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Airline Passengers Attention Please: Avoid Wearing These Items While You Fly!

Leslie Tander




With the state that the airline industry is currently in, flying comfortably can be a challenging quest to undertake. Despite how uncomfortable flying can be, air travel has become the beating heart that connects every nation on our planet. Knowing that air travel is so important, we felt that it was vital to understand what best to wear during our travels. Today, we are going to highlight everything that airline passengers should avoid wearing while flying!

Heels Just Don’t Cut It

Can you imagine running down a terminal to catch your flight while wearing high heels? We can’t even imagine the pain that would cause. To make your next trip to the airport comfortable, put the high heels away and opt for a pair of comfy shoes. Trust us, you’ll fall more in love with your sneakers with every step you take toward the terminal.

What About Pajamas?

Traveling in pajamas can be one of the most comforting experiences ever. While other passengers are wearing their finest clothing, you’ll get to relax in cozy clothing that will help you sleep. Nothing wrong with that, right? If you don’t want to become something of a social pariah, opt instead to wear athletic attire to retain comfort while enjoying enhanced functionality. At the very least, you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed!

One-Piece Outfits Are A No-No

There is nothing quite like that rush before you are called to your terminal. Suddenly you are about to take to the air and you need to go to the bathroom NOW. If you ended up wearing that cute one-piece jumper and you need to rush to the bathroom, you are probably in pretty bad shape. Dress for function over fashion, leave the one-piece clothing at home.

Never Fly in Flip Flops

Flip flops are about the worst shoes you could choose to travel in. Not only will some businesses not allow you to enter wearing only flip-flops, but you are going to run into issues at the airport itself. Flip-flops are unhygienic shoe options that are sure to invite germs and bacteria from the dirty airport around you. Also, your feet probably don’t smell the best while flying. Just saying.

Double Check Before Wearing Shorts

Shorts can be an amazing travel option if you are traveling from and heading toward a warm climate. Unfortunately, many travelers from warm climates to colder destinations tend to forget to prepare. Don’t get caught unaware, pack your shorts if you are going somewhere warm otherwise opt for comfortable pants, instead.

Leggings Aren’t Always Ideal

While we understand the appeal of a pair of great leggings, this type of clothing doesn’t always make for great travel attire. Some airlines have started to block passengers from wearing only leggings on their flights, citing ‘improper attire’ as their reasoning. We’re not saying we agree with the aforementioned unnamed airline, but definitely take a look at flight policies before wearing your leggings.

Too Much Baggy Clothing Isn’t Great Either

Whether you are still in your Mall Metal phase or you simply like the baggy look, you might want to avoid this attire while you fly. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong about flying in baggy clothing, you will be sure to get extra looks from airport security. Baggy clothing is commonly associated with suspicious activity.

Skip Your Brand New Fit

You just got a brand new outfit and you are feeling good about how it looks. What better way to show off your new fit then by wearing it to the airport? For our part, we advise keeping your new threads packed away until you reach your destination. There is no shortage of incidents that could leave your new clothes looking less than their best after a long flight!

Is It O.K. to Fly in Provocative Clothing

We would never dream of telling people what is or isn’t truly appropriate for flight. That being said, if you think that your outfit pushes boundaries, you might be better off keeping it in your suitcase. You never know who you will run into at the airport and it never hurts to be understanding of those around you.

Leave Your Large Handbags At Home

Large handbags are currently trending right now, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see them wielded at airports everywhere. That being said, unless your bag is vital to your fit, opt for a smaller handbag while traveling. Not only will you take up less space, but you will also have one less heavy item to carry around the terminal.

Watch Out For Sweaters With Metal

Is there anything better than an ugly sweater during the holidays? How about going through TSA check with a metal Rudolph nose attached to your shirt? If you are heading to the airport, it never hurts to comb over your ugly sweater for potentially problematic metal components. Who wants to get caught up by the TSA, anyway?

Don’t Limit Your Layers

Layers are going to be your best friend while flying. No matter where you are going, having the option to peel off a layer or add another one can be a freeing prospect. Wearing layers allows you to customize your fit for wherever you are going. Opt for button-ups and pullover sweaters for easy layer adjustment.

Should You Wear Religious Attire

Nobody should feel like they have to hide their personal religious views while at the airport. That being said, if you want to make sure that you don’t offend anyone, consider leaving your religious attire stowed away. We don’t personally care what religious attire people wear, but we understand how it can become a ‘thing’ in today’s climate.

Avoid Uncomfortable Fabric Options

Wear a cotton shirt and then put on a sweater made from wool. Now imagine sitting on a crowded plane with some stranger elbow-to-elbow for the entirety of your flight. Which fabric do you want to be wearing during this situation? Avoid uncomfortable fabrics while traveling and your sanity will thank you!

Toss Your Offensive Shirts Before Flying

While we think religious attire is probably fine, offensive clothing is definitely something to leave at home. No matter how valid you think your offensive shirt actually is, you are probably better off leaving it at home before heading to the airport. Who wants to be pointlessly offensive and rude for no reason?

Shoes Should Prioritize Function over Fashion

If you can’t quickly take your shoes off for the TSA check-in, you shouldn’t be wearing those shoes at an airport. Opt for functional clothing choices instead of fashionable4 ones if you want to have an agreeable time while traveling through the air. Skip boots with laces and straps and opt for comfortable sneakers.

Tight Clothing Can Bring Trouble

Tight clothing has gotten incredibly popular in recent years. With that being said, we’re not sure that you are going to want to be strapped into a tight outfit for the duration of your flight. Did you know that your feet will swell while you are traveling? Tight boots and socks can exacerbate swelling issues, so dress comfortably!

Oversized Coats Are a BIG No-No

The very idea of trying to wear this coat on a crowded plane gives us claustrophobia. Listen, we dig the big coat look and plenty of people can pull it off. However, if you think an airport is the right place for a jacket like this, well, you are going to have a pretty bad time.

Go Light on the Fragrance

Even if you have the best cologne or perfume in the world, we guarantee that nobody else wants to breathe it in for an entire flight. While there is nothing wrong with a little fragrance to keep you fresh, try to restrain yourself during long flights. Instead, opt for a natural deodorant that you can apply as needed.

Avoid Fabrics That Don’t Properly Breathe

The actual fabric that your clothing is made out of should ensure maximum breathability during travel. Nylon and leather isn’t an ideal material to travel in as they do not allow your body to properly breathe through the material. Nobody wants to be a sweaty mess at the airport, so do yourself a favor and opt for breathable clothing.

Store Your Nice Jewels For Your Flight

No matter how glorious you look in your favorite necklace, you might not want to wear it at the airport. Not only will your jewelry become a slight problem with the TSA, but you will also have to focus on keeping your possessions safe. If you want to avoid metal detector troubles and concern over your possessions, maybe leave your necklace packed until you arrive.

Avoid Going Without Socks

Breathable socks are probably the best presents that you can give to a frequent flyer. No matter what you opt to wear for your feet, never go without socks unless you have a medical condition. Socks will help keep you sanitary, provide protection during TSA checks, and your fellow passengers will enjoy the reduction in odor.

Wear the Right Shoe Size

Airports don’t tend to be small properties. When you have to traverse an airport, you are really expected to get your steps in. Ill-fitting shoes can put a hamper on your traveling plans, so make sure that you are wearing the appropriately sized shoes. Blisters are common for people who don’t learn this lesson ahead of time!

Wear Glasses Instead of Contacts

If you don’t like wearing contacts, now is the perfect time to flex your favorite glasses. Avoid wearing contacts while flying to make your experience more comfortable. Airplanes tend to run pretty drily and the lack of humidity won’t exactly help your contacts out. With a pair of comfortable glasses, your vision is never in question.

Now that we know what not to wear during our travels, let’s learn about who we will be traveling with: flight attendants!

Flight Attendants Have Their Hands Behind Their Back

As you board, you might notice flight attendants with their hands behind their backs. Not only are these airline professionals protecting their hands from unwanted germy contact, but they are also performing a count with their fingers! Flight attendants have to be on top of the ball when it comes to ensuring accuracy for their passengers.

Flight Crews Are Dissuaded From Fraternizing

As in all other work environments, airline attendants are taught not to fraternize with one another. Not only will these employees have to work together on long flights, but they will also need to remain professional in front of their passengers. That’s not to say that romances don’t happen in airplane crews, they are just frowned upon.

Your Stewardess Can Restrain You

While your flight attendant may not look like Tony Ferguson, rest assured that they are probably equipped to take you down. Flight attendants have to have the ability to control rowdy or overly aggressive passengers. Typically, attendants are run through the wringer when it comes to learning certain physical tools to ensure compliance.

Secret Napping Compartment For the Crew

While space may be limited for your legs, airline employees don’t have to fight for room to sleep. Stashed away in big airplanes like the Boeing 778 is a secret nap/break room. These napping areas are perfect for attendants to decompress on a long flight while capturing a little bit of shuteye.

Flight Attendants Get Phone Privileges 

There may not be much money in the world of airline attendants, but they certainly get their perks while in the air. Attendants are typically on their phones whenever they are out of sight. As airline employees, your attendant likely has access to unlimited free WiFi as well as the use of their cell phone. That’s not a bad perk for a job that pays you to travel the world!

Your Flight Crew Is Always Watching For Trouble

As you step foot onto your flight, you might notice that all of your attendants are at the ready. The reason? Airline professionals are trained to always be on the lookout for potential trouble. Identifying intoxicated passengers or guests that might need extra assistance is just part of the job. Where would we be without our airline professionals?

Flight Crews Often Have a Secret Code System

When you work in front of guests for the entirety of your shift, you need to learn how to communicate in private. Flight crews have an entire handbook of coded phrases to communicate in front of their passengers. If you pay attention to the ‘dings’ that are cast over the intercom, you’ll quickly learn what certain codes mean!

Work as a Flight Attendant Doesn’t Pay Well

While working as a flight attendant can be exciting, the pay just isn’t there for the majority of people. Flight attendants have to work from the minute they board the plane until the second that they depart. For the majority of this work, however, flight attendants aren’t getting paid! When the engine isn’t running, neither is the employee clock. Hours away from home but not in the air barely gets compensated at just $1.50 an hour.

Annoy the Crew By Ordering Diet Coke

If you really want to bother your flight attendant, consider ordering Diet Coke whenever you get the opportunity. Diet Coke is one of the more fizzy carbonated drinks on the menu. When you are flying at 30,000 feet, it can take forever for those bubbles to actually settle before your drink can be served. 

So THIS is Why the Lights Turn off While Landing

Have you noticed that the cabin lights always turn off during landing and takeoff? Have you ever wondered why? As it turns out, these are the two most dangerous moments during your flight. The lights are turned off so that passengers can acclimate to natural lighting in the event of an emergency.

Pass on Coffee and Tea While Flying

If you were to ask a flight attendant for coffee or tea, you might get a weird look. While these beverages are on offer, they typically aren’t advised. Water tanks on airplanes don’t get cleaned nearly enough, so you never know exactly how ‘fresh’ your beverage is. Stick to bottled water and canned drinks or brink something for yourself.

What’s The Deal With Airline Food?

Airline food is almost bad by design. Loaded with sugar, carbs, salt, and fat, airline food can be a quick way to spike your blood pressure while wrecking your body. Longer flights have better options, but don’t count on getting a healthy meal every time that you board a plane. Consider eating before you get on your flight to save money and eat healthier.

First Class Does Not Mean Safest Seating

While First Class seating is obviously the most comfortable option on the plane, it is not the safest! As it turns out, if you want the safest seat on the plane then you need to be stationed next to one of the emergency exits! Survival rates for seats nearest the emergency exit are significantly higher than those in the front of the plane.

Airline Oxygen Masks Are Time-Limited

While your airline oxygen masks can be lifesaving tools, you can’t rely on them for too long. Most airlines only have about 12 to 15 minutes of oxygen in each tank. What does this mean?  You aren’t going to have oxygen for long when you need it, so make sure to relax and control your breathing.

Flight Attendant Is a Tough Job to Land

Even though flight attendants don’t get paid well, the perks of the job are impossible to ignore. As a result, landing a gig with a reputable airline can be almost impossible! When Delta Airlines posted a job advertisement for 1,000 flight attendant openings, they enjoyed more than 100,000 applicants in response! You are immediately put ahead of the rest of the pack if you are experienced and bilingual.

Flight Attendants Have to Have the Right Look

Flight attendants are more than just in-air stewards. Flight attendants are beacons of responsibility for the entire airplane. As a result, flight attendants are expected to look and behave in a certain way. Pulled back hair with natural color is coveted while shorter individuals are prioritized due to height limitations on the craft.



Pets Have Helped People Get Through the Health Crisis

Leslie Tander



The ongoing health crisis of 2020 has not been easy for anyone. It’s been especially difficult for some people, but it has truly been hard for all people in some way or another. Some individuals have managed to find ways to cope with it, however. Other people are just in a comparatively fortunate position. It would seem that pet owners fall into that category. 

People who are used to working in person are now able to spend much more time with their pets. The pets themselves obviously do not know what it happening. They’re just aware of the fact that their human family members are now able to spend much more time with them. 

Many people are still having a difficult time staying positive, especially because the health crisis has lasted much longer than many people anticipated. Still, the people who have pets on home might be coping with the situation more easily. 

There was a recent survey conducted by the Gallant company. This is an organization that specializes in banking canine stem cells, giving the dogs the chance to get additional health benefits later in life. The survey involved a sample of one thousand Americans who have pets, which is a decently large and representative sample. 

The Gallant company wanted to see how the health crisis was affecting pets and their human family members. It’s interesting to note that more people today are adopting pets, especially dogs and cats. Some of the people who decided to adopt new pets did so spontaneously, so they would not have done so if the health crisis had not occurred. 

Some people may have decided to do so because they knew that they were going to be home a lot, and they wanted to have some company. Other people may have decided to reevaluate their lives and think about plans that they made years ago. They may have decided that this was the perfect time to get a new dog or cat.

Many other individuals may have been worried about dogs and cats getting abandoned during this health crisis, which has been happening in some areas. Lots of people are trying to do their part in order to help these days. Adopting dogs and cats can certainly be part of the picture. 

The successful Gallant company wanted to release this survey in time for the National Dog Day holiday, which many people might decide to celebrate this year. An astonishing sixty-eight percent of the survey respondents said that they socialized more with their dogs, cats, or other pets than they did with other people throughout the ongoing health crisis.

It isn’t surprising that this is the case, since so many people are practicing social distancing at the moment. While there are big families that have dogs and cats, there are plenty of people who have dogs and cats and don’t live with other family members. 

A shocking seventy-nine percent of the survey respondents said that they did not initially have any adoption plans scheduled. This all seems to have changed very quickly for a lot of people, especially for the people who lived by themselves beforehand.

Social distancing has been more difficult for some people. Individuals who live alone have potentially had a difficult time staying connected with other people since the beginning of this crisis. Some people have said that they have been able to spend much more time with their families since this all started, which has certainly helped some people get through it all. However, not all people have had that benefit. Getting pets of their own has changed things for them. 

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NYPD Solves a High-Profile Turtlenapping

Mackenzie Freeman



The New York City Police Department makes headlines every day, but it is not every day that the NYPD makes headlines for solving a turtle kidnapping case. But kudos go to the NYPD for solving the disappearance of a beloved resident of Alley Pond Environmental Center in Queens, 100-year-old African spurred tortoise, Millennium.

A Century of Millennium at Alley Pond

Millennium could have been a youthful, 11-year-old turtle when the 655-acre Alley Pond Park was acquired by the City of New York in 1929. When Millennium found his, her, or its way to the park, the Alley Pond was the source of water that the town of Flushing used for, well, flushing. Millennium survived the construction of the Long Island Expressway across the park, the creation of a golf course, and the founding of the Alley Pond Environmental Center at 228-06 Northern Boulevard in Queens in 1972.

Or maybe Millennium wasn’t around for any of those events. Although Millennium undoubtedly weighs about 100 pounds, and is larger than many of the children who come to visit him every day the park is open, the turtle rescuers who found the intrepid animal believe he could be a mere 17 years old or possibly as much as 100 years old. Either way, visitors to the park regularly ask to see him. And that is how they learned he was missing.

A Shocking Tortoise Disappearance

When visitors asked to see Millennium on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Millennium was nowhere to be found. The attendants had no difficulty locating Millennium’s companion turtle Mini-Me, but even checks of video surveillance cameras showed no sign of the celebrity turtle. We think of tortoises as moving slowly, but actually they can move quickly, blending in with trees and grasses, so the park staff held out hope that Millennium might just be taking a little vacation looking for a different source of grass and grubs. But when there was no trace of Millennium the next day, they had no choice but to call the police. They were afraid they had a Code 597, abuse of an animal.

Millennium Returns from Connecticut

Fortunately, a Connecticut resident with a conscience made the reunion of Millennium with his young fans possible. And helped the police nab the turtlenappers’ accomplice Shawn Waters in the process.

Thirty-seven year old Shawn Waters loves turtles. He kept small turtles and other animals in the apartment he shared with his mother in Queens. On the afternoon of July 18, Waters was approached by two men who had cut a hole in the back of Millennium’s enclosure and absconded with the famous reptile. They made a deal with Waters to sell him the stolen turtle, and Waters started to take Millennium home in a stolen shopping cart. But no sooner did he have Millennium in his clutches than he realized his mother would never let him keep Millennium at home.

Waters hatched a plan to cover up his crime and get a smaller turtle his mother would approve. A man in Stamford, Connecticut had placed an ad on Craigslist to sell his musck turte. Waters struck a deal to swap reptiles and get $300 cash in the process. (Ordinarily, a turtle of Millennium’s 2 foot by 2-1/2 foot size and gentle watermelon-eating habits would have fetched about $2500, according to park officials.) Waters, who does not own a car, took a commuter train with Millennium to Connecticut, where he sealed the deal.

But by this time the police were checking turtle transactions on Craigslist. They located the buyer, who surrendered the turtle, which was returned safely to Alley Pond Park.

Waters was arrested and later sentenced to six months in jail at Rikers Island. His mother reports that he hopes to get his license to work as a security guard back when he gets out of jail.

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Strange Sounds Coming From the Walls Reveal a HAUNTING Surprise to New Homeowners!

Mackenzie Freeman



No matter where you are in the country, every town has a story about that house. You know the one. The house that looms above all, lending urban legends and stories to people in the community. Well, today, we are going to introduce you to a home in Germantown, Tennessee, as well as the mysterious sounds that emanated from its walls. Let’s dig in because this story is going to make you want to check your own walls!

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