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Homeless Man Trapped In Car By Snowstorm For 2 Months Reveals How He Survived

Mackenzie Freeman




Like most unbelievable stories, the Homeless Man trapped in a car during a storm or over two months feels closer to fiction than anything else. Here is the story of how a once-in-a-lifetime survival of a lone man stuck in a horrible snow storm overcame death.

A Loner

Peter Skyllberg was known to his immediate neighbor as a lone man due to his self-imposed isolation. According to a local gas station owner, he was known to be homeless and went about his life living in the forest and sleeping in his car.

A Low Moment

The gas station owner, Andreas Ostensson, reported that he saw Peter Skyllberg come to the gas station to fuel his car and purchase some supplies and it was apparent that he had little money to live on.

Hospitable But Withdrawn

His work history in Sweden saw him work as a carpenter long before his financial troubles surfaced. He seemed withdrawn when showed up at the gas station to fuel his car and buy some supplies although he was nice to Ostensson, who said he had seen him laugh on several occasions.

A Strange Lifestyle

Through his observations, Ostensson had concluded that Peter had traveled all over Sweden and stopped after convincing himself that the area around the gas station was a good place and so he choose to stay. For Ostensson, Peter’s life was a strange lifestyle, and he always wondered what he did all day since he lived in the forest…

Did he Really Disappear

Nonetheless, Peter was well-groomed and had a neat shave as well as auspicious hygiene. The forest seemed to suit him well until last May when one of his friends claimed that he was nowhere to be seen.

No Trace Left

It seemed that he had cut all ties. First, he had lost contact with his family members for over 20 years, and they could hardly notice his absence at all. His aunt, Siv Skyllberg made it clear that he had cut ties with his family after a scandal which had taken place 20 years ago….

Always A Loner

Siv’s attempt to guide the police on Peter’s whereabouts proved to be of little help. However, she at least confirmed that Peter was a loner long before he broke ties with his family or his disappearance as reported by one of his friends.

Trapped under a Gigantic Heap of Snow

Nevertheless, the police continued the search for Peter Skyllberg who had become notorious for living in his car, which meant he could be anywhere. It proved that it is hard-work to look for a homeless person. Fortunately, the police search bore fruit after about two months. They found his car trapped in a horrible place.

Entrapped in a Cave

He was many miles far away from the forest that he had made his residence, and it was -30 degrees Celsius. The police concluded that there was no way he could have possibly survived such extreme conditions. They proceeded to open the door of his car, and to their utter surprise they found his extremely emaciated body inside, still alive and breathing.

Survived on Cigarettes and Beer

There was an empty bottle of beer, a homemade pipe, some rolling tobacco, a sleeping bag, some rolls of kitchen towel, camping pans, and a pack of extra large napkins. As it seemed Peter wanted to his life to end out there in the cold, but he told the police that he wanted to live.

Trapped for Two Months

He said that he had been trapped in his car since December 19, and was easy to tell since he appeared quite weak. But, it was so unbelievable because it is hard to tell how many people could survive being stuck in a snowed-in car for two months.

A Natural Igloo

Doctors said that for the two months that Peter was stuck in the car, the air around it had formed a natural Igloo. This, combined with his warm clothing formed a real Igloo. However, it is still mind-blowing that despite the shelter he needed food to survive, which he lacked.

He Could Survive Without Food

A renowned Swedish doctor says that a person can survive extreme starvation for over a month as long as they have enough water to drink, especially people with body fat.

The Skeptics

Many people find the story quite a make-believe although he was found alive. It was then discovered that he actually disappeared to escape his financial troubles.

Financial Troubles

Peter had a handyman job where he worked for an iron-manufacturing town for a local landlord who gave him one flat to live in. His money problems began soon after he attempted to buy a block of apartments in the area, which was followed by failure to pay and a consequent court for the properties to be seized.

Escaping Problems

In an attempt to escape his problems, he almost wound up dead, yet he was only a mile away from a road where he could find help.

Was He Willingly Trapped

At the point where his car was trapped, it is easy to hear the frequent snowmobiles that buzz up and down the tracks to clear snow. So the people driving by could be easy to reach, and it seemed he had a way out if he wanted to.

Something Strange

Though snowed-in, his car was not snowed a the right passenger door. A closer look revealed that the left side had compact snow while the right had very loose snow. The door seemed to have been open quite often.

Peter Ate Snow To Survive

Although the Snow was quite thick, Peter had succeeded in opening the door to eat snow for survival. When he was found, it was reported that he was quite weak and said that he wanted to “hibernate.”

There are Still Unanswered Questions Today

The rescuers contemplated leaving him to hibernate, but the foul smell from the car convinced them that if they left him to stay, he was going to die.



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