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These Celebrity Wives Transformations Left Us Speechless (Part 1)

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The wives of the most famous celebrities in the world have beauty, charisma, intelligence,  impeccable work ethics and also understanding for the arduous hours of work their men. They know how to handle the scrutiny of their private lives and do not let the Hollywood lifestyle define the essence of their marriages.

Many of these women have managed to maintain enviable relationships, filled with decades of support and love. Most have also managed to raise children and become their husband’s backbones. Some have fulfilled different roles, but they have all left a mark on our hearts. Let’s see who are the wives of the most renowned celebrities in the world and their stories:

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine is one of Hollywood’s most lucrative actresses with a lot of recognition including an Academy Award. This British beauty met her husband  of 18 years Michael Douglas in 1996 at the Deauville Film Festival. Her first date was arranged by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, in which Catherine did not feel any attraction for him. Douglas – who was previously married to Diandra Luker and with whom he had a son Cameron – did not stop courting the Welsh actress with flowers and poems and after six months of courtship, both confirmed the relationship.

The press went mad because of the, not so neglible age difference of 25 years, but 3 months later Catherine confirmed that they were expecting their first child and days later Douglas proposed with a ring valued at one million dollars. On 2000, they celebrated a luxurious wedding with their son Dylan and in 2003 they welcomed their daughter Carys. The marriage has survived Douglas’ throat cancer and Catherine’s bipolarity problems. After a brief separation in 2015, the couple reconciled and are now more stable than ever.

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