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The Top 40 US Presidents from lowest to highest

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Who is the best president in American history?

A commission of experts from C-SPAN recently considered this question and came up with a list of the 40 most notable US Presidents to date, ranked from lowest to highest. If you’d like to know who the best President in U.S. history is, I suggest you read on…


40. – Warren G. Harding

Source: Wikipedia

Warren G. Harding was the first U.S. President appointed as a result of elections where women had a chance to vote. He was the 29th U.S. President and he came from rural Ohio. Harding owned the newspaper Marion Star.

He declared the U.S. at peace with Germany, Hungary and Austria, thus ending WWI. Afterwards he worked for “a return to normalcy” stimulating the economy. There were many scandals during his administration. While still in office he suffered a heart attack that took his life, after one of these scandals erupted. He stood in office from 1921 until 1923.