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70’s Stars That Will Absolutely Drop Your Jaw – Where Are They Now

Sherry Rucherman




Al Pacino


Al Pacino is such a huge actor nowadays. His first breakout role was as Michael in “The Godfather.” After that role Al Pacino got a ton of roles like “Serpico” and “Scarface.” Today you can see him in movies as well, but he looks a little older. Check out this before and after pic that really shows how he has aged. Everyone gets old so don’t sweat it Al.

Charles Grodin


You guys probably don’t remember Charles from back in the day, but I bet you remember him from his roles nowadays. Charles plays a mean and funny doctor on the hit FX show “Louie.” Charles is a brilliant comedic mind that really doesn’t get enough roles. I hope we see him more and more because he deserves more time on the big screen.

Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood is like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better and better as time goes on. Back in the day Clint was a major feature film actor and now he is a more of a behind the scenes guy. He recently directed, “American Sniper,” Which is about a war hero that is an excellent marksman.

Dustin Hoffman


And how can we forget Mr. Dustin Hoffman who continues to have a amazing career. He got his start in the movie “The Graduate,” that remains to be a cult hit among people of all ages. Some of Dustin’s hits include “Rain Man” with Tom Cruise and the hit movie “Tootsie.”

Goldie Hawn


Goldie Hawn has definitely left her mark in Hollywood. Early in her career she was a huge star with a ton of amazing roles, nowadays she kinda has stepped away from the limelight. I guess she is just taking it easy with her star acting partner Kurt Russell.

Gene Wilder


And who can forget Gene Wilder from “Charlie and the Chocalete Factory.” He was the king of hollywood back in the 70’s, he was in a ton films. But today he has retired from film and he can be seen giving speeches all over the country.

Harrison Ford


Look at that Harrison Ford playing Han Solo in the late 70’s and several years later in 2015 playing the same character, Harrison has aged pretty well…

Harvey Keitel


Harvey Keitel has been in a ton of movies. He has been in just about every single film that Quentin Tarantino has ever been a part of. Harvey got his start in an awesome place and that awesome place was in a Martin Scorsese film; not a bad place to start your acting career…huh?

Jeff Bridges


Jeff Bridges has had a ton of memorable roles in films. He has been in a ton of great movies like “True Grit” and “The Big Lebowski.” Jeff Bridges has been famous for such a long time he probably has been famous for your entire life so far.

Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson has also had a long great career. He is one of the few actors that have been in brilliant films in his younger years and in his older years. Some of the greatest films ever has Jack Nicholson in them like, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Departed.”



NYPD Solves a High-Profile Turtlenapping

Mackenzie Freeman



The New York City Police Department makes headlines every day, but it is not every day that the NYPD makes headlines for solving a turtle kidnapping case. But kudos go to the NYPD for solving the disappearance of a beloved resident of Alley Pond Environmental Center in Queens, 100-year-old African spurred tortoise, Millennium.

A Century of Millennium at Alley Pond

Millennium could have been a youthful, 11-year-old turtle when the 655-acre Alley Pond Park was acquired by the City of New York in 1929. When Millennium found his, her, or its way to the park, the Alley Pond was the source of water that the town of Flushing used for, well, flushing. Millennium survived the construction of the Long Island Expressway across the park, the creation of a golf course, and the founding of the Alley Pond Environmental Center at 228-06 Northern Boulevard in Queens in 1972.

Or maybe Millennium wasn’t around for any of those events. Although Millennium undoubtedly weighs about 100 pounds, and is larger than many of the children who come to visit him every day the park is open, the turtle rescuers who found the intrepid animal believe he could be a mere 17 years old or possibly as much as 100 years old. Either way, visitors to the park regularly ask to see him. And that is how they learned he was missing.

A Shocking Tortoise Disappearance

When visitors asked to see Millennium on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Millennium was nowhere to be found. The attendants had no difficulty locating Millennium’s companion turtle Mini-Me, but even checks of video surveillance cameras showed no sign of the celebrity turtle. We think of tortoises as moving slowly, but actually they can move quickly, blending in with trees and grasses, so the park staff held out hope that Millennium might just be taking a little vacation looking for a different source of grass and grubs. But when there was no trace of Millennium the next day, they had no choice but to call the police. They were afraid they had a Code 597, abuse of an animal.

Millennium Returns from Connecticut

Fortunately, a Connecticut resident with a conscience made the reunion of Millennium with his young fans possible. And helped the police nab the turtlenappers’ accomplice Shawn Waters in the process.

Thirty-seven year old Shawn Waters loves turtles. He kept small turtles and other animals in the apartment he shared with his mother in Queens. On the afternoon of July 18, Waters was approached by two men who had cut a hole in the back of Millennium’s enclosure and absconded with the famous reptile. They made a deal with Waters to sell him the stolen turtle, and Waters started to take Millennium home in a stolen shopping cart. But no sooner did he have Millennium in his clutches than he realized his mother would never let him keep Millennium at home.

Waters hatched a plan to cover up his crime and get a smaller turtle his mother would approve. A man in Stamford, Connecticut had placed an ad on Craigslist to sell his musck turte. Waters struck a deal to swap reptiles and get $300 cash in the process. (Ordinarily, a turtle of Millennium’s 2 foot by 2-1/2 foot size and gentle watermelon-eating habits would have fetched about $2500, according to park officials.) Waters, who does not own a car, took a commuter train with Millennium to Connecticut, where he sealed the deal.

But by this time the police were checking turtle transactions on Craigslist. They located the buyer, who surrendered the turtle, which was returned safely to Alley Pond Park.

Waters was arrested and later sentenced to six months in jail at Rikers Island. His mother reports that he hopes to get his license to work as a security guard back when he gets out of jail.

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Strange Sounds Coming From the Walls Reveal a HAUNTING Surprise to New Homeowners!

Mackenzie Freeman



No matter where you are in the country, every town has a story about that house. You know the one. The house that looms above all, lending urban legends and stories to people in the community. Well, today, we are going to introduce you to a home in Germantown, Tennessee, as well as the mysterious sounds that emanated from its walls. Let’s dig in because this story is going to make you want to check your own walls!

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Airline Passengers Attention Please: Avoid Wearing These Items While You Fly!

Leslie Tander



With the state that the airline industry is currently in, flying comfortably can be a challenging quest to undertake. Despite how uncomfortable flying can be, air travel has become the beating heart that connects every nation on our planet. Knowing that air travel is so important, we felt that it was vital to understand what best to wear during our travels. Today, we are going to highlight everything that airline passengers should avoid wearing while flying!

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