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Can You Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like?

Lea Lomas




When we talk about historical figures, how real do they feel to you? Unless you lived during the time that those historical figures were active, you might treat them like concepts more than living and breathing figures. Today, we are going to give you a chance to see some of the most important people from history as they would actually look! Using 3D printing, CT scans, and CGI, teams of researchers were able to bring these forty legends to life!

King Tut

King Tutankhamun is probably the most famous of all ancient Egyptian pharaohs. King Tut ruled Egypt from 1334 to 1324 B.C. We would know nothing about King Tut were it not for a group of Egyptologists who discovered his tomb in 1922. Howard Carter, an archaeologist, would work with modern technology in order to grant us this three-dimensional image.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce found himself on the throne in 1306. Within a decade, Bruce would push back the English army during the Battle of Bannockburn, thus preserving Scotland from English rule. In 2016, a team of Face Lab specialists from the University of Liverpool would team up with scholars from the University of Glasgow in order to serve us this incredible life-like portrayal of Robert the Bruce.

Julius Caesar

We have to imagine that Julius Caesar is one of the most famous figures in human history. Caesar rose through Rome’s political system via his military capabilities. Caesar would be integral to forming the First Triumvirate along with two other esteemed Romans in 60 B.C. This image was developed after Maja d’Hollosy, an anthropologist, scanned one of Caesar’s ancient busts.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous artists in human history. Shakespeare worked as a playwright from 1564 to 1616. As one of the most successful writers in history, seeing a lifelike version of William Shakespeare is a huge moment for our history. Some of Shakespeare’s most enduring work includes Macbeth, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary Stuart, also known as Mary, Queen of Scots, ruled as Queen of Scotland starting in 1542. Mary would rule until 1567. Mary would come into her position of power as a child of no more than six days old. Why was this the case? Well, Mary’s father, James V, had passed away following his defeat at the Battle of Solway Moss.

Emperor Nero

Nero Claudius Caesar ruled Rome from 54 A.D. to 68 A.D. During that period of time, Nero became known for doing basically whatever it is that he had wanted. Nero watched Rome burn for half of a week from the comforts of his palace where he was said to have sun Greek ballads to the embers below. Some experts even believe that Nero was the man behind the fires that plagued Rome.


Cleopatra was co-regent of the Kingdom of Egypt from 51 B.C. to 30 B.C. During that time, Cleopatra became well-known for her fierce intelligence, raw beauty, and her ability to rule. For a long time, we had no idea what Cleopatra could have looked like until artist M.A. Ludwig crafted this amazing adaptation.


If you ran into Meritamun today, you’d likely see her in Hollywood. Meritamun was a beautiful noble who died in her early 20s, though we do not know what her cause of death was. Archeologists were only able to uncover her skull. What we do know is that Meritamun had decaying teeth likely due to the introduction of sugar to Egypt. It took researchers 140 hours to render this 3D print of a lifelike Meritamun.

Maximilian Robespierre

Maximilian Robespierre only ruled France from 1792 until 1794. Unfortunately for Maximilian, he is more well-known for the outright brutality of his time as the head of state. Dubbed ‘The Reign of Terror’, the people of France do not look back kindly on what Maximilian Robespierre presided over. This 3D model was developed by Philippe Charlier and his team of facial recreation experts.

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony was born in Portugal in 1195. While Saint Anthony passed away young, at the age of 36, he still left an impression on the people of his time. Saint Anthony was well-regarded for his impassioned sermons as well as his ability to treat, care for, and heal the sick. Saint Anthony is one of the more revered figures of the Catholic Church.


Queen Nefertiti co-reigned over Egypt alongside her husband from 1353 to 1336 B.C. Following the death of her husband, Queen Nefertiti continued to rule for quite some time. Nefertiti is more well-known for being discovered by archeologists than for her time as a ruler. With that being said, this digital recreation might have Nefertiti become famous all over again. Can you see the raw power emanating from her face?

Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan was discovered in 1987 when a team of archaeologists came upon his body. The Lord of Sipan was discovered in Peru and his recovery is considered one of the most important historical moments in recent memory. The Lord of Sipan was recovered with treasures steeped around his body, some of which have gone on to become quite famous in their own right.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is said to have been born in 4 B.C before passing away in 33 A.D. Also known as the Son of God, the story of Christ has become incredibly important throughout the world. This digital recreation of Jesus was created based off of the Shroud of Turin, the cloth that supposedly was used to cover the face of a deceased Jesus Christ.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I certainly left an impression on the people of England. Queen Elizabeth ruled from 1559 to 1603, though her existence was almost put into question by her father, Henry VIII of England. Henry VIII would kill six of his wives during his search to find a male heir. Elizabeth was only able to take the crown after her siblings, including a brother, had died. 

Richard III

Richard III ruled over England from 1483 until 1485, and no that is not a mistake. Richard III has been remembered by history as a dictator prone to tyranny. Richard III famously rushed into Henry Tudor’s army during the Battle of Bosworth Field. Richard III bravely led the charge, but he was cut down in the process. Richard III has been famously mocked by Shakespeare himself with the line, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

King Henry IV

This amazing recreation of King Henry IV allows us to see what the former King of France would have looked like with today’s imaging. King Henry IV’s history is as amazing as it is terrifying. He spent time trapped in a French court before igniting the Wars of Religion. In 1589, King Henry IV would become King of France.

George Washington

What is there to say about George Washington? One of the most important men in the history of America, Washington would set the standard as the President of the United States. Among his notable accomplishments, Washington would set a two-term limit on the office of the Presidency in order to stop a potential dictatorship from ever forming in the future.


Nicolas Copernicus was born in 1473 in the town of Turin in Poland. Copernicus would end up changing the way that humans look at the Earth and all of existence around it. Copernicus would make the first principled argument for the Heliocentric solar system. As one of the most famous astronomers in human history, does this image match up with your expectation?

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of the most famous musicians of all time. Dubbed ‘The King of Rock’, Elvis would change the face of music. While Presley lived during modern times, he would pass away before growing into old age. A team of researchers at Sachs Media decided to see how Elvis would have aged over the years. This strapping old man is Elvis in 2019 and beyond!

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a pretty talented musician during his heyday. Bach was born in 1685, and he rose through life as a promising musical talent. Bach lived in the Golden Age of Music and his own skills were important to that title ever being bestowed upon his era.  Bach’s most notable accomplishment was his writing of the Brandenburg Concertos.

Lady of Cao

We’re heading back to Peru for the second time today! This time, we are meeting the Lady of Cao. The Lady of Cau was discovered in Peru amidst the El Brujo area of the country. The Lady of Cao was discovered in 2005 as a mummy. The Lady of Cao was buried around the 400 A.D, though no exact dates are available.

Jimi Hendrix

Considered to be one of the best guitar players to ever walk the planet, the death of Jimi Hendrix would shock the world.  Hendrix passed away at the age of 27, thus joining the infamous 27 Club. This incredible image shows us what Hendrix would look like today, at the age of 76. Do you think he would still be shredding the guitar?

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin became famous thanks to her raw musical style. Tragically, Joplin would pass away in 1970 at the age of 27. This amazing recreation shows Joplin as she would be today, at the age of 86. As another member of the famous 27 Club, we can’t help but wonder as to what the world lost due to her passing.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas walked this Earth at some point during the 4th Century. Historians have pegged the almost mythical Saint Nicholas as the Bishop of Myre. Unfortunately, no text has ever been discovered relating to Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas would be buried in Myre until his grave was robbed in 1087.  The 3D image that you are looking at was developed using a CT scan as the basis of the CGI.

Kurt Cobain

The tragic death of Kurt Cobain would cut short one of the most promising musical careers of all time. Cobain was known for being raw, introverted, and completely over the world of fame and fortune. Cobain would famously pass away at the age of 27 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This 3D image shows an older Kurt Cobain with a hint of the tortured soul that he was known to be. 

John Lennon

John Lennon was tragically killed at the age of 40. As one of the most famous members of the Beatles, Lennon was an almost legendary figure during the peak of his fame, and that legend hasn’t faded with time. After being killed by March David Chapman, we can only guess as to how Lennon would look as an older man. 

Bob Marley

It’s a tough life when you are a music icon, at least that’s what we’ve learned from today’s discussion. Bob Marley was another music legend who passed away long before his time. Marley has left an enduring legacy of mutual love and togetherness as well as a discography of amazing guitar work.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison wasn’t exactly the soberest person of the 60s. As a rockstar and a devout substance abuser, it is hard to track Morrison’s health into the future. After passing away at a young age, researchers had to make several estimates in order to come up with this CGI iteration of the famous Doors frontman. Rarely shown with a smile, this image portrays a Jim Morrison that has been tempered by advanced age.

Medieval Maiden

Archeologists uncovered an ancient burial ground in Edinburgh. The massive communal grave contained more than 400 men, women, and children. Among those people was this anonymous woman, who has since been dubbed the Medieval Maiden of Edinburgh. Using forensics as well as 3D mapping technology, researchers were able to develop this fully-fleshed out image. This is almost hard to believe!

Keith Moon

Keith Moon was the famous drummer for the historical band, The Who. Born in 1946, Moon would pass away from an overdose at the age of 32. This photograph shows a sallow Keith Moon with a clean fit, looking into the camera. This particular iteration of the famous drummer is incredibly lifelike, just look at his hair.

Beach Head Lady

The Beach Head Lady was found in the Eastbourne region of England. Initially assumed to be a European Roman, experts eventually found out that she was from the Saharan Africa. Researchers do not know if she was the first generation of Saharan Africans to make it to England. Jo Seaman, a Heritage Officer, says, “She could possibly have been born in Africa and brought over here at a very young age.”

Neolithic Stonehenge Man

This dashing middle-aged gentleman is actually a Neolithic man found at Winterbourne Stoke in Wiltshire. According to advanced scientific research, he was born more than 500 years before Stonehenge was ever erected. The Neolithic Stonehenge Man is an important discovery because skeletons from that era are rarely in great condition.

Gristhorpe Man

The Gristhorpe Man looks less inviting than the Neolithic Man, but that’s to be expected. The Gristhorpe Man is presumed to have lived over 4,000 years ago. He was discovered in Britain in 1834 when his coffin was found inside of a Yorkshire oak tree. His skeleton had been wrapped in animal hides and his body was adorned with a dagger, flint, and a container of food. A CT scan of his skeleton would reveal that he had died in his 60s.

Mary Rose Archer

Known as the Mary Rose Archer, this figure is on display at the New Mary Rose Museum. According to scientific research, this man was an archer who had passed away in his early 20s. After examining his remains, it was revealed that his shoulder joints had been mangled by his work with the bow. He was apparently 5’10 and well-built, thus making him an intimidating figure for the time.

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson was one of the men who founded the Beach Boys. As the drummer of the band, Wilson was also tasked with writing songs and singing backup vocals.  Wilson would drown in the Marina Del Rey shortly after being booted from the band. This photo shows Wilson as he might look at the age of 76.

Robert Burns

Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759. He was a renowned poet from Scotland who was as well-known for his romantic affairs as he was for his writing. Burns also famously railed against traditional religion and the era’s conception of morality. Robert Burns would pass away in 1796 after a battle with endocarditis.

Cheddar Man

Is there any discovery as interesting as the Cheddar Man? This figure represents a human being who lived more than 10,000 years ago. Just try to imagine that number for a moment! This now-famous bust was crafted using 3D scanning technology combined with DNA sourced from the Cheddar Man’s actual remains. The Cheddar Man had dark, possibly black, skin as well as piercing blue eyes.

People of Brighton

The People of Brighton were recreated using DNA found on skeletons discovered in a communal grave plot. These individuals were purported to have lived at some point between the Ice Age and the era of the Saxons in and around Brighton & Hove. Look at all the detail that has been put into each individual figure. You can almost feel their personalities emanating from their faces.



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NYPD Solves a High-Profile Turtlenapping

Mackenzie Freeman



The New York City Police Department makes headlines every day, but it is not every day that the NYPD makes headlines for solving a turtle kidnapping case. But kudos go to the NYPD for solving the disappearance of a beloved resident of Alley Pond Environmental Center in Queens, 100-year-old African spurred tortoise, Millennium.

A Century of Millennium at Alley Pond

Millennium could have been a youthful, 11-year-old turtle when the 655-acre Alley Pond Park was acquired by the City of New York in 1929. When Millennium found his, her, or its way to the park, the Alley Pond was the source of water that the town of Flushing used for, well, flushing. Millennium survived the construction of the Long Island Expressway across the park, the creation of a golf course, and the founding of the Alley Pond Environmental Center at 228-06 Northern Boulevard in Queens in 1972.

Or maybe Millennium wasn’t around for any of those events. Although Millennium undoubtedly weighs about 100 pounds, and is larger than many of the children who come to visit him every day the park is open, the turtle rescuers who found the intrepid animal believe he could be a mere 17 years old or possibly as much as 100 years old. Either way, visitors to the park regularly ask to see him. And that is how they learned he was missing.

A Shocking Tortoise Disappearance

When visitors asked to see Millennium on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Millennium was nowhere to be found. The attendants had no difficulty locating Millennium’s companion turtle Mini-Me, but even checks of video surveillance cameras showed no sign of the celebrity turtle. We think of tortoises as moving slowly, but actually they can move quickly, blending in with trees and grasses, so the park staff held out hope that Millennium might just be taking a little vacation looking for a different source of grass and grubs. But when there was no trace of Millennium the next day, they had no choice but to call the police. They were afraid they had a Code 597, abuse of an animal.

Millennium Returns from Connecticut

Fortunately, a Connecticut resident with a conscience made the reunion of Millennium with his young fans possible. And helped the police nab the turtlenappers’ accomplice Shawn Waters in the process.

Thirty-seven year old Shawn Waters loves turtles. He kept small turtles and other animals in the apartment he shared with his mother in Queens. On the afternoon of July 18, Waters was approached by two men who had cut a hole in the back of Millennium’s enclosure and absconded with the famous reptile. They made a deal with Waters to sell him the stolen turtle, and Waters started to take Millennium home in a stolen shopping cart. But no sooner did he have Millennium in his clutches than he realized his mother would never let him keep Millennium at home.

Waters hatched a plan to cover up his crime and get a smaller turtle his mother would approve. A man in Stamford, Connecticut had placed an ad on Craigslist to sell his musck turte. Waters struck a deal to swap reptiles and get $300 cash in the process. (Ordinarily, a turtle of Millennium’s 2 foot by 2-1/2 foot size and gentle watermelon-eating habits would have fetched about $2500, according to park officials.) Waters, who does not own a car, took a commuter train with Millennium to Connecticut, where he sealed the deal.

But by this time the police were checking turtle transactions on Craigslist. They located the buyer, who surrendered the turtle, which was returned safely to Alley Pond Park.

Waters was arrested and later sentenced to six months in jail at Rikers Island. His mother reports that he hopes to get his license to work as a security guard back when he gets out of jail.

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Strange Sounds Coming From the Walls Reveal a HAUNTING Surprise to New Homeowners!

Mackenzie Freeman



No matter where you are in the country, every town has a story about that house. You know the one. The house that looms above all, lending urban legends and stories to people in the community. Well, today, we are going to introduce you to a home in Germantown, Tennessee, as well as the mysterious sounds that emanated from its walls. Let’s dig in because this story is going to make you want to check your own walls!

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