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One Woman Has Perfect Response to Stranger Who Called Her “Heavyset”

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What happens when a young woman is approached at a farmer’s market and is called “heavy set? She makes her confident voice heard by writing a powerful blog that was read by many and empowering young and young at heart everywhere.
Yoga instructor, Madelyn Parsch was minding her own business when a man, old enough to be her father, commented, ” You could model even though you are heavy set.” She writes in her blog that he continues to guess her weight, “What…probably… 165-170? Am I right sweetheart?” First of all it’s very inappropriate an disrespectful for anyone, especially a man of his age to approach a young girl let alone comment on her size!



Madelyn had some thoughts of her own about the farmers market stalker. She remembers thinking she would like to speak back to the stranger for women everywhere by saying that her heavy set thighs were strong enough to crush a grown man’s skull, but she refrained for her own safety and dignity. She writes that they kept bumping into each other that day and each time they did, he would continue to talk to her about her size and her future in he modeling industry…like a hair model or something and how she should not worry about all the tall and slim models at the modeling agencies she would be working around.

She remembers how he made her feel and how she wished she would’ve had a sharp comeback statement. “It annoyed me…But words were hard to find while assessing my actual safety in the parking lot with a stranger….His level of audacity and entitlement took me off guard.” Madelyn took matters into her own hands. His word selection and how he kept reminding her of how beautiful she was even though she was heavy set. She didn’t want or need his inappropriate validation. She wanted him to go away and leave her alone.

But she would remember his comments and do something good with them. help others just like her. She blogs that it wasn’t the first time she received a back handed compliment, that made her feel uncomfortable, just as many of her friends and family had. “I wrote about it to get out my frustrations and be able to find my voice the next time something like this happens.”

She explained that although this farmer’s market encounter was an uncomfortable one, it was not a negative one. “A few years ago it would have devastated me to be called heavy set, but not today and not ever again. She says she is too confident to allow others opinions and comments question her worth. “I’m too strong,” she said. Most would agree this is a powerful statement from such a young woman reminding everyone, that we should love ourselves both on the inside and out.