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Hollywood Stars From Yesteryear: Where Are They Now?





The movie industry is a fast-paced machine that is always bringing in new talent and leaving old talent behind. If you kept a close eye on Hollywood during the 70s and 80s, you probably saw stars rise and fall out of nowhere. Today, we are going to take a trip back in time to see just what happened to our favorite famous faces from the 70s and 80s!

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand is probably one of the most successful stars of her era. The American singer and actress has essentially accomplished it all throughout her career. With more than 68.5 million records sold in America alone, it’s hard to deny Streisand’s impact on the pop-culture landscape.  Streisand continues to act, sing, and perform to this day.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a name that needs no introduction, however, we will give you one anyway. Streep is one of the most decorated performers in Academy history with 31 Golden Globe nominations and 21 Academy Award nominations to her name. Despite spending over fifty years in the industry, Streep hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Most recently, Streep starred in Big Little Lies, Little Women and The Laundromat.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger kickstarted her career by modeling before jumping into the world of acting. Since then, Basinger has scored high profile roles in a number of major productions. Basinger most recently starred opposite Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys which was a celebrated action-comedy from director Shane Black. Basinger also appeared in the 2017 film, Fifty Shades Darker. Not bad for a former model who didn’t know she wanted to be an actress, right?

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway may have gotten her start on Broadway, but she was a quick learner when it came to the silver screen. Dunaway would get Oscar recognition for her work as Bonnie Parker in the outlaw film, Bonnie and Clyde. Dunaway’s output may have slowed in recent years with her most recent appearance being in the 2017 film, The American Connection.

Charlene Tilton

Charlene Tilton scored a huge fanbase after appearing on Dallas as Lucy Ewing. Given the moniker ‘poisonous dwarf’, Tilton would live up to her name with all 4’11 of her screen presence on full display. While Tilton never became the superstar that her fans had expected, she has enjoyed a long and successful movie career. Most recently, Tilton appeared in the yet-to-be-released film, Starting Up Love.

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton broke into the industry as Kay Adams-Corleone in the gangster epic, The Godfather. With that being said, Keaton would be most famously associated with her work in collaboration with Woody Allen. Keaton would star in several of his best films including Annie Hall, Play it Again Sam, Love and Death, and Sleeper. Keaton most recently starred in the television series, Green Eggs and Ham in 2019.

Linda Gray

Linda Gray rose to prominence thanks to her work in the film, The Graduate. Well, kind of. Gray performed as the body double for Mrs. Robinson and so effectively impressed the cast that she was able to start landing her own work. Gray would become most commonly associated with her work on the soap opera, Dallas. Since then, Gray has kept a mostly low profile with a few episodic appearances in the television show, Hand of God to her name in recent years.

Carol Kane

Everybody fell in love with Carol Kane when she appeared in Hester Street which not coincidentally helped the American actress land her first Oscar nomination. Since then, Kane has become an iconic member of Hollywood’s television landscape. She’s won multiple Emmy Awards for her work on the 80s show Taxi. Most recently, Kane is making her fans double over in laughter as Lillian Kaushtupper on the Netflix original series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn’s unlikely ascent to television star status can be traced back to an unlikely audition opportunity for the role of Natalie Green in The Facts of Life. After scoring the role, with help from Lisa Whelchel, Cohn would become a prolific television and voice actor. Cohn is now most commonly associated with her work as Velma Dinkley in the animated Scooby-Doo series from 2002 until 2015.

Agnetha Faltskog

Agnetha Faltskog became one of the biggest musicians on the planet earth in the 70s and 80s thanks to her status as the lead singer of ABBA. The glorious 80s pop group would become one of the best-selling bands of the era, thus catapulting Faltskog to international fame. Faltskog has largely kept to herself in recent years, opting to spend her retirement on her island home in Europe.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley found her slice of fame in Hollywood as a model and actress in the 70s and 80s. Alley’s first notable role would be as Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. With that being said, Alley wouldn’t come into her own until she was cast as Rebecca Howe in the hit sitcom, Cheers. Alley would score an Emmy and Golden Globe for her efforts. Alley continues to work in Hollywood as an actress and reality television personality.

Diana Ross

In her prime, Diana Ross was one of the biggest voices in the music industry. As the lead singer of The Supremes, Ross helped to sculpt the music that we listened to in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Ross would release several huge hits including ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’ as well as ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. Ross continues to tour and perform today after having been granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-President Obama.

Teri Garr

Teri Garr was a phenomenal actress in the 70s who rose to fame thanks to her work as Igna in the film, Young Frankenstein. After scoring that iconic role, Garr would go on to land other notable roles in films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Tootsie. Unfortunately, Garr would find herself diagnosed with MS in 2002 which would lead to her retirement. Since then, Garr has become a champion and ambassador for raising funds in support of MS research.

Lorraine Gary

Lorraine Gary played a large part in making Americans afraid of oceans thanks to her work on Jaws. Gary would purportedly retire from acting in 1979, but she would return for Jaws: The Revenge in 1987. True to her word, that would be Gary’s last role in Hollywood. Nowadays, Gary is completely focused on her charity work in Africa as a member of Humans Rights Watch Africa.

Goldie Hawn

Some names and faces stick with everyone and Goldie Hawn is no exception! Hawn rose to star status as a member of the television show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. After establishing her own fanbase, Hawn would curate a career filled with comedic films and intense dramas. Some of her most notable work includes The First Wives Club and the recently released Amy Schumer vehicle, Snatched.

Raquel Welch

Who doesn’t love the Hollywood starlet, Raquel Welch? When Welch first appeared in her fur bikini for One Million Years BC, her ascent to star status was all but cemented in stone. Welch would score a Golden Globe for her acting chops in The Three Musketeers before enjoying a dynamic and multi-pronged entertainment career. Nowadays, Welch is enjoying a slower-paced life. Her most recent work was on the series Date My Dad in 2017.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson helped to break barriers in the 70s when she became the first-ever African-American model to score a cover on the American edition of Vogue. Johnson would continue to model, though her career would hit serious road bumps after purportedly being drugged by Bill Cosby. Johnson released a memoir in 2015 that discusses the incident in detail.

Julie Andrews

Dame Julie Andrews is, perhaps, one of the greatest performers of her generation. Andrews broke into the industry in 1945, and she continues to act to this day. Throughout her prolific Hollywood career, Andrews has won five Golden Globes, three Grammy awards, a pair of Emmys, and an Academy Award. Andrews most recently starred in blockbuster productions like Aquaman, Despicable Me 3 and Bridgerton.

Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner helped bring the Broadway musical Grease to life and for that, we thank her. For all of her work on stage, Henner wouldn’t make her film debut until 1977 in the movie, Between the Lines. Henner would go on to star as Elaine in the television series, Taxi. Perhaps most interesting of all is the fact that Henner rose to fame for having Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.

Sissy Spacek

Hollywood has been blessed with a wealth of dynamic performers and Sissy Spacek certainly belongs in that group. Spacek became an overnight sensation after starring in Badlands in 1973. From there, Spacek would score notable roles in Carrie, JFK, and The Help. Most recently, Spacek earned critical recognition for her starring role in the Netflix television drama, Bloodlines.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd is an American actress who is most commonly associated with her work on Moonlighting, Taxi Driver, and Cybill. Shepherd continues to perform, and she has a film slated for release in late 2019 titled Late Lunch. Throughout her career, Shepherd has been nominated for a trio of Golden Globe awards.

Linda Ronstadt

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Ronstadt would take the music industry by storm after making her debut in 1967. In the intervening years since her introduction, Ronstadt has recorded 30 albums, 15 greatest hits records, and has also watched as 38 singles charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Ronstadt would retire in 2011 and a recent Parkinson’s diagnosis has put her music career firmly in the past.

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball became one of the biggest TV stars of the 660s thanks to her work on I Love Lucy. In the years following her work on I Love Lucy, Ball would enjoy an abrupt yet successful career. Unfortunately, Ball would end up passing away in 1989. Despite leaving so soon, Ball’s work will be remembered and referenced for generations.

Billie Jean King

In her heyday, Billie Jean King was a true sports icon. She scored a victory in the Battle of the Sexes during the 70s which saw male and female champions compete against one another. King would also earn notoriety for becoming the first openly gay tennis star in her era. King saw her life story adapted in the film Battle of the Sexes which starred Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver is Hollywood royalty, and she has somehow only gotten better with age. Weaver made her debut in 1977 in the film Annie Hall under the direction of Woody Allen. From there, Weaver would become an international icon of female empowerment thanks to her work as Ripley in the Alien franchise. Since then, Weaver has continued to work on high concept franchisees like Ghostbusters, Avatar, and The Defenders. Weaver is slated to appear in Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 under director James Cameron for release through 2027.

Paula Prentiss

Paula Prentiss broke into the acting industry in 1960, but she wouldn’t build a following until she was cast in Where the Boys Are across from Jim Hutton. After that Hollywood introduction, Prentiss would go on to become an Emmy Award-nominated actress with 33 credits to her name. Prentiss most recently appeared in, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House in 2016.

Christie Brinkley

Who could ever forget Christie Brinkley? Brinkley catapulted to international stardom as one of the most popular swimsuit models in Sports Illustrated history. Brinkley would land 3 covers in the 70s while earning a 25-year contract as a spokesperson for Covergirl. Brinkley continues to act and model to this day, though she is now focused on helping her daughters in their careers.

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells may have risen to fame on Gilligan’s Island, but her career wouldn’t stay stranded there. Wells would go on to become a stage actress with a number of musical projects. Wells has continued to act to this day, though her work has slowed down considerably. Most recently, Wells appeared as Gumbalina Toothington in the kid’s television series, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.

Susan Anton

Susan Anton is an American-born actress who found her way to fame as a singer and model in a string of cigar commercials in the 70s. While Anton never rose to superstar status, she continues to act and perform to this day. Most recently, Anton appeared in the made-for-TV movie, Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.

Karen Lynn Gorney

Karen Lynn Gorney portrayed Tara Martin in the famous soap opera, All My Children from 1970 until 1974. While Gorney continues to act to this day, her output has slowed down in recent years. Gorney’s most notable post-All My Children efforts include appearances in Saturday Night Fever and The Sopranos.

Loretta Swit

After becoming one of our favorite members of the M*A*S*H television series, Swit would become something of a television icon. Swit rose to fame as Major Margaret Hot Lips Houlihan. Swit would portray the character for all 11 seasons, taking home a pair of Emmy Awards for her efforts. Swit retired from acting in 1998, but she is slated for a return in the 2019 film, Play the Flute.

Catherine Bach

Catherine Bach rocked the television world as Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard. Her performance was so influential that Nancy Reagan would cause a national controversy after being gifted one of Bach’s signed posters. Bach recently appeared in the made-for-TV movie, My Best Friend in 2016.

Debbie Harry

Who could ever forget Debbie Harry? Harry became an international rock and roll icon thanks to her work as the vocalist for the band, Blondie. Their first record dropped in 1976 and their ascent to fame was seemingly overnight. Blondie would release their 11th record in 2017, titled ‘Pollinator’, and the group continues to engage with their music to this day.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John was probably the ‘first crush’ of an entire generation of young men. Newton-John would rise to fame in the musical, Grease as Pink Lady. In the intervening years since her ascent to star status, Newton-John has continued to work on anything that Hollywood could throw at her. Some of her most notable recent work includes a cameo appearance in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Allison Arngrim

Do you remember that Allison’s distinct presence on Little House on the Prairie? If you watched the show, you definitely remember nasty little Nellie and the havoc that she would wreak upon her family in the show. Nowadays, Arngrim is less interested in acting than she is in her charity work. Arngrim has mostly retired from Hollywood in order to live a quieter life focused on what is important to her.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter became the definitive interpretation of Wonder Woman thanks to her work on the self-titled television series of the same name. Carter also had considerable success as a pageantry model and musician. Carter recently came back to her super hero roots when she appeared in the CW show, Super Girl.

Maureen McCormick

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Do you think Maureen McCormick is tired of that phrase yet? McCormick enjoyed high-profile fame as a teen icon thanks to her work as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch. Since then, McCormick has enjoyed a long and successful Hollywood career with notable film and television roles to her name. Most recently, McCormick starred in The Neighborhood which released in 2017.

Jane Seymour

When you become a Bond girl, you become a part of Hollywood history. Jane Seymour portrayed Solitaire in the Bond film, Live and Let Die. With that iconic role in her repertoire, Seymour would be able to carve out a long and successful acting career that continues to this day. Seymoure has appeared in 146 projects at the time of this writing with THe Kominsky Method being her most recent release in 2019.



Could There Be Answers to the Famed Peanut Allergy on the Horizon?

Mackenzie Freeman



Peanuts are incredibly delicious as they permeate candy, condiments, snacks, and numerous other parts of the food industry. At the same time, peanuts also contribute to one of the most common food allergies on the face of the Earth. Those who are allergic to peanuts often have deadly allergies, known as anaphylaxis. This reaction can cause someone to stop breathing if they even simply inhale some of the dust associated with peanuts. As a result, many kids have to carry around an EpiPen that might be needed to save their life. Therefore, peanuts, peanut oil, peanut butter, peanut chocolate, and more can pose a serious health risk. Indeed, some kids will never know the delicious taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some people might even be shocked to hear that peanuts can be found in potato chips, icing, and more! It is hard for people who have severe food allergies to have a normal life. Furthermore, peanut allergies have actually been becoming more common. Many schools have even banned peanuts to protect their students from harm. This is a drastic, but necessary, measure in the eyes of many people.

Now, there might be an answer for those who have been waiting for what seems like forever. Scientists from Australia have recently announced that they might have found an answer to this common problem. A team of researchers have been using a novel treatment method called immunotherapy to help children get over their allergies to peanuts. In this treatment option, patients are intentionally exposed to something that they have a serious reaction to. In this case, that item would be peanuts. Of course, this exposure takes place in a controlled setting to minimize the potential health risks that might come with an intentional allergic reaction.

When children in this experiment are exposed to peanuts, the immune system reacts. After all, this is the basis of an allergic reaction. Over time, the body is exposed to doses in higher and higher amounts. With the right treatment, the body learns to handle the reaction and the allergic reaction gradually subsides. This is called tolerance. Essentially, the body “gets used” to the peanuts. In this clinical trial, which lasted for 18 months, about four out of every five children who were involved in the trial had developed a tolerance to peanuts. Now, five years later, most of the kids who devleoped a tolerance are still eating peanuts to this day. This represents a breakthrough in the field of medicine that has the potential to help children all over the world who suffer from severe peanut allergies.

It can be exhausting for parents and children to go around constantly wondering if they are going to be exposed to peanuts that might lead to an allergic reaction. It can be hard to carry around an EpiPen every day. Now, there might be a way to get around this problem. At the same time, this is only one study. There is still a long way to go and parents should not go around giving their peanut-allergic children allergens to force a reaction. The next step is to try to replicate the results of this study on a larger scale. Then, this therapy needs to reach the open market to be distributed. At the same time, this study still represents a tremendous hope for those who suffer from allergies. If the results of this study can be replicated on a larger scale, it might provide a way to help people who suffer from food allergies.

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Does Freezing the Earth Lead to the First Animals?

Mackenzie Freeman



The Earth is the only planet we have. While we think of this blue giant as our home, life is actually challenging. For example, descending too far into the ocean can expose the body to pressures that it can’t possibly resist. On the other hand, travel too high and oxygen runs out. People essentially suffocate. Don’t forget about the boiling waters found in some parts of the Earth along with the arctic temperatures found in some corners of the globe. 

On the other hand, despite all of these hazards, life finds a way to persist. In some ways, that defines who we are as Earthlings. We have the ability to resist all of these things and survive. In order to understand just how this is done, people need to turn back the clock to when Earth was just another snowball hurtling around the sun at lightning speeds.

This time period was referred to as the Cryogenian period. Earth, at this time, was a solid ball of ice. Living on Earth at this time would have been challenging. For tens of millions of years, Earth was undergoing a cycle of freezing and thawing. Simply wash, rinse, and repeat. This is far from the ski resort that most people associate with cold temperatures. During this time, there were even glaciers at the equator. This is very different from the Greenhouse gas conditions during other time periods of prehistoric Earth that led to tremendous volcanic eruptions. 

This time period would have been tough for anyone to survive. Yet, during this time, life didn’t simply survive. It actually thrived. There were some great moments during this time. Life made the jump from simple, single cells to the organs, tissues, and multicellular organisms that we see today. Every living thing that people encounter today can be traced back to the dark days of the prehistoric period. That makes this time period one of the most miraculous on Earth. At the same time, in a letter that was published in a well-respected scientific journal, this is not a coincidence. To triumph in the face of adversity is something that defines Earth as a planet. 

Indeed, life might have actually required these conditions in order to grow and develop into the beauty that people see today. To back up this statement, the authors of the letter have pointed to algae. While some people might associate this word with the slippery substance found on rocks, life billions of years ago needed to find nutrients wherever it could. As glaciers continued to travel across the planet’s surface, they ground the mountains into a fine powder. This powder was filled with plenty of minerals such as phosphates. Eventually, the cycle of cooling started to flip. The glaciers then melted and released all of these minerals into the Earth’s water supplies. 

This made these minerals accessible to plants such as algae. The algae were able to absorb these minerals and put them to use. Then, algae started to grow and develop. They spread across the entire planet. This provided food for everything else that needed nutrients to survive. In the end, this led to the evolution of multicellular life. Therefore, every living thing has algae to thank for its growth and development. Algae, in turn, needs to thank the rough conditions that were around during this time period. It turns out that living things on Earth are incredibly resilient. We will find a way to survive and thrive in the future as well. We always have and we always will, as people.

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Shoppers in the Midwest can now enjoy non-browning apples

Mackenzie Freeman



Apples make for a convenient and healthy snack. However, some consumers are put off consuming apples once they have turned brown. It doesn’t take very long for sliced apples to start turning brown. It can be hard for consumers to finish snacking on apples before they start to lose their fresh appearance. 

Most consumers agree that apples don’t look quite as appetizing when they’ve started to brown. In fact, a lot of consumers throw apples away when they start to go brown even though the apple flesh is still edible. A company that distributes apples in the Midwest has addressed this issue by recently developing an apple variety that is genetically modified so that it doesn’t go brown as quickly when exposed to oxygen. This was done using a gene editing tool known as CRISPR. The tool has modified apples by reducing the effectiveness of an enzyme in apples that’s responsible for the tendency in apples to go brown. 

The new apples were developed from regular Golden Delicious apples. They are set to hit the selves at around 400 stores located in different parts of the Midwest. The produce will be made available in bags offering 10 ounces of the new apple variety . This is a big event in the world of genetically modified foods. While genetic modification has frequently been used on crops such as soybeans and corn, using the technology to manipulate the genetic makeup of fruits is relatively new.

In fact, there had previously been only one other genetically modified fruit commonly sold on shelves in the United States. This was a papaya that was genetically modified to resist viruses. The company that has produced this new non-browning apple is hoping to encourage consumers to eat more healthy fruit by making fruit more appealing.

The president of this company was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune. In this interview, he expressed that this new apple variety- named the Arctic apple- could help to increase healthy eating while also minimizing the waste of good food.

While this may be the first time that such a product is available on such a large scale, it is not the first time that genetically modified apples have been sold. There were previously apples modified to show reduced browning tendencies that were sold in the United States. These were Opal apples that were modified to show reduced browning. In fact, these apples are still available for sale in some parts of the country and are still available for Americans to eat.  

To some consumers, the issue of genetically modified food is controversial. There has been an effort to protest the increased development, production, and sale of genetically modified foods all across the company. However, scientists have yet to find any evidence that genetically modified foods pose any risk to human health. 

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