Unedited Photos Captured From The Past

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Jane Fonda Mugshot

Via Flickr

This is a mugshot of Jane Fonda taken in November 3, 1970. She was detained, along with others, during a demonstration against the Vietnam War.


Chinese Mall in the 1930s

Via Flickr

This was taken in the 1930s in the Chinese city of Harbin. At the back we can see a department store. On the horse-driven cart a man in traditional dress.



Hungarian Beauty

Via The British Library

This photograph was taken from the book “Hungary and its Women” and it depicts a beautiful woman of Hungarian origin. She wears a traditional Hungarian dress. This book was published in 1892.


Jack Nicholson

Via Flickr

Here we have none other than Jack Nicholson in his teens, long before he was ever considered for a role in a Hollywood film. Nicholson actually went to Hollywood when he was 17 years olin 1954. He didn’t have any luck as an actor at first and decided to become a writer. His debut would come in 1969 on the movie “Easy Rider” with Peter Fonda. Nicholson earned his first Oscar nomination on that film.


Atomic canon

Via Nuclearwarwallpapers

A few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the idea was that atomic weapons would actually be used in conflicts. The idea that a nuclear war would be the end of humankind, wasn’t really on people’s minds yet. It was during these years that this cannon fired this atomic round as a test. The resulting explosion was similar to Hiroshima in magnitude.


Marriage in the 1930s

Via Flickr

Newlyweds pose for a photograph in the 1930s.



1912 Women’s Great Britain Olympic swimming team

Via Flickr

The British Olympic swimming team in 1912. Surprisingly, their swimsuits look rather modern by today’s standards.


1959 swimming fashion

Via Flickr

Here’s a picture from 1959 where we can see the swimming fashion of the day.


Via Wikipedia

An ancient bottle of Heroin. The German firm Bayer attempted to come up with a drug that would replace Morphine at a much lower cost. The synthetic morphine was baptized Heroin. Unfortunately, the drug was much more addictive than morphine and its use was banned.


Persian man circa 1900

Via Flickr

This picture was taken from a book entitled “The Persian people” and it shows a Persian man in the early 20th century.



Tibetan tiger

Via Flickr

This image breaks my heart. It’s supposedly a Tiger. It was taken in Tibet. Circa 1900.



Charlton Heston in a Pathé ad

Via Flickr

Here we have Charlton Heston in an ad for French camerameker Pathé where they’re exited about their new invention; the zoom lens.


“radiant” skin

Via Wikipedia

This cosmetic face cream used to be sold with the slogan “for a radiant complexion” which is curious because it was radioactive. At the time the risks of radiation were not fully understood and many radioactive products were consumed regularly.


Jane Fonda / Anthony Perkins

Via Flickr

This was a promotional shot for the upcoming movie “Tall Story” in 1960.



Radioactive toothpaste

Via Wikipedia

The nazis took from France during the war  massive amounts of Thorium, a radioactive substance, back to Germany. It was believed they meant to develop a nuclear weapon but, it was meant for radioactive toothpaste. The radioactivity was supposed to cure gingivitis and whiten teeth.



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