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Retired Engineer Turns Abandoned Plane Into Dream Home!

Mackenzie Freeman




Bruce Campbell isn’t just the name of an iconic horror actor! In fact, the Bruce Campbell we are going to be introducing you today did something even wilder than star in Evil Dead.  Campbell is a retired electrical engineer who transported an ancient Boeing 727 to the middle of the woods in Hillsboro, OR. His goal was simple: to transform the plane into an exotic home that he could live out of. Let’s dig into Campbell’s journey so that you can see exactly how he managed to accomplish this amazing renovation!

Bruce Campbell: A Man With Imagination.

You don’t simply stumble into the world of electrical engineering without a passion for crafting and creating. Campbell loved working with tools from his childhood and he continued throughout his adult career. His fascination with tinkering would inform his dream of designing his own exotic home and that’s exactly what he would do!