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Couple Gives Birth to Beautiful Twins, Can You BELIEVE How They Turned Out?!

Lea Lomas




When Jaqi and Kevin Clements rushed to the hospital to deliver their twins a month and change early, they had no idea how the situation would turn out. Already a father to one beautiful little boy, Jaqi and Kevin were blown away by the arrival of their adorable twin daughters in July of 2010. Now, less than a decade later, you will not BELIEVE what these beautiful twins have turned into!

Keep on reading to see how Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements are taking over the internet!

Arriving Right on Time

Well, kind of. Jaqi and Kevin Clements are the stars of our story and their tale begins with the early arrival of young Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements. The stunning twins would be born on July 7, 2010, a full four and a half weeks earlier than their due date!

Jaqi would say of their early arrival, “But knowing their personalities now, it makes total sense that they would show up early.”

Stars Upon Arrival

For Jaqi and Kevin, bringing home their daughters was a momentous occasion. After all, they were looking forward to seeing how Chase, their eldest and only son, would embrace them. From the start, it was clear that the trio of children shared mutual love and joy for one another!

Our Daughters Are Models

It didn’t take long for Ava Marie and Leah Rose to showcase how adorable they were. Jaqi and Kevin would hear from friends and strangers far and wide that their children were born to be models. Jaqi would routinely get approached by strangers saying things like, “Wow, they are so beautiful — you should really think about getting them into modeling!”

Of course, Jaqi and Kevin agreed that their children were beautiful, but were they models?

Signing With an Agency

With a pair of energetic twins and their two-year-old son between them, the thought of pursuing a modeling career was almost laughable. After all, how could any parents afford to spend that kind of time when balancing a career and their rapidly growing family?

Still, Jaqi knew that her daughters deserved a chance and so she signed them with an agency in Los Angeles.

Too Much to Handle

Try and fail and try again! That’s the mantra, isn’t it? We might have it wrong, but Jaqi definitely had it right with her children.  After signing with a talent agency in Los Angeles, Jaqi and her twins would only last for about three months before they decided to call it quits.

“It was hard enough to get out of the door most days, so my attempt back then was short-lived.” Jaqi would say, before admitting that the timing had not been right.

Life Outside of Modeling

While Leah Rose and Ava Marie didn’t get to launch their modeling career right away, that didn’t mean that it was never to come. Instead, Jaqi and Kevin focused on raising their children with as calm and enjoyable a life as possible. After all, they could always go back to the modeling world for another try in the future.

According to Jaqi, she had no regrets when she decided to pull her kids from the modeling world.

Making a Family Decision

Every parent probably dreams of giving their child the chance to do anything they want. For Jaqi and Kevin, they wanted their daughters to want to model before they would force them into the activity. If the twins weren’t ready to give up on modeling, then Jaqi was going to make sure that she gave them that opportunity.

Would the kids want to return to the world of modeling?

Finding the Right Time

Jaqi and Kevin had debated when the right time for their children to model had been. Should they wait until Leah and Ava grew up? After all, toddlers aren’t supposed to be taking on too many responsibilities. Ultimately, Jaqi and Kevin would decide to wait until their daughters were a little bit older before approaching the industry yet again.

Breaking Into the Industry

When the twins celebrated their seventh birthday, it appeared that they were finally ready to enter the modeling world. Kevin and Jaqi were happy with how much more mature their children had become. Jaqi would say in an interview, “I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices” that they could “give modeling a try.”

Were the girls ready to make the jump?

Born to be Stars

Go up to any twin seven-year-olds and ask them if they want to be stars. Guess what Ava and Leah responded with? The same answer that every child will offer, they said yes! Ava and Leah knew that they wanted to give modeling a real chance and now their mother was on board and ready to help!

Unfortunately, their first steps into the industry were a little shaky!

Ready for Round Two

It was clear to see that the twins were much more excited about modeling this time around. After all, Jaqi and Kevin no longer had to drag them kicking and streaming out of the door anymore! What’s more, the twins were developing their own unique personalities and they were ready to let them shine!

Even though the twins were exuberant, they had some issues with their first photo shoot!

A Rough Beginning

Getting into the modeling industry with children can be tough. Jaqi knew that she didn’t want to put makeup on her children nor did she want them to wear anything inappropriate. Jaqi decided that they would start off slow with their own camera, a little blush, and a few natural locations to shoot at.

Jaqi may have been prepared, but her children weren’t quite ready!

A Few Notable Issues

Right out of the gate, Jaqi knew that her twins were going to shock the world with their photogenic beauty. The other fact that Jaqi was aware of was this, her children weren’t experienced enough to go pro. Jaqi would say of her children’s first attempts at modeling, “Ava would look at the camera while Leah would sate off into space.”

They were only seven years old, so we can definitely forgive them for their inexperience!

An Agency Offers Assistance

At this point in time, Jaqi and Kevin were ready to go all-in with their children’s modeling career. Jaqi and Kevin knew that their children had talent but that professional help would go a long way. The Clement family decided to reach out to agencies again in order to bring in some professional help with their efforts.

Little did Jaqi know, their phone was about to start ringing!

Landing Multiple Agencies

Upon deciding to seek out an agency, Jaqi decided to bust out her address book before dialing everyone she knew. While it was hard work, Jaqi was able to secure interviews with multiple agencies. Jaqi revealed in an interview, “To my surprise, I heard back from almost every single one asking to set up a time to meet the girls.”

Upon signing with two agencies, unforeseen troubles would arise!

Almost Too Popular

When most models try to go pro, they struggle because they cannot get signed with a reputable agency. For the Clements, that was the last concern on their minds. Unfortunately, having two agents would end up being “too much of a good thing”.  The Clements would routinely find that their daughters had been double-booked!

Do you know why double-bookings are bad in the modeling world?

Fixing a Surprising Issue

When you have multiple agents, you are often going to be sent to many of the same potential jobs. Jaqi and Kevin would get a notice from Agent A revealing that they had an audition while Agent B was saying the same thing. Who would get credit, and paid, for booking the gig?

Jaqi was ready to panic. Double-booking in the entertainment world is a big problem!

Shifting to Social Media

While the twins were clearly going to be successful as models, due to the intense industry interest, Jaqi knew that the future was on social media. Jaqi would establish Instagram profile in order to share her daughter’s career with the world. 

“Now, a little over five months later, the girls have over 380,000 followers,” Jaqi would reveal. showcasing the effectiveness of her efforts.

The Transformative Year

With a solid foundation of social media backing, the twins were officially in demand. When you become a trending new talent in the modeling industry, everybody wants to work with you. It didn’t surprise Jaqi and Kevin to see that Leah and Ava were getting a ton of interest throughout 2017.

Jaqi would say of their successful year, “I just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them.” 

Getting Chase Involved

If you’ve ever been around children, sharing is one of the biggest instigators of misbehavior. Fortunately for Jaqi and Kevin, their son Chase never held their daughter’s success against them. Instead, he offered to start modeling himself!

Chase would land a contract with the very same resume as his younger sisters. Now the entire family was involved in the modeling fun!

Skyrocketing to Stardom

Working in the entertainment industry is all about learning to live with rejection. After all, you’ll end up losing out on the vast majority of jobs that you apply for! These dour realities didn’t temper the success of the twins. Within a week of getting their agent, the girls had six jobs lined up.

As Leah and Ava became more comfortable in their modeling career, their stardom continued to grow. You won’t believe what they got into after this!

Understanding the Industry

Even though things were going great for the twins, finding success in any industry as a child can be absolutely tough. Jaqi wasn’t a natural-born manager and she had to navigate the industry as an amateur right alongside her children.

In order to share her entire story, Jaqi began writing a blog to detail the good, the bad, and even the ugly elements of the industry.

One of the Biggest Hurdles

As burgeoning professional models, you’d figure that there were many challenges that the twins had to overcome. From learning how to pose to growing comfortable in front of the camera, there was a lot to handle.

For Jaqi? One of the biggest hurdles was dealing with L.A. traffic several times throughout the week. Can you imagine having to take a six-hour-long roundtrip drive just to give your child an audition?

How Jaqi Stayed Sane

Being a parent is an enormously difficult job. Parenting three children while also managing their prospective careers? That is another concept entirely. In order to find continued success, Jaqi decided early on that she would stick with what had always worked — she would go with her gut.

As a parent, would you agree with Jaqi’s mindset?

Blocking Out the Negativity

Even though Jaqi and her family had worked hard to build their twin’s fledgling careers, negativity still crept in on occasion. One primary engine of doubt and negativity was the internet. Jaqi would respond to people who attacked her family by saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

As it turns out, not everybody was on board with how Jaqi was raising her children.

Were the Children Secretly Upset

Modeling pictures are supposed to capture a mood and that mood is decided by the photographer. Users would go to Jaqi’s Instagram profile to make comments implying that her children looked ‘sad’. What these commenters didn’t realize was that photo shoots are often serious, solemn, and professional affairs!

According to Jaqi, photo shoots aren’t always supposed to look happy.

The Great Makeup Debate

The primary controversy surrounding the Clements was their stance on makeup. Were the twins allowed to wear makeup for their shoots? Sure. Did Jaqi put too much makeup on them? Doubtful. According to Jaqi, her family worked with professional hair and makeup artists to comply with industry standards.

Jaqi said to her antagonists online, “That’s how the industry works.”

Let Them Be Kids

if there was one phrase that could trigger Jaqi instantly it was, “Let them be kids!” Jaqi and her family came under intense scrutiny from a certain subset of vocal online users. These users claimed that Jaqi was robbing her daughters of their childhood which didn’t make sense to the mother of three.

Jaqi had allowed her children to choose to model because it was their shared passion!

Life Outside of Modeling

For viewers worried that Ava and Leah were missing out on a real childhood, you can rest easy! While modeling comprises the vast majority of their day-to-day schedule, the twins still like to dance to music, play pranks on one another, and goof off around the house. One of their favorite activities outside of modeling is dancing!

Why the Twins Like Modeling

Ava and Leah loved modeling almost from the beginning and that hasn’t changed with age. The twins have spoken effusively about all the benefits that they’ve enjoyed thanks to their career. Some benefits include getting to travel and see new places while also spending time with their family.

A Myriad of Industry Benefits

Outside of getting to travel, the twins also get to enjoy new clothing, brand-new products, and other gifts in exchange for their work. The Clements also get paid to sponsor or ‘shoutout’ brands on social media. Who wouldn’t want to live that kind of life?

Would you have enjoyed modeling as a child?

How Jaqi Built an Instagram Empire

As easy as it seems to model, finding success isn’t a given. In fact, getting any attention is pretty rare in the entertainment world! In order to find success, Jaqi had to develop a few positive practices for her social media accounts. 

If you want to build a modeling portfolio, consider Jaqi’s following advice!

Avoid Posting Too Much

There is a fine line between ‘great content’ and ‘too much content’. Platforms like Instagram thrive when users are able to see a lot of content. If you flood your follower’s feed with too many posts in a single day, you run the risk of annoying them and causing them to unfollow.

Jaqi suggests posting in moderation to build your fanbase.

Build Your Hashtag Database

Hashtags help users find specific content that caters to their needs. If you want to build your brand, make sure that you are using the proper hashtags in all of your posts. Jaqi worked hard to build her own list of popular hashtags that created engagement while building her brand.

Jaqi also liked to use hashtags that other child models would use so that they could all network.

Engage With Your Audience

You might gain attention by simply posting photos, but you won’t build your engagement unless you… engage. Commenting on other profiles or replying to your own followers is a great way to build your engagement. The more you interact with people on social media, the more visible your profile becomes.

Pay Attention to Trends

Finally, it is important to highlight any trends that you might be able to take advantage of. Jaqi and Kevin quickly realized that photos of the twins TOGETHER would routinely outperform photos of Ava and Leah on their own. What does this mean? It means that users like seeing the twins together, so the Clements should focus on that kind of content.

Looking to the Future

At the time of this writing, the Clements are one of the most popular families of child models in the United States. As their fame continues to grow, Jaqi wants to make sure that her children are free to pursue other opportunities. Jaqi doesn’t want to make her kids do anything that they don’t want to do.

Showcasing Wondrous Outfits

How could the twins want to leave their burgeoning careers behind? After all, they get to see exciting places, hang out with new friends, and even wear all of the prettiest clothing! As trending models and young influencers, Ava, Chase, and Leah are all poised to have a ton of fun in the future!

Growing Into Social Butterflies

The twins have grown into their outgoing career by becoming social butterflies. Jaqi said of her kids, “They meet a new ‘friend’ for ten minutes at an audition or a shoot and are already asking me if this new friend can be their cousin.” Jaqi went on to point out, “Simple friendship just doesn’t quite express the love they have for their new friend.”

Good Luck to the Clements

Here we can see the entire happy family together. It isn’t exactly hard to see where the children got all of their good looks! The Clements are continue to build their brand as models while ensuring that they stay close, happy, and grounded with one another.

What do you think about growing up as a child model? 



A Lost and Treasured Diary

Leslie Tander



Luis Martinez was doing some routine cleaning when he found something potentially valuable among all of the trash. He was clearing away the garbage in a truck, but there was also a little book there. It’s always a good idea to examine something like that before throwing it out, even when cleaning a truck that already has plenty of genuine garbage in it. 

Some people may have thrown out the book anyway, since getting a truck ready for an automobile auction can be time-consuming enough as it is. Fortunately, Luis Martinez decided to take a look inside this apparently discarded book. His curiosity may have changed everything for the people who may receive this book in the future. 

After taking a few quick glances at the content of the book, Luis Martinez found out that he had discovered a diary. The book featured a lot of natural handwriting, and it was clearly written by someone who had a lot of deeply personal things to say. 

People have discovered very important historical artifacts in the same way. Many individuals may think that all of history’s treasures were carefully preserved for years or famous in their own time. While plenty of art pieces and architectural creations are like that, it isn’t always the case.

Some lost paintings have been found over the years, and they were later confirmed to be the works of some of the most famous artists in history. People have discovered written works in the same way at different points throughout time. 

Many of the most important historical artifacts have been the journals, letters, diaries, and essays that were written by the people who were actually alive in a given historical period. Professionals tend to turn to these documents in order to more accurately understand the attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of people from specific eras.

Historians tend to be thrilled when someone finds an old diary or something similar. It’s the sort of primary source that can make a huge difference in any form of historical survey research. Many historians tend to be enthusiastic about the people who manage to help preserve some of these works themselves. 

The diary that Luis Martinez found could be considered an important historical piece one day. Of course, it’s still a diary that is important in this time period, which is something that Luis Martinez certainly recognizes. 

Some of the people in his situation would have just gotten rid of the journal, since finding anyone connected with the journal would be difficult. Luis Martinez, on the other hand, is interested in making sure that the journal is brought back to where it belongs. 

The writer of the diary was in her early nineties. Her name was Lola Maxine. Depending on how old the diary is and how long ago everything was originally written, it’s possible that Lola Maxine herself could want the diary back. 

However, she was often specifically writing to Arabella Raine, her granddaughter. It’s possible that Arabella Raine should be the person to keep the diary. Lola Maxine’s other family members could also want it. However, it’s possible that the diary could become a treasured possession for the entire family. 

Luis Martinez is interested in bringing the diary to them, one way or another. It’s possible that they will find out about it the same way other people online have, making things easier for Luis Martinez. A lot of people have managed to find things that they have lost that way, even if they didn’t know that they lost them. They just need conscientious and kind people to find them initially. 

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Shocking Moment Captured on Film as Mother and Son Leap into Gator Pit for Lost Wallet.

Mackenzie Freeman



The city of Brainerd is nestled deep in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Established in 1870, Brainerd is known as one of the largest cities in all of Northern Minnesota. Today’s story isn’t so much about the city of Brainerd as it is about two of the people within it. Recently, a mother and her young son made headlines around the country when they were captured on film leaping into the alligator pit at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, MN. What happened next was as harrowing as it was inexplicable. 

Safari North Wildlife Park is one of the most popular outdoor wildlife parks in the Midwest. This stunning park features family-friendly attractions, gorgeous animals, and wonderful sprawling enclosures.  From Snow Leopards and River Otters to the Vervet Monkey, there is always a spectacular animal to see. For the stars of our story, one animal stuck out in particular, the alligator.

When the viral video begins, we see a woman as well as her son standing outside of the alligator enclosure at the Safari North Wildlife Park. The massive pit is enclosed by a fence with only a pit of water in the center of the exhibit. Why were these two visitors in the wildly dangerous alligator pit? Well, that’s a story that seems almost impossible to understand. According to the mother, her wallet had dropped into the water of the enclosure. Rather than requesting assistance from a park employee, the mother jumped into the enclosure to fetch the wallet herself!

The fact that the mother leaped into the alligator pit was concerning in and of itself, especially for a wallet! To make matters even more dramatic and demonstrably worse, her young son quickly followed her! The young boy seemed determined to copy his mother to the horror of various onlookers. One concerned citizen yelled out to the family from a viewing balcony, “Don’t do that, you will get eaten!” 

The tension seemed to last forever as the mother and her son poked around the exhibit while looking for the lost wallet. To add to the tension of the moment, the mother was filmed throwing rocks at the alligators. At one point, the mother even used a stick to distract the gators to further her search for her lost alligator. While the film quickly went viral, this was completely unexpected according to the Safari North Wildlife Park. According to the staff at the facility, the video was the first time they were made aware of the incident.

If you think alligators aren’t dangerous, think again. Alligators are considered apex predators and they have been living on earth for millions of years. Considered ‘living fossils’, alligators are deceptively fast, enormously strong, and they grow their entire lives. In fact, the largest alligator of all time was found in Florida at the Everglades National Park. The alligator was measured in at 16 feet and five inches in length. We are all truly lucky that nobody was hurt during this video!

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Pregnant Women are Concerned With New York Hospital’s Banning Birth Partners

Mackenzie Freeman



It is an unnerving time for everyone, especially pregnant couples. With the healthcare system being overwhelmed due to the Coronavirus, many couples are wondering how their birthing plans will be impacted. One New York healthcare network has decided to ban birth partners from the delivery room. This has become a controversial topic that is worrisome to women across the country that their hospital could also adopt this policy.

New York-Presbyterian recently announced that it is banning visitors including birth partners. This means countless women will experience the labor and delivery process without the support of their loved ones.

This also means fathers will not be able to see their newborns until the babies are released from the hospital. There are temporary exceptions to the rule for the imminent end of life and specific patient’s needs. This is not comforting to most mothers who will be bringing their child into the world under these stressful and strained conditions.

New York-Presbyterian is taking a significant step in protecting expecting pregnant couples due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this move is not calming the fears of women. The policy is certainly jarring considering the World Health Organization determined that the role of birth partners is crucial.

Birthing partners provide informational support during childbirth and liaise gaps between women and clinical staff. Companions also provide practical support, like encouraging women to be mobile during labor, provide non-pharmacological pain relief like meditation and massage, and offer emotional support.

Companions are advocates for women, addressing her and her preferences. Labor companions can help women build their confidence through praise, reassurance, and having a supportive presence while allowing them to feel in control.

Chief of Obstetrics at Columbia University, Dena Goffman, MD, notes that New York-Presbyterian’s decision was difficult, well-considered, and not taken lightly. They decided to ensure all potential visitors, including partners, remain safe. The hospital group also decided to test all incoming pregnant women for COVID-19, regardless of their symptoms.

This decision came after doctors noticed numerous women without symptoms or atypical symptoms later testing positive for the virus. Unfortunately, many labor symptoms mimic some COVID-19 symptoms, so these women were not identified by the usual screening method, testing processes, and infection prevention and control. Therefore, the virus protection practices were never implemented thus exposing staff members.

By implementing this new policy of testing women in labor, doctors can isolate newborns who may have been exposed. This is a significant preventative measure to stop an outbreak within non-infected baby nurseries. With such a huge number of cases in New York, this is an important step.

Dr. Goffman further noted that the hospital network is investigating other options for allowing birth partners and loved ones to be included in this special moment. The most promising idea is using technology. The hospital recognizes the need for additional family support for moms and mom and baby pairs when at the hospital.

While the WHO’s position on child partners has remained the same, they believe all pregnant women, including those with confirmed viral infection, are entitled to high-quality care throughout the entire pregnancy.  

The new COVID-19 world is unknown, unpredictable, and scary with situations evolving by the minute. However, planning and flexibility allow women to have a normal birthing experience. Also, consult your medical team with any concerns or questions you may have about the pregnancy or COVID-19. Hopefully, technology will be able to play a bigger role for family and friends in the future so the mother and birthing partner can continue to have and provide support before, during, and after the pregnancy.

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