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Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous: 40 Celebrity Mansions

Mackenzie Freeman




When you think of life as a mega-wealthy celebrity, what do you envision? You probably think of nice clothing, cool cars, and amazing mansions. While we all understand the idea of wealth, we are rarely confronted with it in a personal way. Well, today, we are going to get as up-close-and-personal with Hollywood’s wealthy elite as possible. Today, we are going to take you on a tour through some of the most incredible celebrity mansions in the world. We’d advise that you hold onto your seat, these Hollywood mega-mansions are likely going to blow you away with their price tag. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Ellen DeGeneres – $45 Million

You don’t become one of the most likable entertainers in Hollywood without getting paid for it. Ellen’s mansion in California is as beautiful as it is expensive. Known as The Villa, this property has a price tag of nearly $45 million attached to it. The Villa is modernized but it still retains a sense of classic decor.

Barbara Walters – Undisclosed

Barbara Walters is a media icon, and she has certainly been paid handsomely for it. Walters got started in the industry back in 1953, and she would go on to host a variety of high profile programs, including The View, ABC Evening News, and Today. Walters may have retired in 2016, but the award-winning entertainer is still living like royalty in her New York City-based property. While there is no public price for this mansion, we can only guess that it includes several commas.

Marilyn Monroe – $90K

Despite her relatively short career, Marilyn Monroe is the kind of famous that will never require a celebrity. The former Hollywood icon made her home in a ritzy neighborhood in Brentwood, California.  While Marilyn only lived at this gorgeous estate for six months, she certainly made it her own. The price of this luxurious mansion has conflicting reports, but most numbers point to the fact that Marilyn spent roughly $90K on the property back in the 50s.

Mark Harmon – $9 Million

From the gridiron to the small screen, Mark Harmon has left his mark on the entertainment world. The former actor and collegiate athlete lives in this spectacular mansion in Malibu. We wouldn’t blame Harmon if he never left the property. Would you? The tall ceilings, Olympic swimming pool, and Romanesque statues all work together to create a beautiful piece of property.

Cheryl Tiegs – $12 Million

Who doesn’t want to live pretty in Los Angeles? Cheryl Tiegs lives in a beautiful property in Los Angeles that is as fashionable as it is immaculate. This property was most recently listed for a smooth price tag of $12 million.  You’ll be able to find your way to a private guesthouse, a giant fountain, and a hand-painted tin ceiling.

Lucy Hale – $7 Million

Lucy Hale is one of the iconic stars on Pretty Little Liar. As a newly minted television star, Hale is making sure that she lives up to her reputation. This palatial property is located in Los Angeles and it features more than 2,000 square feet of modern wonder.  While the home is absolutely epic, Hale has had burglary problems in the past.

Hayden Panettiere – $2.1 Million

Hayden Panettiere may stand at only 5′ tall, but her mansion certainly leaves an impression! Panettiere lives in a musical-themed home in Nashville and the property is filled with predictable charm. Hayden’s home lacks the stiff appearance that most celebrity homes tend to have. You can tell that the former Remember the Titans star really enjoys her time at home.

Winona Ryder – $4.1 Million

Winona Ryder is one of the most fascinating actors in Hollywood and her Beverly Hills home certainly reflects her personality. The Stranger Things star lives in a remodeled 1920’s home that still retains some of its old rustic charms. A beautiful garden in the back brings a sense of natural wonder to the sophisticated property.

Christina Brinkley – $30 Million

Christina Brinkley may live on Long Island, but she certainly has brought some Los Angeles flair to her home. This $30 million mansion features nine bedrooms, an elaborate entrance, and a pristine yard. Brinkley has flip-flopped several times on her decision to sell the property. If you have $30 million lying around, you might be able to get it for yourself!

Ozzy Osbourne – $10 Million

Ozzy might be the Prince of Darkness, but he sure lives like a clean-cut celebrity. Ozzy’s $10 million dollar home in California is filled with the kind of upscale decoration that only interior designers could put together. Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a host of swimming pools make this quite an appealing place to call home.

Diane Keaton – $15 Million

Diane Keaton is an Academy Award-winning actress, and she is certainly living like one! Keaton’s farmhouse in Los Angeles has over 8,000 square feet of coverage. Keaton spent more than $1.5 million dollars on redesigning the property. Stark colors and contrasting lines work to showcase Keaton’s own impeccable taste.

Brooke Shields – $4.55 Million

There’s an old joke that claims a million bucks in New York will get you a closet. Well, for Brooke Shields, $4.55 million seems to have gotten here more than a couple of closets. The Pretty Baby star has grown into an amazing investor and celebrated performer. Her Greenwich Village townhouse is just as beautiful as you’d imagine.

Miley Cyrus – $2.5 Million

When Miley isn’t rotating personas in front of the camera, the 24-year-old star is enjoying her time as a young real estate investor. Cyrus has a beautiful 2-bedroom home in Malibu that seems as austere as it is lush. With a couple of acres of gorgeous land, Cyrus is set up for some cozy time at home.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – $4 Million

Dwayne Johnson is one of the hardest-working celebrities on the planet. With that being said, you can tell that he loves his time at home. Johnson’s Florida-based mansion features palatial bedrooms, an in-house cinema, and the Rock’s trademark gym. Despite Johnson’s muscular demeanor, his home is elegantly refined.

Cher – $45 Million

The celebrated musician and outspoken Twitter critic Cher is living her best life in this Malibu mansion. With 16,000 square feet of property, this Renaissance-designed mansion showcases Cher’s amazing taste. Cher has since sold the elaborate property and her buyer was none other than the queen herself, Beyonce.

Halle Berry – $5 Million

Halle Berry might not have anything kind to say about Catwoman, but she probably appreciates the Beverly Hills home that the film paid for. This house features heavy Mediterranean influences and is worth somewhere near $5 million on the open market. Berry also owns her own homes in Hollywood and Malibu.

Katy Perry – $8 Million

Katy Perry bought this beautiful mansion in California — and she liked it. The global pop star has a net worth north of $100 million and her home certainly represents her fame and fortune.  Perry is actually a prolific real estate investor with several homes sprinkled throughout Los Angeles and New York. We guess it pays to be a beautiful star with a killer singing voice. Who knew?

Jimmy Johnson – $14 Million

When you’re one of the best NASCAR racers in the world, you certainly get paid for it. Johnson has a refined home in Manhattan that gives off seriously posh vibes. The house keeps a neutral flare with an abundance of fine artwork and crisp colors. When Johnson is ready to relax, he knows right where to go.

Peyton Manning – $4.5 Million

Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and his mansion certainly embodies that fact. This Denver-area home is worth $4.5 million dollars. The large property covers more than 16,000 square feet. There is a seven-car garage on the property as well as a private panic room.

Billy Joel – $13.75 Million

When you make headlines for selling your home to Jerry friggin Seinfeld, you know you are in good company. Billy Joel sold this Miami Beach mansion for nearly $14 million dollars after deciding that he wanted a change of scenery. Could you leave this home behind? We know that we couldn’t!

Celine Dion – $65 Million

Celine Dion lives a hop and a skip down the street from Dwayne Johnson in her own Floridian mansion. This absurdly large property looks fit for a king. With a resort-sized swimming pool and 10,000 square feet of land, we bet that Celine Dion hears her own echo wherever she goes. Dion is worth almost $400 million dollars, so what’s a $65 million dollar mansion to her bottom line?

Simon Cowell – $29 Million

Simon Cowell is living proof that you can turn criticism into a livelihood. Cowell lives in a lavish $29 million dollar home set in Beverly Hills. Cowell’s style is, of course, delicate and refined. The property features incredible artwork and high-level security features. The home purportedly features a retina scanner and fingerprint analysis for access to the home.

Sheryl Crow – $5.8 Million

Musicians love living in Nashville. The country-music heart of America, Nashville’s roster of celeb residents includes Sheryl Crow and her $5.8 million dollar mansion. This mansion has fifty acres of coverage and it is entirely powered by solar panels. There is a recording studio and church on location, so you know that Sheryl never has to leave her home.

Wesley Snipes – $4.1 Million

While Wesley Snipes spent time behind bars, he’s certainly rebounded with style. The Hollywood icon lives in his own expansive mansion in Alpine, New Jersey. Wesley and his partner, Nikki, sold the property for a neat $4.1 million. We’re sure that Snipes is only one Blade sequel away from adding another mansion to his catalog.

Danica Patrick – $4 Million

As one of the most famous female drivers in professional racing history, it only makes sense that Danica was paid handsomely for her work. Patrick is officially retired and enjoying her life in her own Scottsdale home. This property has a wine cellar, a giant breakfast bar, and more. Danica calls the property her own, ‘Jetson House’.

Matt Lauer – $5.8 Million

The former Today host on NBC might be living in a slight scandal, but at least his home is nice. Lauer lives in an upscale New York loft that features everything that you could want out of a home. From the elaborate brick design to the gigantic open windows, this home looks like a beautiful place to relax.

Melissa Gilbert – $1 Million

Gilbert rose to prominence as Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie. With her fame in hand, Gilbert purchased her own luxurious home in Michigan. Gilbert’s million dollar home is a nice change of pace from all the Western properties that we’ve looked at. Gilbert was most recently seen on Dancing With the Stars.

Henry Winkler – $3.4 Million

Henry Winkler has been making people laugh for decades, and he’s certainly getting paid for it. The Fonz’s home in Bel-Air features 9,000 square feet of property. The home has an elaborate design, four bedrooms, and an acre of land. Winkler is relatively private with regard to the inside of his home, but we’re usre he’s made room for his numerous Golden Globe awards.

Kelly Ripa – $30 Million

Kelly Ripa worked hard in order to become one of the most decorated TV hosts in entertainment history. While not much is known about the property that Ripa shares with Mark Conseulos, we do know that it is worth roughly $30 million. We guess that never skipping a day of work can pay off in the long run. Who would have thought?

Clint Eastwood – $145 Million

When Clint Eastwood isn’t directing Oscar-nominated films or talking to empty chairs on stage, he’s relaxing in his home in Carmel. Mission Ranch sits between the Carmel River and the Pacific Ocean. No matter where you look, you get an incredible view of the natural world around you. We wonder what unreleased films Eastwood has penned on the property.

Corey Harrison – $2.4 Million

Corey Harrison is one of the stars of the ensemble reality show, Pawn Stars. Known for cutting deals and maximizing profit, Harrison certainly got his money’s worth from this Las Vegas property. The house is located in the valley and is probably filled with an amazing collection of antiques.

Sean Connery – $1 Million

Sean Connery is one of the most decorated performers in Hollywood history. Despite his impact on American pop-culture, Connery looks to Ireland to spend time at home. This beautiful building is set deep in the heart of Ireland’s lush greenery. We’re sure that Connery enjoys the quiet life of retirement, away from SNL parodies of his voice.

Ron Howard – $27.5 Million

Ron Howard has probably shaped the entertainment industry more than any other living entertainer. From A Beautiful Mind to Apollo 13, Howard has been a formative presence in Hollywood. When he’s not working, Howard spends time at his mansion in Greenwich Connecticut. This absolutely giant mansion has a personal lake, a sports complex, and acres upon acres of private land.

Sylvester Stallone – $10 Million

Beating people up on camera certainly seems to pay off! Sly Stallone spends his quiet time at his Beverly Hills estate. Worth north of $10 million, this mansion has everything that an action star could want. An Olympic pool steals your attention, but the nine baths and six bedrooms are certain to make you comfortable, too.

Kirk Douglas – $3.45 Million

As one of the few living icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Kirk Douglas is certainly living it up in his own Palm Springs home. At over 100 years old, Douglas knows that he wants to live his life in style. His mansion features a massive pool, a cozy fireplace, and more than $3.45 million dollars worth of property.

Bruce Willis – $33 Million

We always wondered why Bruce Willis appeared in so many straight-to-DVD movies of late. Of course, he needs the extra cash to pay the mortgage on his $33 million dollar home in Turks and Caicos. This unreal looking property is almost too much. With the most impressive pool we’ve ever seen, it’d be hard to get us to leave home. The estate also has a private oceanfront beach, a resort, and a private movie theater.

Kathie Lee Gifford – $10.5 Million

Kathie Lee Gifford has been a household name for decades. Even after retiring in 2019, she’s still finding time to put out new work. When she’s not writing books or making an appearance on camera, Gifford is enjoying time in her massive home in the Florida Keys. This mansion has eight bedrooms, a deck, and a private gym. For just $10.5 million dollars, you too can have your own 11,400 square foot mansion.

Eddie Murphy – $85 Million

While Murphy’s star has seemingly faded over time, he has never stopped being a bankable asset. Known more for his work in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s, Murphy has been living it up at his home in the Hollywood Hills. This property looks like a resort and it has all the amenities that you’d expect of one. We’re sure that Shrek had a big part in paying for this beautiful home.

Samuel L. Jackson – $13 Million

When Samuel L. Jackson isn’t putting together the Avengers as Nick Fury, he’s spending time in his classy New York loft. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Jackson has owned the property since 2005. Jackson purchased the property in order to renovate it. If y ou want to live where the Captain Marvel star called home for over a decade, you only need $13 million bucks. Maybe we could all chip in?



The Life and Times of Don Knotts: Remembering an Entertainment Icon.

Mackenzie Freeman



Don Knotts was an American actor, comedian, and entertainer most associated with his role on The Andy Griffith Show. As one of the most well-known television actors of all time, Don Knotts would go on to enjoy a career spanning 50+ years, 5x Emmy Awards, and multiple starring roles in some of the most famous television series of all time. With that being said, you probably knew all about that. Today, we are going to dig a little deeper into one of the largest icons in Hollywood history.

Keep on reading to find out 40 stunning facts about The Andy Griffith Show star, Don Knotts!

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Disciplining A Child And Creating a Program To Discipline Themselves

Mackenzie Freeman



When To Consider Raising or Having Children

1. Some people see that their lives would be enhanced if they were a parent and do not want to miss out on having a child,  especially when they hear their friends or associates praising having children in their lives.  Parenthood is glorified and is considered an extraordinary experience. Still, they do not think that there is any downside to having children because parenthood is a given and considered transcendent when a parent has one good experience with its child and the child,  is not interrupted by a Smartphone, headphones or earbuds, which does not qualify as a higher spiritual plane.  Parenting, being a given, must be thoroughly thought through because it is a full-time responsibility, which carves up all of one’s free time.

2. If your motive to be a parent is that people tell you that if you do not, you will regret this decision. This motive is not a good reason to be a parent.  While regretting not having children is a compelling reason to have children.

3.  If your partner wants to have children, should this motivate yourself to do so, even though you are ambivalent?  Being pressured to have a child by a desperate partner can easily backfire, and your partner’s motivation may be that desperate parent has doubts about the success of the marriage.

4. You should not have any genuine concerns about your parenting skills. While having concerns is not atypical, legitimate concerns should not be ignored.  It is essential that you know yourself and trust your feelings that you had doubts about whether you could love and protect your child.

 5.  When you thought about having a child, one factor was that the child could be an insurance policy to care for you as you age, and you feared to be lonely and neglected.

Parents Discipline of Young Children

It is unusual to determine your discipline strategy for your unborn child, but that issues arise in the early years of the child’s life.  Further, in your discussion with your partner concerning discipline, you may realize if there is a significant difference between you and your partner. That issue should be addressed before determining if your parenting styles significantly differ before you commit to having children.   

Discipline Factors

Discipline is directly related to the emotional well being of the parents, the age and developmental status of the child, and
ethnic and racial differences.  One would hope that the emotional well being of the parent would be explored before the parents deciding to have children.  

Stop Doing Tasks For Your Teenagers

A parents goal is to raise competent and capable adults and decide that disciplining their teenagers when they don’t complete essential tasks is not helping them to become well-functioning adults such as:

1. Ensuring that they wake themselves up in the morning when the snooze button on their alarm clock does not effectively wake them up,
2.  Making their breakfast and packing their lunch.
3.  Completing their school-related paperwork.
4. Bringing forgotten items to their school.
5. Do not cover your children’s failure to finish school projects.
6. Doing their laundry.
7.  Contacting their teachers or coaches. 
8. Becoming too involved with their academic responsibilities.
Teaching Children Common Sense Life Skills

Parents are concerned that whether they should use common sense to teach a child life’s skills to ensure that their children can function in the real world, which is unrelated to technology or computer knowledge.  Society expects that parents teach their children common sense life skills and will, in some form, punish parents for not doing so.  Parents have to set aside a home-based program to teach these skills.  The common-sense life skills program must be designed to have consequences putting the final responsibility on their children to show that they will suffer from avoiding tasks and must develop self-discipline.

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Canadian IGA Rooftop Gardens Feeds Local Customers

Mackenzie Freeman



In 2017, when the bourgh of St. Laurent in Montreal began pushing for rooftop gardens IGA Extra Famille Duchemin wanted to participate. Today it is one of the first supermarkets in Canada to grow produce on the roof. The garden is 25,000 square feet and  grows organic produce that is LEED Certified.The store grows and harvest over 35 different types of vegetables. They have beehives in the garden that produce honey sold to customers.

The store grows organic carrots, kale, spinach, green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, radishes, and more. The design of the garden is shaped like the letters IGA. When viewe  from a plane the garden is a striking design to see. IGA Extra Famile Duchemin staff hoped it might serve as an example to other stores.Co-owner Richard Duchemin says that the vegetable sell very well and when they decided to go with a rooftop garden they asked the questioon why don’t supermarkets have rooftop gardens as many restaurant do.

They knew they would be able to sell what they grow and this was a big factor in deciding to have a rooftop garden.The green roof regulates temperatures in the building below and the produce feeds the local customers. The garden is watered by using water from the dehumidification system in the store that is reclaimed. This garden has become a habitat for birds and bees. Growing their own vegetable on the roof saves the store, money because they do not have to transport it. 

The project was managed by a company called Ligne Verte a landscaping company in 2017 and they had a year round staff of two. It is the largest commercial rooftop garden in Canada. During busy times, they have an additional six month contract. Growing seasonal  produce results  in selling  out of produce. They can keep prices reasonable since they have no transportation costs. They planted strawberries recently  because it seemed to be a fruit that would be easy to grow. The gardeners  will eventually try to grow cherries.

The store installed a digal kiosk that allows customers to order produce from the garden on the roof and see how they grow the garden. The digital touch screen shows customers how the produce is grown and harvested. VIF Tele designed the digital touchscreen system that integrated hardware and software for ordering and viewing marketing content. They system updates inventory available continuously.

This kiosk is interactive and customers can view products available in real time grown in the rooftop garden. Orders are sent immediately from the garden to wireless tablets used by the rooftop team and the inventory of vegetables is updated regularly. Customers can see staff picking their order in the garden and  walking down 44 steps to deliver the order to the customer. The interactive technology increased sales by 25 percent. It creates a direct link between their customers and farmers growing the produce on the roof. 

IGA Extra Famile Duchemin uses social media to expand the advertising and marketing of their rooftop garden. In addition to growing their own produce the buy and sell produce from locall organic farms. They have videos of their rooftop garden on YouTube that has increased their customer base. They hope to make rooftop gardens a trend for other supermarkets.

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