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Duck Dynasty Star Undergoes Shocking Transformation After Beard Goes ‘Bye Bye’!

Lea Lomas




If you’ve owned a television or have had access to the internet over the last decade, you’ve definitely heard of Duck Dynasty. The television program ran for 11 seasons on the cable network, A&E. The show focused on the Robertsons, a family of religious duck hunters from Louisiana. Not only were the Robertsons down-to-earth hunters, but they were also the proud owners of a multi-million dollar business. Over the years, the Robertsons became famous for a lot of things, but they were most well-known for their beards. So, you’ll understand why the world was shocked when THIS Robertson family member shaved off his entire beard for an epic transformation!

Meet the Robertsons

Here we get to see the stars of the show, Duck Dynasty. If there is one thing that all of the men in the Robertson family have in common, it is that they all are rocking meaty beards! Beards have always been associated with machismo, and it makes sense that a bunch of hunters would be rocking them.

Leader of the Family

While Duck Dynasty is about every member of the family, you wouldn’t even have a show if not for Phil Robertson. Phil is the patriarch of the family and founder of the Robertson’s million-dollar duck calling business. Before he was known for his duck-related work, Robertson had been a star quarterback at Louisiana Tech. Robertson would even turn down an NFL invite in order to focus on his duck call business!

Controversial Ending

Despite how popular the show was during its heyday, the program eventually had to come to an end. After Phil made headlines for some mildly offensive remarks, A&E briefly suspended the show. However, the Robertsons would find themselves back on air albeit with lower ratings. Eventually, A&E decided to pull the plug on their hit show after eleven total seasons.

Meet Jase Robertson

If you were even only a mild Duck Dynasty fan, you know who Jase Robertson is. Jase is the second eldest child of Phil and the current COO of the family business. Jase was always known for being one of the funniest people on the show, and the ladies sure didn’t mind his burly good looks. With that being said, if you loved his beard then we have some pretty bad news for you.

Making a Plan

When you succeed in the world of reality television, you end up having a calling card that identifies you to your fans. For the male Robertsons, their beard became their trademark. So much so, in fact, that the Robertsons have heavily marketed their show around their giant beards. Still, Jase wanted to shave his off in order to help a good cause out.

Meet Mia Robertson

Mia Robertson is Jase’s eldest daughter. She was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. While the condition is not deadly, it will leave Mia with speech difficulties as she grows up. Fortunately, Mia is in a position where her family can afford to give her the surgery that she needs in order to live a normal life.

Undergoing Surgery

While Jase and Missy Robertson were hesitant to put their child into surgery, they made the decision to go through with the adjustment in 2014. The surgery was announced publicly and the Robertson’s received overwhelming amounts of support. Mia would have a successful surgery in order to correct her cleft problems.

The Good Cause

Now, we get to the heart of our story. In order to afford other children the same opportunities that Mia had, Jase and Missy decided to establish the Mia Moo Fund. This charitable foundation is dedicated to helping children get the money that they need in order to surgically correct their cleft lips and palates. While Jase could afford to help his own daughter, he obviously can’t afford to help every child that needed it. This is where the epic beard shaving adventure begins.

Setting a Donation Goal

After announcing the foundation of the Mia Moo Fund, Jase knew that he needed to get their charity started off right. Jase and Missy decided to start a fundraising page in order to raise money for their foundation. They promised to shave Jase’s beard off if they were able to hit the $100,000 donation mark. While Jase was excited to raise the money for a good cause, he was also worried about shaving. Jase hadn’t been clean-shaven in nearly seven years!

The Eldest Brother

While the Robertson men were known for their fierce beards, one of them has stayed clean-shaven. Meet Al Robertson, the oldest of the Robertson brothers. Al has remained clean-shaven throughout his family’s famous years. Now, it seemed possible that Jase was about to be joining him. Jase had briefly trimmed his beard between seasons of Duck Dynasty, but shaving it off completely — that was an entirely different proposition!

Going Against His Word

To say that Duck Dynasty was a roaring part of ‘beard culture’ would be putting it mildly. In fact, Jase famously said during an episode of the show, “There are two kinds of people without beards: children and women. I am neither.” While Jase was likely making a joke, going from a walking beard to being completely clean-shaven would likely have shocked anyone!

Stepping Away From Fame

For Jase, the decision to shave his beard off wasn’t just about charity, though it obviously played a large part. In an interview back in 2013, Jase had alluded to shaving his beard off when Duck Dynasty came to an end. Originally, Jase had discussed shaving the beard off so that he could live a more anonymous life. Believe it or not, simply removing his beard has made a significant impact on how often he is recognized!

Farewell to the Beard

Jase wrestled with the idea of shaving his beard off for a long time. After all, his beard wasn’t just a fashion statement, it was also a practical feature. Duck hunters like Jase can use their beard to blend into the environment or to stay warm while the temperature is still frigid. Ultimately, Jase decided that he wanted to do right by his charity, so #ShaveJase became a reality.

Downsides to Beards

Besides all of the good things that his beard did for him, there were some downsides that Jase had to face. For starters, Jase had revealed that he would get extra searches while going through lines at the airport. He also noticed that security would treat him differently when he had a completely shaved face. 

Meet Mr. Geico

Speaking of ‘beard negatives’, Jase was once stopped by an apparent fan for an autograph and picture. After talking to the young boy for a moment, Jase realized that the kid didn’t know who he was! As it turned out, the child had thought that he was the Geico Caveman! Yeah, if you are getting compared to a caveman due to your beard, maybe shaving is the right way to go?

Million Dollar Beard

While we are sure that Jase doesn’t value his beard beyond what it does for his facial features, we can put a number on it. According to what little information that is out there, Jase has a net worth north of $10 million. We have to wonder, would Jase and the rest of the Robertson family have been even a fraction as successful without their trademark furry faces? We honestly doubt it. The beard turned into a wonderful marketing tool. Needless to say, Jase was going to be just fine with shaving his beard off after all.

Switching Focus

Rather than try to latch onto a new show, Jase decided that he was all good with being out of the Duck Dynasty game. Instead, Jase would go on to create his own website, CamoFlix, in order to keep fans abreast of what he was doing in his post-television life. Nowadays, it seems like Jase is largely focused on hunting, attending Christian conventions, and meeting his fans. That’s not a bad way to spend your retirement, is it? We’re sure that there is plenty of duck hunting, too.

Drumming Up Anticipation

If you’ve ever worked on a fundraiser, you’ll know how important it is to drum up anticipation for your project. Well, Jase was fortunate enough that media outlets were eager to help him promote. Here we see Jase and Missy on the set of a morning talk show hosted by Fox News. Things were officially heating up as the announcement had been broadcast to the world. Now it was time to get serious and to shave that beard.

Iconic ‘Before’ Picture

In order to really make the event special, Jase decided to stream the removal of his beard live on Facebook. Here we see Jase sitting in his own barber chair, waiting for the razors to come out. Jase looks a little worried in this shot, wouldn’t you say? Fortunately, his amazing makeover was about to get started. Don’t worry Jase, it’ll all be over soon!

Meet the NEW Jase Robertson

In the blink of an eye, a new Jase emerged to the world. With his beard shaved and his hair carefully trimmed, Jase presented an entirely new image to his supporting fans. Missy was delighted with the outcome of the makeover, and she was quick to go to Twitter to praise her husband’s new looks. According to Missy, she noticed that she was flirting with Jase more than ever. We’d call that a successful haircut, right?

Successful Fundraiser

Here we see Jase’s family together for a picture. Jase is still rocking the clean-shaven look and Mia looks as happy as ever. Thanks to their efforts, they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support those children that suffered from a cleft lip. Thanks to Jase’s silly beard, lives were going to be changed. You can tell that the whole family was ecstatic with the outcome.

Wait, There’s More!

While Jase is the most famous Robertson family member to go ‘clean’, he isn’t the only one who has been there. Here’s another amazing shot that features a clean-shaven Willie Robertson. Willie is the engine behind the Duck Dynasty enterprise, but you wouldn’t know it from that ‘before’ photo. They basically look like two different people!

Young Si Robertson

Even Si Robertson kept it pretty clean-cut in his younger days. We bet that you’ve never seen Si looking like this! Apparently, the military doesn’t appreciate duck hunters who sport wild bears during their time in the service. Oh well, Si still looked dashing in his clean-cut uniform. Si was a Sergeant, too, how about that!

Jase’s Wedding Photos

This photograph shows Jase and Missy after their wedding. Seeing Jase all young and clean-shaven is going to be an image that is tough to get out of our heads! In fact, now we’re starting to think that Jase’s natural look is clean-shaven. We’re all confused now, Jase, so thanks for that! Oh well, at least they look great in both pictures.

More Throwback Photos

If you want to completely change how you see Jase and Missy, keep looking at these photos. This photo of Missy and Jase makes them seem almost unrecognizable when compared to their ‘famous look’ on Duck Dynasty. Jase, in particular, looks incredibly young in this shot. They look barely out of high-school, imagine that.

Baby Faced Beauties

Long before Jase was anchoring one of the biggest shows on A&E, he was enjoying a quiet married life. This photo captures the baby-faced Duck Dynasty stars enjoying a vacation to Hawaii. It is crazy how much their lives have changed since this photograph was taken. We wonder if we will ever have that kind of experience.

Meet Young Phil Robertson

Finding photos of Phil Robertson without his beard may prove to be slightly more difficult. Phil is more than just a legend, his beard is an almost mythical part of pop-culture history. As it turns out, you really have to turn back the clock in order to see Phil without his trademark beard. He looks incredibly young in this shot!

Tough Childhood

When the Robertson boys talk about their childhood, they all circle around the same conversation. Willie revealed in an interview that he and his brothers had grown up ‘rough and tough’ and that, due tot heir childhood, they were able to cultivate independent and confident personalities. This adorable photo doesn’t even begin to hint at the million-dollar success story that is waiting in their future.

Chance For Success

According to Jase, the family didn’t believe that their show would be successful. The Robertson family had grown up ‘real poor’, according to Jase. The Robertsons lived in a two-bedroom house that was filled with the four boys and their two parents. Despite their poor circumstances, the Robertson family managed to work their way into becoming huge successes.

Willie’s Family

Here is another great shot of a clean-shaven Willie with his family. Willie has gone on the record numerous times to say that growing up in show business was hard for his children. According to Willie, the entire experience would either have broken his family apart or brought them together. As is evidenced by this picture, it’s pretty clear that they grew stronger together.

Beard for Life

If you like these young pictures of a beard-free Willie, don’t get used to that feeling. According to Willie, there is a zero percent chance that he is ever shaving his beard off again. Thankfully, Willie has the support of his wife, Korie. According to Korie, it is just fine if Willie keeps his beard forever. With that being said, maybe she needs to look at these old photos. A clean-shaven Willie is adorable!

Football Star

Despite never playing a down in the NFL, Phil Robertson sure looked like a future NFL star. While he attended Louisiana Tech, Phil was the starting quarterback ahead of future Hall of Famer, Terry Bradshaw. If Phil had chosen to go pro, who knows where his life would be today? What we do know is this, you have to have courage to say no to that kind of opportunity. You also have to have faith in your plan.

Professor Phil

Did you know that Phil was also a TEACHER before he was a famous duck hunting reality star? It’s true! This amazing photo shows the life that Phil Robertson could have had, should he have chosen to stay in academia. NOw that we think about it, it is kind of crazy that Phil could have been an NFL star, an English professor, AND a reality star. When someone is talented, boy are they talented.

Hearts in Louisiana

After Phil and Kay got married, they had to make a decision. Would they stay home in Louisiana in order to try and build their lives together, or would they go out and see the world? They ended up choosing to stay in Louisiana due to their love of the area. As a result, the Robertsons were able to build a family and an empire all in their home state.

Creating the Beard

Phil officially began growing his beard while his children were teenagers. While they wanted to join him, they had to wait until after graduating from high school. According to Phil, he has not shaved his beard since his children were teenagers. Talk about dedication!



Could There Be Answers to the Famed Peanut Allergy on the Horizon?

Mackenzie Freeman



Peanuts are incredibly delicious as they permeate candy, condiments, snacks, and numerous other parts of the food industry. At the same time, peanuts also contribute to one of the most common food allergies on the face of the Earth. Those who are allergic to peanuts often have deadly allergies, known as anaphylaxis. This reaction can cause someone to stop breathing if they even simply inhale some of the dust associated with peanuts. As a result, many kids have to carry around an EpiPen that might be needed to save their life. Therefore, peanuts, peanut oil, peanut butter, peanut chocolate, and more can pose a serious health risk. Indeed, some kids will never know the delicious taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some people might even be shocked to hear that peanuts can be found in potato chips, icing, and more! It is hard for people who have severe food allergies to have a normal life. Furthermore, peanut allergies have actually been becoming more common. Many schools have even banned peanuts to protect their students from harm. This is a drastic, but necessary, measure in the eyes of many people.

Now, there might be an answer for those who have been waiting for what seems like forever. Scientists from Australia have recently announced that they might have found an answer to this common problem. A team of researchers have been using a novel treatment method called immunotherapy to help children get over their allergies to peanuts. In this treatment option, patients are intentionally exposed to something that they have a serious reaction to. In this case, that item would be peanuts. Of course, this exposure takes place in a controlled setting to minimize the potential health risks that might come with an intentional allergic reaction.

When children in this experiment are exposed to peanuts, the immune system reacts. After all, this is the basis of an allergic reaction. Over time, the body is exposed to doses in higher and higher amounts. With the right treatment, the body learns to handle the reaction and the allergic reaction gradually subsides. This is called tolerance. Essentially, the body “gets used” to the peanuts. In this clinical trial, which lasted for 18 months, about four out of every five children who were involved in the trial had developed a tolerance to peanuts. Now, five years later, most of the kids who devleoped a tolerance are still eating peanuts to this day. This represents a breakthrough in the field of medicine that has the potential to help children all over the world who suffer from severe peanut allergies.

It can be exhausting for parents and children to go around constantly wondering if they are going to be exposed to peanuts that might lead to an allergic reaction. It can be hard to carry around an EpiPen every day. Now, there might be a way to get around this problem. At the same time, this is only one study. There is still a long way to go and parents should not go around giving their peanut-allergic children allergens to force a reaction. The next step is to try to replicate the results of this study on a larger scale. Then, this therapy needs to reach the open market to be distributed. At the same time, this study still represents a tremendous hope for those who suffer from allergies. If the results of this study can be replicated on a larger scale, it might provide a way to help people who suffer from food allergies.

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Happiness Is: When the Kids Grow Up and Move Out of the House

Leslie Tander



Research tells us that people with children are happier overall than single adults. Why? For a number of reasons, including:

  • Parents don’t have to worry about being alone.
  • Children are evidence of a legacy in this world, and they give parents a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Parents are happier knowing that they have someone to take care of and provide for them in their old age.

However, according to, the parent’s happiness that exceeds the happiness of single people won’t be realized until these parents become empty nesters, and the kids actually move out of the house. Parents have to daily practice delayed gratification and wait decades before their ultimate happiness blossoms.

But still, is it all worth it? Is sacrificing your youth for decades worth any measure of happiness you might experience later in life?

Yes, according to a study from The Daily Positive, where questions were asked of patients in a terminal palliative care unit. One of the top ten regrets that dying patients had was that of not having children. The research stated:

“With today’s modern thinking, kids may be viewed as inconveniences or hindrances to pursuing your goals. But keep in mind that your children will be the ones to show you love when you are old. They will also be the ones to whom you will entrust everything you’ve worked hard for after you’re gone.” (Top 10 Regrets When You’re Dying, Dale Partridge)

Geraldine had a difficult time raising six children as a single mom in Texas. She often worked multiple jobs while sewing on the side to make extra money. Life was difficult, but with a mind made up, every one of Geraldine’s children grew up, finished school, and made a life for themselves.

When all the children were out of the house, Geraldine began enjoying her life by traveling, modeling, and sewing for fun. On her 65th birthday, her three daughters took her to Hawaii. At the airport, Geraldine ran into Mrs. Phelps, an upstanding career woman in the community who had all the trapping of success, but no family.

Geraldine worked for Mrs. Phelps for over 15 years as her cleaning lady. Mrs. Phelps was in her late 60s, but the onset of Parkinson’s disease made her look 15 years older. When she saw Geraldine, Mrs. Phelps gave a convenient hello, but Geraldine’s energy and bubbly personality took over the conversation as she introduced her daughters and enthusiastically told Mrs. Phelps about going to Hawaii for her birthday.

“Wow, sounds like you’re going to have a great time,” Mrs. Phelps said longingly. “I don’t have any family. I never had kids.”

“While you were busy working, I was busy having babies,” Geraldine said. “Now my children are taking me on vacation for the time of my life. I thank God that I made the better choice.”

Geraldine’s story illustrates what researchers have told us: having children makes parents happier than singles later on in life when the kids move out of the house. The time invested in parenting makes the post empty nester season in life all worth it.

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Dad Films Zoo Tiger Attacking & Getting Stopped

Leslie Tander



When a boy goes to the zoo with his dad, especially under the age of 10, he typically expects to see big animals in cages, hear a lion roar, see walruses and seals, and watch elephants pick up things with their trunks. There might even be session watching chimps and gorillas move around from branch to branch. What he and his father do not expect or have on their mutual agenda is for junior to become the next snack target of a full-grown tiger.

Tigers are not dumb animals. They are exceptionally geared to hunt and take advantage of opportunity to keep themselves fed in the wild. Even in a zoo, where there wellbeing and food sources are taken care of, the instinct innate within a tiger’s mind is constantly operating and working. So, when 7-year-old Sean decided to stand in front of the containment window to the tiger’s den and his father was filming him, neither expected what happened next.

The father and son went to the Dublin zoo for the holidays as a good time off and bonding session opportunity. The personal camera filming starts off with Sean smiling to his dad while turning back quickly to look at the tiger in the far part of the den. The cat sees the boy and is already in motion moving forward but it freezes when the boy looks at the tiger. As soon as Sean turn around again to look at the camera, the tiger rockets forward with claws extended fully expecting to catch the boy and apply a killing bite on his back. It’s only at the very last second that the tiger senses that something is between it and the child, skidding to crash into the barrier wall that keeps the tiger contained. However, the thud into the clear wall and the clawed paws and teeth were enough to make Sean jump away for safety while his father filmed the entire event.

As far as Sean’s father is concerned, the social media verse is probably taking sides whether he kept his cool continuing the filming or whether he should have grabbed his son. Sean probably had a few nightmares the next night or two afterwards as well. Either way, the tiger attack was likely not going to be something either of them forgot anytime soon. And it’s probably likely Sean’s mother gave his father a good whacking on the back of the head for letting the boy anywhere that close to the tiger’s den in the first place, even with the obviously effective barrier for safety. Moms are like that.

For the rest of us, Sean’s furry friend at the zoo gives us all a good reminder that animals a fundamentally wild and remain that way. They don’t switch to Disney characters simply because they now live at a zoo. It’s something everyone should accept and understand clearly, but every year there’s a story of some knucklehead going into a cage or den to pet the animal because it seems so sedate and calm. It’s enough to make anyone wonder what would happen if “survival of the fittest” did apply to humans.

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