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Ridiculous Tourist Photos That You Have to SEE to Believe!

Leslie Tander




The continued modernization of handheld cameras has made it easier than ever to capture memories on vacation. Whether you fancy yourself the next great photographer or simply someone with a knack for selfies, we’ve all taken a bad photograph. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the funniest, cringiest, and most truly awful photos taken by tourists while on vacation.

If you are ready to laugh and cringe, keep on reading our list of the top 40 ridiculous and cringy tourist photos!

Truly Exotic Animals

One of the best things about traveling is getting to take in the local scenery and exotic wildlife. When you leave your flyover or coastal state behind, you can enjoy a look into a completely new world. Well, we wouldn’t quite trust this exotic animal for a ride. If you take a closer look, you might find something interesting going on with its snout!

The NSFW Pillow Walk

When was the last time that you carried a beige-colored pillow through an airport? If you haven’t done so lately, you will definitely want to be careful next time! This amazing tourist photo shows that, yes, optical illusions can absolutely get ya at any time in any place!

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a massive suspension bridge that spans across the strait connecting the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. One of the most fascinating tourist sights on the coast, this particular visitor didn’t quite get the selfie they were hoping for. Still, this is kind of cool?

Mornings on Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient Incan citadel nestled in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Located above the Urubamba River Valley, this 15th-century structure is revered for its sophisticated engineering. Located almost 8,000 feet above sea level, you never know who you are going to run into on your walk to the historical site.

An Impressive Amount

We have all heard stories about tourists misbehaving when they leave home behind, but this is ridiculous! This impressive photograph makes us more than a little bit uncomfortable. Who made the pile? Where did it come from? Is that sand? Dirt? Or in the immortal words of Ian Malcolm, “That’s a large pile of…”

Visiting Hitler’s Eagles Nest

There is a fine line between glorifying history and learning about it. This family traveled to Bavaria in Germany to see the view from Hitler’s infamous Eagles Nest. Unfortunately, the environment had better ideas about their family trip. Instead, they get to walk away with this shrouded and slightly eerie photograph.

Look a Little Closer

We aren’t sure if this photograph is real or if it was photoshopped. In fact, we don’t even know where this photograph was taken. What we do know is that there seems to be a massive mushroom cloud blossoming to the left of the frame. Maybe we should skip photos for now and start running?

An Oceanic Selfie

It was roughly at this moment that Cheryl began to notice something different about her swimming companion. What we are seeing here is a friendly stingray leaping into action to pose with a family for a photograph. Maybe the stingray loves cameras. Maybe the stingray hates tourists. Either way, this makes for a photo to remember!

Totally Real Trip to Paris

One of our favorite things about traveling is sharing stories when we get back home. Whether these stories are in-person or via pictures on social media, its fun to reflect on our adventures. We are not so sure that this Stacie figure is being TOTALLY honest about her trip to Paris. Or her trips to Photoshop class.

Flipper But as a Horror Villain

Just when little Sammy thought it was safe to go back into the water, Flipper was there waiting for her. While dolphins aren’t typically known for being dangerous to humans, they definitely know how to freak out little kids that visit their aquarium. We’re sure this little girl calmed down for a nicer photo afterward… we hope.

Still Not Forgiven

Hey dad, remember that time you tried to feed me to a camel? That is the kind of story that you just can’t squirm your way out of. It may be hard to believe, but camels are NOT actually carnivorous. As it turns out, they are dromedary animals that like to eat shrubbery.

When Worlds Collide

You never know who you are going to run into while on vacation. This family ended up crashing a gathering with another different sort of group. As this image shows, whether you are a biker or a retiree you can always have some fun when you get away from home and onto the road.

Hello Mr. Elephant

If an elephant truly never forgets anything, we are wondering what this elephant will remember about this encounter! Elephants are majestic creatures that are as beautiful as they are sophisticated. As one of the smartest animals on the planet, we have no doubt that this creature knew exactly what it was doing!

The Best-Worst Grand Canyon Picture

The Grand Canyon is ten miles deep and wider than the eye can recognize. This tourist figured that they could get a sweeping shot of the Grand Canyon’s depth, though Mother Nature had other ideas. We still think this is a darn good picture, so we are sure that the photographer is still happy.

Welcome to Paris

Rest assured, mom’s first trip to Paris will likely be her last. The last we heard, Interpol and the FBI are hot on the tracks of this sunglasses-wearing tourist. We are joking, of course, but this is one heck of a shot! Mom got to see history made first hand as the iconic temple caught fire.

Friends Who Dress Together Travel Together

This photograph makes us smile because we have no idea what is going on. Did these tourists decide to dress in the same outfit? Did they show up wearing the same clothing? Is this a uniform for a local restaurant? We have no idea, but we are here for the peace sign and their enthusiasm.

Leaning Tower of PITA

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an ancient marvel of sophisticated engineering. The Tower of Pisa is also one of the most popular tourist sights in all of Italy. Of course, you will end up with pictures like this — why wouldn’t you? 

If you were visiting the Tower of Pisa, how would you pose for your picture?

120 Mile Solo Hike – Picture Request

The subject of this picture had been performing a 120-mile solo hike across the country when they ran into an elderly man. The Reddit user who shared this story had requested a photograph from the man. He didn’t know how to use the phone, so he let the man go after taking this picture. Whomp, whomp.

Mom’s Mount Rushmore Photograph

Let’s disregard the controversies surrounding Mt. Rushmore and the land belonging to Native Americans to focus on this wondrous photograph. After spending nearly ten hours in the backseat of a car, these two children proudly stood in front of Mt. Rushmore for their photograph… and this is what their mom captured.

Welcome Turist

We can’t explain why, but this photograph has us ugly laughing. There is nothing more comforting as a tourist than arriving at your destination. Only, stepping off of your plane to see a sign like this might make you think twice about your trip. Maybe you should have spent more time with Duolingo.

We All Fall Down

This family traveled from the United States of America all the way to China in order to see the Great Wall. Unfortunately, when they arrived, Todd here had a Great Fall. We are sure that the hungry koi in the pond were content with bread and not an extra side of tourist.

A World of Wonder

The Happiest Place on Earth sprang from the imagination of Walt Disney in 1965. Since then, the Magic Kingdom has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. You can definitely tell how psyched this family was to arrive at the World of Walt Disney. They probably just caught sight of the lines inside the park.

Not So Family Friendly Elephant Ride

Elephants are as majestic and intelligent as some animals come, but boy are they still animals! You can’t go for a ride with two elephants without expecting a little romance, right? Well, this group of tourists definitely seemed taken aback by the sudden, uh, action that was going on. Did they pay extra for this or get a discount?

Vincent Van Gogh in The National Gallery

Imagine saving up your entire life to fly across the ocean to visit The National Gallery located in London. You arrive ready to see your favorite work by Van Gogh, ‘Sunflowers’. Only, as you approach the photograph you start to notice something a little… different. The picture has been loaned to another museum! Drats!

Big Ben Looks… Different

Big Ben is located at the Palace of Westminster in London. Imagine taking a flight from America to come and see this wondrous feat of engineering and culture. Only when you arrive, they’ve put up the curtains to work on the ancient clock! Unfortunately, even 170+-year-old clocks need to be cleaned.

Crocs are Dangerous

Okay, so maybe they aren’t physically dangerous but that doesn’t change our overall point. We’ve always advocated for avoiding Crocs of all types (especially saltwater crocs!) but these shoes might be the most damning of all. Not only are they less-than-fashionable, but these crocs will also leave you with the WORST tan line.

Majesty of the Grand Canyon

If you have ever flown over the Grand Canyon, you know just how impressive the natural formation can be. Now imagine standing on the lip of the 277-mile long canyon that stretches more than ten miles deep! We’re not saying this fella was upset with his photograph, but we wouldn’t blame him. 

The Non-Leaning Tower of Pisa

This amazing photograph is a marked departure from the traditional shots you see of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. As you can tell, the Tower of Pisa is actually standing quite erect in this photograph. We can still see the endless line to enter the building though, so it still feels realistic.

A Family Renaissance 

The world is filled with fascinating and unique people and this photograph is proof. Whether you love Renaissance Faires or simply like dressing up as a centaur, we bet that you would get along with the family in this photograph. Now let’s grab a mug of mead and start the swordplay!

Everybody Say Blarghghg

Posing for a picture with the family is part and parcel of the vacationing experience. Who wouldn’t want to get a fun family photo on the beach anyway? For this family, Mother Nature and Poseidon teamed up to make for the perfect moment. All we need is a dolphin jumping from the waves to complete the picture.

Tourism Stats Maxed Out

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from France. Now one of the most important landmarks in the country, the Statue of Liberty continues to be a haven for tourists. While we dig the Statue of Liberty, maybe we can consider skipping out on these tacky hats.

Welcome to Spooky South Dakota

There is nothing secretly hiding in the background of this photograph. This is merely a family standing before a sign welcoming them to the state of South Dakota. Okay, with that being said, why does it make us feel so uncomfortable? Is it the endless field behind them? 70s fashion? The lack of emotion on their faces?

Elephant Fight Club

Here we see an underground MMA organization featuring human and animal participants. As you can see, the elephant has already moved into quarter guard while the human underneath is working on a submission attempt. Or the elephant is just cuddling with a happy tourist. Honestly, we’ve listened to so much Joe Rogan that we can’t tell anymore.

Totally Original Ideas

We promise that we are not picking on the Tower of Pisa in Italy. Still, we have to point out just how absurd this picture is. How many people are taking the same photograph at this instant? How many pictures of this exact pose have been taken since the tower was erected? We have to know!

Mickey Has Had Enough

Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. As a beloved and cuddly creature, the character of Mickey tends to be associated with laughter. This picture, well, tends to tell a different story. Maybe Mickey just had a bad day or perhaps that kid was talking smack about Minnie. Who knows!

Don’t Travel Coach

We always thought it was funny when celebrities or politicians demanded first-class traveling accommodations. They probably think of ‘coach’ in much the same way as we see this stunning photograph. Whether this was a posed photo or the newest form of transportation, we are going to pass on trying to replicate it during our journeys.

The Offbrand Beatles

There is nothing wrong with being a Beatles superfan. In fact, we highly suggest that everyone jam out to some of the best Beatles records. This photograph shows a group of superfans posing on the iconic Abbey Road crossing. The Adidas kind of pull us out of the photograph, if we are being honest.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the longest wall on the entire planet. This ancient wonder of the world began construction in the 7th Century B.C. by the esteemed Chu State. Construction lasted until the 1400s as the Ming Dynasty continued work on the project. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know any of that from looking at this foggy picture!

Mom Is The Main Attraction

Some people love posing for photographs while others will go out of their way to hide from them. This photograph clearly lays bare who the real star of the show is. When mom wants to get a picture of herself in the ocean, you had better form a line and start carrying her!

Roadtrip With Grandma

Road trips can be either exciting or absolutely boring, there is no in-between. This photograph shows grandma traveling with the family in what appears to be an old van or station wagon. Even with all of that extra room, nobody wanted to sit next to grandma while she sawed her way through some Zs.



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A Koala Mother Babysits Three Joeys

Mackenzie Freeman



The parents who have several young children at home often talk about the challenges that they face. Caring for even one very young child is certainly difficult. Having three kids like this just multiplies all of the associated obstacles. Strangely enough, many animal parents don’t quite seem to have the exact same issues. Then again, it’s possible that koala parents might have some of the same problems. 

Very young children tend to squirm and kick whenever they’re held. Parents who have twins sometimes have a difficult time holding both of the kids at once for that reason. They might get used to it, but it still might pose a lot of challenges physically. These situations are even tougher on the parents who actually have triplets. There are koala mothers who have to care for three joeys at once. A koala mother at the Billabong Zoo was in that situation recently. 

Human parents have certain inherently advantages. The fact that humans are comparatively tall certainly helps. Human infants and toddlers are very small compared to their parents. Many animal parents are not as fortunate, including the koala mother at Australia’s Billabong Zoo.

While these koala joeys are actually capable of climbing trees on their own, they seem to prefer resting on her back. While they’re still smaller than she is, the size difference is actually relatively modest. The mother koala seems to be only around three times the size of each individual joey. Since there are three of them, she seems to be at least somewhat overwhelmed. 

The koala joeys can’t seem to sit still, and all four of them seem as if they’re struggling to get comfortable and stay that way. They aren’t resting peacefully on the mother’s back. Instead, they’re constantly shifting and stepping on her. As this is happening, she’s still trying to hold onto the tree. They almost look as if they’re scratching her at times, which is enough to make anyone feel sorry for the mother koala.

It’s an entertainingly adorable image, but the mother koala still seems to be struggling to keep up with all of these joeys. She’s being remarkably patient, especially when people consider the situation overall. These koala joeys were not actually hers. She was just looking after them.

This sort of thing might surprise a lot of people, since koalas are not especially social animals. In fact, plenty of relatively unsocial animals will care for babies that aren’t theirs. They’ll still have the caregiver instinct, which can be helpful in a zoo environment. 

Koala joeys are actually very strongly connected to their parents emotionally. They spend months in pouches, and aren’t even remotely independent for a full year. It takes them even more time to become truly independent, and they’re still very attached to their parents from that point onward. This koala is not actually their mother, but they have the same sort of bonding instinct that her actual children would have. She’s acting as their mother, and that appears to be good enough for the joeys. 

Even though they could spend time on the tree alone, many of them are not going to want to do so. Koalas are generally very inactive animals. The mother koala in particular just seems to want to rest, and the joeys are not making that easy. Still, as energetic as they are, the joeys still settle down some of the time. 

It almost looks as if all four of them are going to fall any second. Still, all koalas are adapted to this sort of situation, and they’re astonishingly good at staying on trees. 

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