Girlfriend Requests A Neck Massage. Then Boyfriend Realizes Something Is Wrong

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When Jake was giving his girlfriend a neck rub, he found a lump and became immediately concerned. He shared his anxiety with his girlfriend Emmy and they agreed she would visit the doctor ASAP and have it checked. Lumps may turn out to be harmless but there’s no harm finding out for sure. Unfortunately, Jane’s lump would soon claim her live and all her beautiful dreams, they just didn’t know it yet.

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A couple made in heaven

Jake met Emmy, 20 years ago in London, back in High School. When he was 13 he already told her that she was his “lobster” and by the time they were 16 they finally admitted to each other the feelings they had for one another.

They both went their separate ways when they went to college. It would take them almost 10 years to rekindle their romance.

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Love knows no distance


Jake was living in Australia, working as a doctor whilst Nate still lived in London working as a school teacher. They videoconferenced daily despite the time difference and frequently travelled the long distance back and forth just to see each other. Their plan was to live together back in the UK.

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Something seems wrong with Emmy


Emmy, although always cheerful, active and living a healthy lifestyle, begun suffering daunting symptoms. She felt tired all the time, her bowel movements were infrequent and painful. Emmy also experienced pains in the abdomen and lower back. Blood on her stool became common, as it was testified by the bloodstains on her toilet paper and the soreness she felt afterwards.


She was not the kind of person to visit the doctor frequently, but given the severity of her symptoms, Emmy sought medical advice several times. Among the probable causes of her ailments she was told she probably had Irritable bowel syndrome, norovirus and stress.

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Feeling something is dreadfully wrong


Emmy always felt it was neither of those things. Despite all this, she continued training for the London Marathon, though it became increasingly difficult and her symptoms deteriorated further.

By December that year, her symptoms were becoming pretty difficult to live with and still, the doctors weren’t terribly concerned even going as far as suggesting she came after Christmas if the symptoms indeed persisted. This made Emmy feel a bit like a hypochondriac. She even considered she was imagining it all.

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Only Jake who happens to be a doctor and knows her, takes her seriously.


Only Jake listened to her when they talked over on Facetime –Jake was still in Australia– and being listened by Jake, who was himself a doctor, made her feel better and gave her more confidence.


Jake returned to London in February and he intended  to propose to her during a trip to the Philippines they had planned for the holidays in March that year.


He began rubbing her neck one night and noticed that she had a couple of lumps. Jake’s medical training prevented him from discarding these lumps as cramped muscles before running some tests, so he insisted she went back to the doctor and he told her what she should say to be taken seriously.

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Emmy is finally taken seriously by the doctors


Jake’s words did the trick. Emmy was rushed into the A&E immediately. She was referred for an urgent neck biopsy. Her initial diagnosis though, changed from probable stress to probable Medullary Thyroid Cancer.

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When knowing you’re really sick is actually a relief


Curiously enough, this diagnosis far from bringing her down actually felt like a relief. She went from knowing something was terribly wrong, being treated like a hypochondriac and not knowing what to do about it, to actually knowing she was suffering a terrible disease. Being a woman like Emmy, meant that she needed to focus on the best course of action, without fatalism. She would tackle this disease with all she had and more. There was nothing more to it and feeling sorry for herself wasn’t going to do anyone any good.


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After the bank holiday that followed her diagnosis, Emmy was called to a meeting where she went with Jake. The doctors told Emmy that it was the cancer causing all her ailments. Basically the cancerous cells secrete a hormone called calcitonin. A normal person has a level of 10 whilst Emmy had 12000. Emmy needed to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, day and night. This caused her extreme fatigue not to mention a fissure in the anus, weight loss and erratic menstruation. The meeting ended with the transfer of her case to the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey, England. Emmy’s cancer is so rare that they took samples of her DNA to continue to study it in the future. Her prognosis? Basically she had a 20% chance of living 5 years. This cancer is incurable. Treatment only helps to slow down the inevitable. Still, Emmy doesn’t let this prognosis bring her down.

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Terminally ill? Go biking…

Jake and Emmy got married.

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They decided to raise money cycling 2000 Kms on a tandem bicycle across Europe from London to Copenhagen. They decided to name this adventure EJTANDEMONIUM, and they documented the whole thing on social media. They ended up raising more money than they anticipated.


The books

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As a teacher Emmy simply loved children’s books/ , along with Jake. Their first book, “Tara & Tyronne – Stuck in the Mud”  did really well and was followed by an equally successful second book “Tara & Tyrone – Pedro the Pump.”


They were working on a third book “Tara & Tyrone – Lost at Sea” when Emmy passed away.

A tribute to his beloved wife


As a tribute to his beloved wife and in order to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Hospital, –the place were his wife received excellent treatment and support– Jake bowed to run 10 marathons within 2 months. He travelled to several international destinations including Iceland. He was joined on this trip by his new significant other, event planner Jenna Selby.

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After Emmy passed, it was only natural that Jake suffered a great deal, even though being a doctor himself he had enough time to prepare for the inevitable. His posts on social media had been bittersweet, to put it mildly,  which under the circumstances is to be expected. However, 8 months after Emmy’s passing Jake appears to adapt considerably well. We’re sure Emmy wouldn’t like him to spend the rest of his life alone and wherever she is, surely she’s comforted by the fact that Jake’s new significant other is happy to accompany him paying tribute to his forever beloved and never to be forgotten Emmy, the one who was taken far too early and whose light continues to shine long after she passed, as inspiration for all of us, sick or healthy, young or old.


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