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33 Fascinating and Expensive Antiques Featured on ‘Pawn Stars’!

Leslie Tander




Provided you haven’t been living under a rock, you are probably already familiar with the hit History Channel show, Pawn Stars. The pseudo-reality television series follows the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop as well as the family and friends that own the establishment. On the air since 2009, Pawn Stars has featured some incredibly rare and expensive antiques during its time. Today, we are going to showcase 33 of the most fascinating pieces to ever grace the Pawn Stars television show!

George Washington’s 3-Piece Suit – $2.5 Million

If you are going to watch an episode of Pawn Stars, make sure you start with the 500th episode! In this record-setting episode, Rick Harrison and the gang get to look at an authentic 3-piece suit worn by George Washington during the 1700s. The incredible suit still looked mostly brand-new but that didn’t mean Rick was buying. As it turns out, the $2.5 million price tag was just too big of a hurdle for Rick to clear.

Collection of Silver Bricks – $111k

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Old Man it’s that he loves gold and silver. After all, Old Man Harrison even named his shop after his love of precious metal. So, when a customer appeared with 200lbs of silver, Rick and co. were quick to make an offer that couldn’t be refused. Since then, the Pawn Stars team has melted down their silver to print commemorative coins featuring the Old Man’s face.

The Book of Mormon – $24k

Long before The Book of Mormon was tearing up musical theaters, the actual Book of Mormon was changing lives. When Rick’s gang got to see an authentic copy of a 5th edition Book of Mormon, they were quick to realize how much the artifact was worth. Rick made a deal with the owner for $24k before re-selling the book for a sum of $40k.

Ship Bell From 1602 – $15k

It is easy to see why Rick Harrison loves ancient history. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to see a legitimate 17th-century naval relic. This ancient bell was brought into the shop with a price tag of $15k. There’s no telling how much the bell is actually worth. Just know that if Rick was willing to pay that much, he knows he has something special!

Signed Original Copy of ‘Dracula’ – $2.5k

Does the thought of having a signed copy of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ freak you out? Rick certainly wasn’t taken aback when the historic novel from 1897 found its way into his shop. Rick quickly had the signature on the book verified before offering a fat stack of cash to the owner. Priced at just $2.5k, it looks like our favorite Pawn Stars are going to make out like bandits!

Mary Ford’s Personal 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul – $150k

Mary Ford may not be a household name, but her nephew certainly is. Mary Ford was the aunt of Les Paul, dubbed Aunt Mary, and she was a motivational part of his life and career in the music industry. This guitar found its way into the pawnshop with a price tag of $150k set by the owner. Fortunately, Rick Harrison was able to haggle his way down to a purchase of $90k.

1915 Panama Pacific Gold Coin – $70k

The one thing we really appreciate about Rick is the fact that he is willing to travel for a deal. On this special episode of Pawn Stars, Rick traveled to Florida in order to bid on a 1915 San Francisco Panama Octoganal Gold Piece on behalf of a customer back in Las Vegas. Rick was willing to pay $70k to get his hands on the coin but was able to haggle down to just $67.5k. Not bad for a quick trip to Florida!

1932 Lincoln Roadster – $95k

If there’s one thing you’ll quickly learn about the guys at Pawn Stars it is this, they love classic cars. When Rick and Corey were notified that a 1931 Model B Ford Roadster was coming into the shop, they had to take a closer look. The car came into the lot in great condition. Rick was able to negotiate down to just $68k before closing the deal.

Gold Bar From Spanish Shipwreck – $50k

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a job where you worked with buried or hidden treasure? That’s exactly what happened to Rick when a customer brought in a brick of gold from a Spanish shipwreck dating back to 1554. The owner had found the gold in his attic and he was looking to sell it for $35k, not realizing the bar would later be sold for $50k.

Stolen Diamond Earrings – $40k

Sometimes you win a deal and sometimes you lose. When a set of gorgeous diamond earrings valued at $40k found their way to the shop, Rick knew that he had to have them. After purchasing the earrings, the Harrison-led Pawn Stars were notified that the earrings had been stolen. Rick was out $40k for his efforts. That has to hurt.

1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar – $80k

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop sits just a hop and a skip away from the Vegas Strip. Why is this important? Well, sometimes an amazing coin or two can find their way into the shop. This 1922 Proof Piece was one of just a dozen copies ever made. Valued at almost $100k, Rick managed to haggle the customer down before making a tidy profit.

Dunhill Watch-Lighter – $10k

Alright, one of the best things about Pawn Stars is getting to see something new. When this 1920 Dunhill Watch Lighter showed up in the shop, we were blown away. How are these things not still popular? In any event, the lighter was found to be valued at roughly ten grand. Rick was quick to purchase the nifty object before selling it at almost twice the price.

Signed Original Beatle’s Contract – $1 Million

The Beatles were a pretty big deal during their prime, wouldn’t you agree? When it comes to discussing music, The Beatles are considered one of the greatest groups ever formed. This original contract featured signatures from the entire band and it was proven to be authentic. The seller refused to back down from his $1 million price tag and the Pawn Stars team had to pass.

2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang – $60k

Corey and Rick love fancy cars, so how were they supposed to turn this vehicle down? This is a 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang valued at around $75k. There were onlyspas 150 of these cars ever produced, so Rick had to have it. After some heavy negotiating, Rick managed to purchase the vehicle for $60k and a tidy profit of nearly $20,000.


Spanish Fleet Coin From 1715 – $18k

How would it sound to inherit a golden coin from ancient Spain from your family? This beautiful gold coin dates back to 1715 and has been tied to a Spanish fleet. With that being said, Rick found out that the coin had been minted in Peru which made it exceptionally rare.  Rick was never going to let this coin leave the shop and he quickly closed on a deal.

Authentic Egyptian Cartonnage Mummy Mask – $30k

We know that Egyptian curses aren’t real, but even we’d have to think twice before buying an ancient Egyptian Cartonnage Mummy Mask! After being verified by Dr. Phineas Kastle, Corey knew that he had to add this piece to the family collection. Corey couldn’t haggle the customer down and ended up forking over $30k for the right to purchase the item.

Photogravures by Edward Curtis – $20k

Great art tends to appreciate, so when these photogravures of American Indians made their way to the shop, Rick was definitely interested. As it turns out, these historic photos were taken by Edward Curtis and were valued at more than $20k. The owner of the photos had only wanted $50 for the set which makes this the best purchase in Pawn Stars history.

Sketches From Where the Wild Things Are – $310k

Famous children’s books almost always have sketches for sale from the original illustrator. For original illustrations from Where the Wild Things Are, Rick would have to pay more than $250k to take them off of the customer’s hands.  Maybe it’s the right time to start learning how to draw!

D.B. Cooper’s $20 Bill – $1.6k

If you want to read a fascinating story about one of the most famous heists in aerial history, start researching D.B. Cooper. The short story is that D.B. Cooper took over a Boeing 727 in 1971. He jumped out of the plane with nearly $100k in stolen cash. This strip from a $20 bill was verified as having come from D.B. Cooper’s stash. Rick quickly bought the item.

Original Autographed ‘The Godfather’ Script – $12k

Movie memorabilia is always going to be worth big money. So when Rick and the Old Man saw an authentic and autographed copy of The Godfather, they had to make an offer. John Reznikoff verified that the signature was authentic and that it belonged to Al Ruddy, producer of the picture. The owner would sell the script for $12k after turning down Rick’s $500 offer. Not bad, right?

New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring – $100k

Whether you love the Patriots or hate them, you can’t deny their greatness. Even though Super Bowl rings are a dime-a-dozen when you work for the Pats, Rick still knew that this ring would be worth quite a bit of cash. After a round of haggling, Rick managed to get the item into his collection.

Joe Greene’s Olympic Gold – $30k

While winning Olympic Gold may be the dream of athletes everywhere, it doesn’t make your financial problems go away. When Jumpin’ Joe Greene faced financial difficulties, the former Olympian from 1992 and 1996 was forced to sell his medal. Rick purchased the collection for $30k while also promising Joe Greene that he would leave them on display.

Bronze O.J. Simpson Statue – $80k

O.J. Simpson is a pretty terrible person, but that doesn’t mean that he is without fans. When former hip-hop superstar Flavor-Flav rolled up to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, he brought a massive bronze statue of O.J. Simpson with him. Flav wanted more than $125k for the bronze statue, but Rick wasn’t willing to flinch.

1941 Gibson SJ-200 Owned by Stephen Stills – $85k

Stephen Stills is widely considered to be a music legend. As one member of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the guitar legend managed to inspire countless individuals around the world to pursue music. Here we can see a 1941 Gibson SJ-200 that was owned and played by Stills himself. After getting the instrument verified, Rick pumped his offer up to $85k. According to Rick, it is easy to sell guitars in a pawn shop.

Giant Robosaurus – $1 Million

It isn’t every day that you see a giant robotic dinosaur! Robosaurus is a massive entertainment vehicle used as the focal point of monster truck shows and the like. The robot had been built in 1989 by Doug Malewicki and it had even been featured in its own television series. Despite the impressive nature of the 40ft tall monster, Rick had to let it walk away. Turns out the market for giant robot dinosaurs isn’t that great.

1963 Fender Stratocaster owned by Jimi Hendrix – $750k

You could actively hate music while still knowing that Jimi Hendrix is one of the most famous artists of all time. When Rick saw Jimi Hendrix’s 1963 Fender Strat come into the shop, he knew that he had to have it. Valued at nearly $1 million, Rick was put in a tough spot when making an offer. Only able to pay around $600k, Rick had to watch the guitar leave his shop forever.

Faberge Brooch of Spider – $80k

Faberge products tend to be some of the most expensive and celebrated pieces on the marketplace. This Faberge Spider Brooch certainly caught Rick’s attention when it found its way to his counter. Rick knew that the piece was worth a lot, so he was willing to lay down $15k right out of the gate. As it turns out, the spider ended up being worth almost $80,00 which makes it a fine purchase for the shop.

JFK’s Personal Cigar Box – $60k

Presidential memorabilia sells like hotcakes, even in pawn shops. As one of the most celebrated and popular presidents in history, JFK’s personal cigar box was certain to cell for a decent price. Rick couldn’t let the humidor leave his store after getting it verified. The Pawn Stars team was quick to offer a flat $60k for the item. A similar JFK humidor would be sold for nearly $575k at auction.

Roman ‘Ides of March’ Coin – $150k

Anytime that you can get your hands on a coin more than 2,000 years old, you have to do it. This Roman coin has been dubbed ‘Ides of March’ thanks to the characters that are inscribed upon the metal. Rick had the coin validated and valued at almost $150k. The owner of the historic piece refused to go below that number, thus causing the deal to fall through.

O.J. Simpson’s Personal White Ford Bronco – $1.25 Million

Remember O.J. Simpson’s bronze statue? Well, here is more memorabilia from the infamous figure. This white Ford Bronco made national news when it was featured in a slow-speed chase while O.J. fled from law enforcement. The owner of the vehicle wanted $1.25 million and Rick just didn’t see the value.

4x Gold Bars – $128k

For Rick and co, there is nothing better than a stack of gold bars. While 200lbs of silver made for a fun purchase, four kilos of golden bars were just as fun. Rick would end up purchasing the bars outright before immediately flipping them for $128k. This is one of the more expensive purchases that the Pawn Stars team has made during an episode.

Order of the White Eagle Medallion – $30k

This iconic piece of Polish history dates back to 1759 when the region was split with Russia. While we called this a Polish piece, you could actually relate it to Russia just as equally. Similar in quality to Faberge, Rick knew that this medallion was worth a pretty penny. He would purchase the medallion for $6k before selling it for a cool $30k.

Custom 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul – $90k

Vic Flick isn’t the most famous guitarist ever, but he certainly helped train one of them! Flick is the man guitar teacher behind some of the talent that Jimmy Page showcased as a member of Led Zeppelin. When his 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul came into the shop, Rick knew that he had to get his hands on Flick’s guitar. Rick would happily pay $55k before having the guitar valued at nearly double that price.



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