These Celebrity Wives Transformations Left Us Speechless (Part 1)

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The wives of the most famous celebrities in the world have beauty, charisma, intelligence,  impeccable work ethics and also understanding for the arduous hours of work their men. They know how to handle the scrutiny of their private lives and do not let the Hollywood lifestyle define the essence of their marriages.

Many of these women have managed to maintain enviable relationships, filled with decades of support and love. Most have also managed to raise children and become their husband’s backbones. Some have fulfilled different roles, but they have all left a mark on our hearts. Let’s see who are the wives of the most renowned celebrities in the world and their stories:

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine is one of Hollywood’s most lucrative actresses with a lot of recognition including an Academy Award. This British beauty met her husband  of 18 years Michael Douglas in 1996 at the Deauville Film Festival. Her first date was arranged by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, in which Catherine did not feel any attraction for him. Douglas – who was previously married to Diandra Luker and with whom he had a son Cameron – did not stop courting the Welsh actress with flowers and poems and after six months of courtship, both confirmed the relationship.

The press went mad because of the, not so neglible age difference of 25 years, but 3 months later Catherine confirmed that they were expecting their first child and days later Douglas proposed with a ring valued at one million dollars. On 2000, they celebrated a luxurious wedding with their son Dylan and in 2003 they welcomed their daughter Carys. The marriage has survived Douglas’ throat cancer and Catherine’s bipolarity problems. After a brief separation in 2015, the couple reconciled and are now more stable than ever.

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Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married for 28 years. However, despite the difficulties, the couple remains more united and happier than ever. In April 2015, Rita Wilson revealed that she had breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Fortunately, at the end of last year, the marriage confirmed that Wilson had no disease. They have two children together: Chester and Truman and Hanks also has two children from his previous marriage with the late Samantha Lewes, named Colin and Elizabeth.

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Trudie Styler

“Sting and I still have chemistry, we like each other and a lot” The actress Trudie Styler said on an interview for the magazine Marie Claire 2017. With more than 30 years together, Sting and Styler are one of the most happy and loving couples in Hollywood. They met at the Royal Shakespeare Company and got married on August 22, 1992. They have four children Bridget Michael (born 1984), Jake Sumner (Born 1985), Eliot Paulina (born 1990) and finally Giacomo Luke (1995). On 2001, Styler came back to the theatre with ‘A dish of tea with Dr. Johnson’ under the direction of Max Stafford-Clark, play which had a good reception and was acclaimed by the critics.

Yvette Prieto

There was no sport hero bigger than Michael Jordan between the 80’s and 90’s. Jordan was in everything, shoes, dresses, pants, dolls, magazines, even was within your favorite cartoons, because he taught Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes how to play basketball. The NBA legend met his current wife the Cuban model Yvette Prieto in a club in 2008. In 2009, they moved together, got engaged in Christmas 2011 and in front of family and friends they got married in April 2013. She gave birth to twins Ysabel and Victoria on 2014. Prieto is 16 years younger than her beloved husband. She became famous when renowed designers such as Alexander Wang and Dolce and Gabanna hired her to be part of their runways on NY and Paris Fashion Week .

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Yoko Ono

If there was a couple that embodied the concept of free love, freedom and of course, controversy, it was from 1967 to 1980, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Their relationship raised many eyebrows from the beginning because both were married when they met and fell in love, and Yoko had to endure criticism for being considered the responsible for the Beatles’ breakup. On November 9, 1966, Yoko met John Lennon at Indica Gallery, a London art gallery where she –who had already made a great reputation as a conceptual artist– exhibited her work. The attraction they both felt from that first moment was so intense that they did not hesitate to break their respective marriages to begin their controversial love story. They got married on March 25, 1969. On October 9, 1975 their son Sean was born. After the death of John (Dec 8th, 1980), Yoko lived totally secluded for a long period in their New York apartment until she resumed her career as a conceptual artist and, from that moment on, her prized works travel the best galleries in the world.

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Tracey Pollan

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan form one of the most charismatic couples in Hollywood. They met  on the set of the series “Family Ties” in 1988 and since they have stayed together in good and bad times. Pollan, a year older than him, is one of the actor’s most important allies in his fight against Parkinson’s disease since 1990. They married in an intimate ceremony at the country hotel West Mountain Inn, located in Arlington. The couple has four children: Sam Michael, born in 1989; the twins Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances, born in 1995; and Esmé Annabelle, born in 1997.

Annette Bening

Warren Beatty, known as the golden bachelor, ended his bachelorhood for love. In 1992, the actor left behind his turbulent past to contract nuptials with the actress, winner of two Golden Globes and sex symbol Annette Bening, and they had 4 children together. After 27 years of marriage, both have known how to manage their personal lives outside the gossip magazines and keep active their professional careers.

Sinead Cusack

Earlier in the year Jeremy Irons told People Magazine that the secret to the success of their marriage was freedom and trust. ‘We are free people, Sinead and I enjoy the company of other people and that in the end makes us look for us again and remain blended’. The theater and film actress met her beloved husband of 40 years Jeremy Irons in a blind date organized by a friend in common. They got married in 1978 and they have two children, actor Max Irons and photographer Samuel Irons. Prior to her marriage to Irons, she had a son whom she gave up for adoption in 1967. Richard Boyd Barrett would, years later, become a member of the Irish parliament. As the years passed, she and her first son renewed the communication and now she supports him in his political career.

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Luciana Barroso

The Argentine Luciana Barroso is undoubtedly one of the luckiest women in the world. The divorced bartender and single mother, met Matt Damon in a bar where she used to work while the actor was filming the movie “Stuck on You” in 2003. Two years later in September 2005, Matt Damon popped the question with a ring valued at 1.3 million dollars. The couple married that same year in December, in a private ceremony attended by celebrity friends such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Will Smith, among others. They have three daughters together: Isabella (b. June 2006), Gia Zavala (b. August 2008), and Stella Zavala (b. October 2010) along with Luciana’s first marriage daughter Alexia Barroso.  Damon has declared his love for his wife in multiple interviews over the years, but in 2011 for People magazine the actor stated: “My wife is my soul mate. I can’t imagine being without her.  I am terrified with the idea of losing her.”

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Jennifer Aniston

When “The sexiest man alive” met the “American Sweetheart” in 1998, he was unable to take his eyes off her. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston dated for 2 years before getting married on June 29, 2000 in Malibu. By that time, he was the most sought after and best-paid actor in Hollywood and she made everyone laugh as part of the series Friends, playing the adorable Rachel Green.  The Pitts opened the production company Plan B, in which both would be more involved in the selection of new scripts for films and in the production and direction. The surprise of their divorce came in 2005 after 5 years of marriage, and it was speculated that an affair of Brad Pitt with the actress Angelina Jolie was the cause of their breakup. 

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Jennifer Garner

When you think who was one of the most beautiful and adorable couples in Hollywood, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner always come to mind. Before the fiasco of their divorce, these two lovebirds shared their love and mutual respect for over 10 years of marriage. They met on the set of the movie Pearl Harbor in 2001, where Ben was the lead actor and Jennifer had a small supporting role, by then she was married to her first husband the actor Scott Foley and he had just broken up with the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. They met again in 2003, when both starred in the movie Daredevil, although Affleck and Garner felt a very strong chemistry, both had relationships with other people; he was with Jennifer Lopez and she was still married to Foley. After a short time afterwards, Affleck and Lopez announced their separation and 4 months later Garner requested to divorce from her husband of 4 years for irreconcilable differences. In 2014, Jennifer and Ben begin a discreet relationship, until they made their first public appearance in a baseball game of the Boston Red Sox, shortly after a rumor begun that Garner was pregnant with their first baby.

On June 29, 2005, they got married at a surprise wedding held at the Parrot Cay tourist resort on the islands of Turk and Caicos. After the wedding, the couple confirmed their pregnancy and their new status as husband and wife. On December 1st, 2005 Jennifer Garner gave birth to her first daughter, Violet Anne Affleck. Four years later on January 6, 2009 the actress gave birth to her second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. Her third son Samuel Garner Affleck was born February 27, 2012.

On June 30, 2015, the couple announced their separation after rumors of Affleck’s infidelity with the family nanny, but a few months later Jennifer and Ben decided to reconcile and try to save the marriage. On April 12, 2017 the couple finally filed for divorce papers in the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

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They say that polar opposites attract each other, but in the case of Sean Penn and Madonna, what attracted him were problems and rebellion. Hollywood’s hellraiser and the Material Girl met during February 1985, the attraction was immediate and they began an exciting relationship, the couple got married that same year in August on her birthday. During their marriage they filmed a movie together “Shanghai Surprise” directed by Jim Goddard in 1986. Madonna dedicated her husband her third studio album “True Blue.”  During their 4 years of marriage, the couple got involved in many scandals, especially Penn who –at that time– had a hobby: punching Paparazzi and destroying cameras. In January 1989, Madonna accused Penn of hitting her repeatedly and that same month she applied for divorce. Charges for domestic violence were dropped after 10 days. 

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Amal Clooney

After his divorce with the actress Talia Balsam, George Clooney swore he would never marry again, making him one of the Hottests Bachelors in Hollywood. The gorgeous Lebanese-British lawyer and human rights defender Amal Alamuddin met her future husband at a party held on his home in Lake Como, Italy in 2013. “We met in Lake Como. She was a friend of a friend who came to visit and then I chased her for many months, calling and writing, those kinds of things. ” revealed George on the Late Show with David Letterman that same year. Six months  later, he proposed to her with a 5 million dollar ring. They were married on September 27, 2014 in Venice’s city hall, following a high-profile wedding ceremony. In June 2017, she gave birth to a daughter and a son, named Ella and Alexander Clooney. Amal has made her husband cry because of the speech she gave in June of 2018 at the American Film Institute, where the actor was being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I met George when I was 35 and started to become quite resigned to the idea of becoming a spinster. Then we met, started hiding out in my London flat and very soon it felt like no matter what happened I would never want to be with anyone else. Five years later, none of that has changed,” she continued “I have the person who has completed my admiration and also whose smile makes me melt every time. The great love that I always hoped existed. ”

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