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These Celebrity Wives Transformations Left Us Speechless Part 2

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Not everything that shines is gold. Being a celebrity is not easy. Fame is a double-edged sword; on one hand you have glamour,  money and all the amenities you can imagine, but on the other side you have the negative  side of being famous : gossip, no private life, to be constantly under the magnifying glass of the whole world and behind the paparazzi lens. But I imagine that being the wife of a celebrity must be ten thousand times worse. The fans, the gossip press will be attentive to every step you take, how you look, if you gained weight, if you are wearing the right clothes, what you ate, … However, Finsfeed.com brings you the second part of the list of celebrity wives so you can discover this fantastic women who have managed to maintain an incredible marriage under public scrutiny and also manage to be adored by the masses.