frozen pizzas wouldn’t do. From now on it would be healthy meals consistent of mostly animal protein and  veggies.

The gym starts to get fun

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Lexi and Danny continued working out 5 times a week. They won the bet and a no small amount of pride. Lexi and Danny gave each other support, both on the gym and at home. Their discipline started paying off. They begun losing weight and things at the gym became more fun. Lexi even joined a class called “Pulse” that involved a lot of dancing and before she knew it her self-consciousness vanished replaced by the warm feeling of knowing you are where you belong.

When the mind transforms, the body follows

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After 18 months Lexi had lost 312 pounds. Her life and her body had transformed completely. It dawned on her one day as they visited a restaurant they used to frequent regularly. Her belly used to rest over the table back then. Now there was ample room between her and the table. She felt proud. Lexi was able to get on a plane now and they took a flight to Orlando to visit Universal Studios where they spent a substantial amount of time on “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

Instagram success

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Back in 2016 when they were just getting started with their new lifestyle, Lexi thought about opening an Instagram account to document her progress and gain support from others. The before and after pictures she begun to post were truly astonishing. She also posted pictures of what they begun eating and some of the activities they engaged into –like hiking– along with pictures of Lexi working out at the gym. She called the account @FatGirlFedUp. It now has over 750,000 followers.

Becoming Stars

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The story of Lexi and Danny went viral over the internet. It wasn’t long before it went on TV first locally and then nationwide. They were even interviewed on shows where they shared what they went through. The only thing they didn’t change was how humble and open they were. And when others felt inspired by their success they were happy to hold for them the same ladder they climbed on their way up.

Inspiring & Helping Others

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There’s no telling how many couples were inspired by Lexi and Danny, but many went ahead and published their stories as well, always thankful for the inspiration without which they wouldn’t have started to begin with.

I’m no particular order: Danny & Kalean Patton/ almost 300 pounds combined weight loss in a year. They got married on live TV and opened the Facebook page Danny & Kalean-From fat to fit. Jo Hughes & Dave Swingewood/ Over 200 pounds combined weight loss. Jo sold her car to make her walk more in addition and they both abandoned junk food; Johnathon Van Buskirk & Lisa Berg / 300 pounds combined weight loss. They started making small changes here and there and begun going for bike rides together.


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