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Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck

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Indeed, life is so unpredictable! No one knows the when or where tragedy will strike, and no one really expects it to happen to them. However, like death, tragedy befalls without warning and it is always a rare glimpse to see the moments that took place before a tragedy. More often than not, the media is focused on the aftermath that is left in the wake of a tragedy, here we attempt to capture the precious moments before a tragedy, with many victims seemingly unaware of the fate which was about to befall them.

Take a look at our gallery of 9 photos taken before tragedy struck….

Deadly Slip Into Tigers Den

A man in New Delhi, India, visited the zoo and for some reason, the view didn’t satisfy him. He decided he wanted a more personal close up view of the rare white tiger by climbing a tree in its enclosure to get a better view. Repeated warnings from those around him of the potential danger of a slip fell on deaf ears as the man held on. Well, turns out he should have listened! In a bizarre twist of fate, he slipped and fell into the tiger’s cage. The Tiger, which must have been bored, immediately prowled up to the man, perhaps excited at the thought of getting a new playmate. It eventually ended up killing the man after almost 15 minutes of holding him up in that position. Playtime was over!