Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck

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Indeed, life is so unpredictable! No one knows the when or where tragedy will strike, and no one really expects it to happen to them. However, like death, tragedy befalls without warning and it is always a rare glimpse to see the moments that took place before a tragedy. More often than not, the media is focused on the aftermath that is left in the wake of a tragedy, here we attempt to capture the precious moments before a tragedy, with many victims seemingly unaware of the fate which was about to befall them.

Take a look at our gallery of 9 photos taken before tragedy struck….

Deadly Slip Into Tigers Den

A man in New Delhi, India, visited the zoo and for some reason, the view didn’t satisfy him. He decided he wanted a more personal close up view of the rare white tiger by climbing a tree in its enclosure to get a better view. Repeated warnings from those around him of the potential danger of a slip fell on deaf ears as the man held on. Well, turns out he should have listened! In a bizarre twist of fate, he slipped and fell into the tiger’s cage. The Tiger, which must have been bored, immediately prowled up to the man, perhaps excited at the thought of getting a new playmate. It eventually ended up killing the man after almost 15 minutes of holding him up in that position. Playtime was over!


Jumping Into Trouble

Polar bears are not the friendliest animals, especially if you intrude their territory, but one woman in a German zoo apparently wanted to find that out for herself. She jumped, yes jumped! Into their enclosure and began to swim towards them, apparently excited. Despite the warnings of onlookers she kept getting closer and closer to the bears until she was at an eye shot away. However, the bears didn’t find that amusing and expressed their displeasure by biting her viciously on the arms and legs. Obviously not very friendly! Luckily for her, the keepers managed to distract the animals before she was mauled to death and she managed to escape by a whisker and was pulled out of the water.


Snake Charming Gone Wrong

The thing with wild animals, especially wild venomous animals, like snakes, is that you never know when they will turn on you, for their first instinct is to kill! However, for Ali Khan Samsudin, a snake charmer, this was oblivious to him. He performed stunts with Cobras and made a tidy sum doing so too. You could say he knew the secret language of snakes and had made them his friends as in one stunt; he locked himself in a room with 400 cobras for 40 days. However, in 2006, their friendship must have come to an end as while performing a stunt one cobra decided to fatally bite him, he never lived to ask it why.


MH17 Plane Crash

MH17 sounds like the name of a rocket missile, however, it is the name of an aircraft. Ironically, the MH17 plane was struck down by a missile while flying over war-torn Ukraine. The incident is still shrouded in mystery as no one ever claimed responsibility for the bombing. The picture shows a happy family posing for picture moments before the plane was struck down, oblivious of the fate that awaited them. Many other families aboard the plane were on their way to their dream vacations in Europe, they never got to their destination.


Animal Territory

Getting out of your car to have an argument with your partner while on safari in a Tiger territory Wildlife Park is obviously not a good idea. However, that was the case in Badaling Wildlife Park in China. They say anger makes one make irrational decisions, this woman must have been really worked up as she stepped out of the passenger seat and went round to the driver’s side to argue with him. Out of nowhere, tigers appeared and pounced on her. They were obviously more worked up about her intruding on their territory. Two other passengers get out of the car and attempt to help her but one is killed by the tigers but the woman manages to escape with serious injuries. Indeed, it is good to learn how to manage one’s anger.


Columbine High School Shooting

In what was the worst high school shooting in the entire American history, two high school students in Columbine, Jefferson County, opened fire on their fellow students killing 12 and injuring several others. Were it not for the intervention of William “Dave” Sanders, a teacher at the school who rushed to the cafeteria to warn students of the impending danger, the death toll might have been far worse. The picture shows him making his way up the stairs to warn more students but he was gunned down in the process. The two students committed suicide thereafter.



The Only Fatal Concorde Flight Accident

Concorde is a flight known for its fast speeds. However, on this fateful day, the plane never reached its destination. As it was leaving the runway, one of its left engines caught fire mid-air and the plane crashed into a nearby hotel in Gonesse area. There were no survivors and there were also 4 site victims who died at the scene of the accident. This is the only fatal incident in Concorde’s entire 27 years of operation.


The First Deadly Ebola Outbreak

The deadly Ebola Virus, known for causing both internal and external bleeding among its victims, was first reported in Congo in 1976 near river Ebola where the virus got its name from. The picture shows Nurse Mayinga N’Seka during the first outbreak trying to contain the spread of the disease. She died a few days later after being exposed to the virus. The death toll of the outbreak was 280 people.


The Tragic Titanic Accident

The Titanic was magnificent by its own standards during its time and it was lauded by many as being unsinkable. However, as fate would have it, on April 14th, 1912, on its very first voyage, the ship would not return to the dock. It hit an iceberg while in the North Atlantic Ocean and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The picture was the last picture of the ship taken while it was still afloat. 1500 people died in the incident with 710 survivors being rescued through lifeboats.



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