The Main Thing that Has Kept My Marriage Going for 18 Years

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One day a groom and his fiancé were seated in my office as we went over the details of their marriage, which was due in just a few months. The point of this meeting was to go over the fine details to determine what kind of a ceremony it would be, my fee, and other such details. However, I could tell that the groom had something on his mind.
I decided to ask the couple if they had anything to tell me. It was then that the groom gathered enough courage to ask me how to build a successful marriage. At that point, I hesitated. I did not want to give them a generic answer but something concrete. I told I did not know.



They Were a Bit Shocked
That shocked the couple, and I could see the confusion clearly written on their faces. However, I put them at ease by explaining to them that it was a major question and that I needed at least a week to give them an answer. They smiled and left after each shaking my hand.

That evening I went home and began to ponder about what had kept us going for so long. I thought about whether it been love, our drive to succeed or our ability to work through any problem. However, I knew it was none of those things.

What My Wife and I Experienced At First Sight
When my wife and I began dating, it was not love-at-first-sight. We were quite infatuated with each other when we met 18 years ago. We did not marry our best friend. We married our good friend, but we had a best friend too. However, over the years, we have developed a stronger and deeper relationship and become each other’s best friend.

It Was Not Instant Deep Love
As wine gets better with time, our relationship has grown. If you have ever met us, you will know that we are each other’s opposites. We disagree most of the time, although we do agree on some issues.

What Has Kept Us Going
After much thought, I finally came to the realization that the one thing that had kept us going all these years was our commitment to putting our partner’s needs above our own. Since the day we met, we had made the choice to serve each other. It has not always been easy but we have managed to weather the storms and fulfill our objectives. If we disagree on finances or anything else, we chose to serve each other.

Meeting the Couple
When a couple commits to doing this for the rest of their life, they will always be in a win-win situation. The next week the couple came back to get their answer. I looked them in the eye and told them that they had to submit to each other. I told them they both needed to choose to serve each other and their marriage would succeed.
When they left my office, they both had a spring in their step. Although it is not easy to do, it is a proven method of success. I know my wife and I would not be together if it were not for this secret truth.


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