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Tales From the Road – Strange Photos Captured While Driving!

Lea Lomas




J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.” Take a drive down the road and you never know what you might come across! Thanks to the prevalence of camera phones, we now have documentation of all the wild and weird stuff humans get up to while they are out and about. 

Keep on reading for 20 tales from the road and the strange images that tell their story!

Gladiator Out For a Ride

We have a feeling that these motorcycling enthusiasts saw the film Gladiator at some point in their lives. We are always a fan of seeing inventive vehicles on the road and this motorcycle-turned-chariot is no exception. What do you think of this gnarly looking ride? Would you be down to hop on?

One Way to Haul a Couch

For some, minimalism means being able to fit your entire life inside of a car. When you can fit all of your furniture on the back of a bicycle, does that mean you have ‘beaten’ minimalism? We aren’t sure, but we know that this cyclist is probably regretting this idea already! This could be a new Crossfit workout too, so we’re not sure what’s going on!

These Cars Smell Fishy

Is there anything more entertaining than a gimmick car sitting in traffic? If your eyes were drawn to the mondo shark-jaw bus, we get it. With that being said, did you notice the fish fillet car right in front of it? We didn’t see this Jaws remake coming!

If you could have your own gimmick car, what would yours be?

Following the Rules

In life, there are two sorts of people, leaders, and followers. Here we have a motorist that falls firmly in the former category. We totally understand the desire to buck the rules, maybe don’t drive up a closed walkway. We’re not even mad at the motorist, to be fair, as this was quite the impressive feat due to the fact that they did not die of embarrassment.

Avengers Level Event

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wouldn’t people naturally be afraid of superheroes? After all, every time they arrive, some world-ending stuff is going down! With that being said, we are all for spotting Captain America on a motorcycle while stuck in traffic. Maybe he could let us ride his shield to the front!

Different Kind of Passenger

We appreciate how important snakes are to our world. We also love taking care of animals, even when they are exotic. With that being said, if this snake was in our car — we are calling a cab. Do you think this snake is a pet with a brave owner? Or did this snake sneak into the car?

A Smooth Ride

We’ve been staring at this car for an embarrassingly long time now and we are no closer to any answers. What is this vehicle? How is it so smooth and seamless? And why does it remind us of a villainous car from Speed Racer? We can already see people begin to rubber-neck as they drive by, thinking the same questions.

Technically it Fits

This image was taken in a small town somewhere in Pennsylvania. Typically, when you move a long ladder, you do so by fixing it to your roof. This driver had an entirely different idea. While it may technically be working, we’re not sure if this is the route that most people want to go if you don’t want a ticket.

Destroying a Road

Do you ever wonder why roads are under construction for so long? If so, this picture probably give you a pretty good answer! This driver drove down a five-lane road that was under construction, ignoring signs to move lanes. Instead, she drove through fresh concrete and was summarily cited with destruction of property. Her insurance company will have to pay for the entire road!

Real Life Rocket Raccoon

Sure, seeing Captain America on a motorcycle was cool, but check out Rocket Raccoon! Okay, maybe this raccoon isn’t the same Rocket from Guardian of the Galaxies but he is still pretty cool! We’re not sure what situation warrants a raccoon in the cab of a semi-truck, but we’re here to find out.

Improvement on Littering

Perhaps we have a soft spot for the environment but when we see cigarette butts on the ground, we get furious! This driver figured out a way to smoke without littering on longer rides. We’re not sure if this is entirely fool-proof, but at least he is trying! We can only imagine how bad that window smells, however.

Questionable Funeral Home

Death is a somber affair as well as an existential crisis we must all wrestle with at some point in our lives. With that kind of context, it can be a relief to see people adding humor to the situation. This funeral home director hauled a woodchipper behind their car. Who said composting wasn’t ‘in’ anymore?

Totally Humble (Really) (Not Really)

The best thing about being wealthy is rubbing it in the faces of your subordinates. Wait, that’s something only a sociopath does. This driver has a gold-plated Bugatti worth more than most people make in a year. The ‘Humble’ special license plate is the dressing on the ‘jerk’ sandwich that is this picture.

I’m Cargo, Morty, Cargo!

In the wonderfully weird universe of Rick & Morty, our favorite cynical scientist makes a habit out of transforming himself. We aren’t talking about any simple pickle this time, however, we are talking about a cargo truck! A cargo truck, Morty! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Mission Impossible: Babushka

Fifty years after the last Mission Impossible was released, Tom Cruise will return to the silver screen in MI: Babushka. Watch as a grandfatherl-y Ethan Hunt seeks vengeance after — Wait, this isn’t a movie. This is just some grandma in Russia hitching a ride! Screw it, let’s give her a movie too.

A Noisy Truck

Certain images can cause sounds to appear in your head. These so-called ‘noisy images’ have gained quite the following online. While we might be stretching the definition a bit, we think this truck fits in the same picture-album! Read the text on the back of this construction vehicle before telling us we are wrong!

By Thor’s Hammer

If you want proof positive that Marvel will never go out of date, take one look at this image. It’s freaking awesome! Rather than letting his beat-up Buick hold him down, this driver attached a replica of Thor’s hammer before transforming the entire ride. Now people are taking pictures of his car for entirely different reasons!

The Cutest Move

It looks like little Paw Paw packed his truck with cat treats and scratching posts for the big move. A quick stop for gas and we’re sure this litter will be right back on the road. Who doesn’t love catching a photo of a cat being adorable?  We think it is a safe guess to assume that the driver is a cat lover, wouldn’t you say?



A Lost and Treasured Diary

Leslie Tander



Luis Martinez was doing some routine cleaning when he found something potentially valuable among all of the trash. He was clearing away the garbage in a truck, but there was also a little book there. It’s always a good idea to examine something like that before throwing it out, even when cleaning a truck that already has plenty of genuine garbage in it. 

Some people may have thrown out the book anyway, since getting a truck ready for an automobile auction can be time-consuming enough as it is. Fortunately, Luis Martinez decided to take a look inside this apparently discarded book. His curiosity may have changed everything for the people who may receive this book in the future. 

After taking a few quick glances at the content of the book, Luis Martinez found out that he had discovered a diary. The book featured a lot of natural handwriting, and it was clearly written by someone who had a lot of deeply personal things to say. 

People have discovered very important historical artifacts in the same way. Many individuals may think that all of history’s treasures were carefully preserved for years or famous in their own time. While plenty of art pieces and architectural creations are like that, it isn’t always the case.

Some lost paintings have been found over the years, and they were later confirmed to be the works of some of the most famous artists in history. People have discovered written works in the same way at different points throughout time. 

Many of the most important historical artifacts have been the journals, letters, diaries, and essays that were written by the people who were actually alive in a given historical period. Professionals tend to turn to these documents in order to more accurately understand the attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of people from specific eras.

Historians tend to be thrilled when someone finds an old diary or something similar. It’s the sort of primary source that can make a huge difference in any form of historical survey research. Many historians tend to be enthusiastic about the people who manage to help preserve some of these works themselves. 

The diary that Luis Martinez found could be considered an important historical piece one day. Of course, it’s still a diary that is important in this time period, which is something that Luis Martinez certainly recognizes. 

Some of the people in his situation would have just gotten rid of the journal, since finding anyone connected with the journal would be difficult. Luis Martinez, on the other hand, is interested in making sure that the journal is brought back to where it belongs. 

The writer of the diary was in her early nineties. Her name was Lola Maxine. Depending on how old the diary is and how long ago everything was originally written, it’s possible that Lola Maxine herself could want the diary back. 

However, she was often specifically writing to Arabella Raine, her granddaughter. It’s possible that Arabella Raine should be the person to keep the diary. Lola Maxine’s other family members could also want it. However, it’s possible that the diary could become a treasured possession for the entire family. 

Luis Martinez is interested in bringing the diary to them, one way or another. It’s possible that they will find out about it the same way other people online have, making things easier for Luis Martinez. A lot of people have managed to find things that they have lost that way, even if they didn’t know that they lost them. They just need conscientious and kind people to find them initially. 

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Shocking Moment Captured on Film as Mother and Son Leap into Gator Pit for Lost Wallet.

Mackenzie Freeman



The city of Brainerd is nestled deep in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Established in 1870, Brainerd is known as one of the largest cities in all of Northern Minnesota. Today’s story isn’t so much about the city of Brainerd as it is about two of the people within it. Recently, a mother and her young son made headlines around the country when they were captured on film leaping into the alligator pit at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, MN. What happened next was as harrowing as it was inexplicable. 

Safari North Wildlife Park is one of the most popular outdoor wildlife parks in the Midwest. This stunning park features family-friendly attractions, gorgeous animals, and wonderful sprawling enclosures.  From Snow Leopards and River Otters to the Vervet Monkey, there is always a spectacular animal to see. For the stars of our story, one animal stuck out in particular, the alligator.

When the viral video begins, we see a woman as well as her son standing outside of the alligator enclosure at the Safari North Wildlife Park. The massive pit is enclosed by a fence with only a pit of water in the center of the exhibit. Why were these two visitors in the wildly dangerous alligator pit? Well, that’s a story that seems almost impossible to understand. According to the mother, her wallet had dropped into the water of the enclosure. Rather than requesting assistance from a park employee, the mother jumped into the enclosure to fetch the wallet herself!

The fact that the mother leaped into the alligator pit was concerning in and of itself, especially for a wallet! To make matters even more dramatic and demonstrably worse, her young son quickly followed her! The young boy seemed determined to copy his mother to the horror of various onlookers. One concerned citizen yelled out to the family from a viewing balcony, “Don’t do that, you will get eaten!” 

The tension seemed to last forever as the mother and her son poked around the exhibit while looking for the lost wallet. To add to the tension of the moment, the mother was filmed throwing rocks at the alligators. At one point, the mother even used a stick to distract the gators to further her search for her lost alligator. While the film quickly went viral, this was completely unexpected according to the Safari North Wildlife Park. According to the staff at the facility, the video was the first time they were made aware of the incident.

If you think alligators aren’t dangerous, think again. Alligators are considered apex predators and they have been living on earth for millions of years. Considered ‘living fossils’, alligators are deceptively fast, enormously strong, and they grow their entire lives. In fact, the largest alligator of all time was found in Florida at the Everglades National Park. The alligator was measured in at 16 feet and five inches in length. We are all truly lucky that nobody was hurt during this video!

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Pregnant Women are Concerned With New York Hospital’s Banning Birth Partners

Mackenzie Freeman



It is an unnerving time for everyone, especially pregnant couples. With the healthcare system being overwhelmed due to the Coronavirus, many couples are wondering how their birthing plans will be impacted. One New York healthcare network has decided to ban birth partners from the delivery room. This has become a controversial topic that is worrisome to women across the country that their hospital could also adopt this policy.

New York-Presbyterian recently announced that it is banning visitors including birth partners. This means countless women will experience the labor and delivery process without the support of their loved ones.

This also means fathers will not be able to see their newborns until the babies are released from the hospital. There are temporary exceptions to the rule for the imminent end of life and specific patient’s needs. This is not comforting to most mothers who will be bringing their child into the world under these stressful and strained conditions.

New York-Presbyterian is taking a significant step in protecting expecting pregnant couples due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this move is not calming the fears of women. The policy is certainly jarring considering the World Health Organization determined that the role of birth partners is crucial.

Birthing partners provide informational support during childbirth and liaise gaps between women and clinical staff. Companions also provide practical support, like encouraging women to be mobile during labor, provide non-pharmacological pain relief like meditation and massage, and offer emotional support.

Companions are advocates for women, addressing her and her preferences. Labor companions can help women build their confidence through praise, reassurance, and having a supportive presence while allowing them to feel in control.

Chief of Obstetrics at Columbia University, Dena Goffman, MD, notes that New York-Presbyterian’s decision was difficult, well-considered, and not taken lightly. They decided to ensure all potential visitors, including partners, remain safe. The hospital group also decided to test all incoming pregnant women for COVID-19, regardless of their symptoms.

This decision came after doctors noticed numerous women without symptoms or atypical symptoms later testing positive for the virus. Unfortunately, many labor symptoms mimic some COVID-19 symptoms, so these women were not identified by the usual screening method, testing processes, and infection prevention and control. Therefore, the virus protection practices were never implemented thus exposing staff members.

By implementing this new policy of testing women in labor, doctors can isolate newborns who may have been exposed. This is a significant preventative measure to stop an outbreak within non-infected baby nurseries. With such a huge number of cases in New York, this is an important step.

Dr. Goffman further noted that the hospital network is investigating other options for allowing birth partners and loved ones to be included in this special moment. The most promising idea is using technology. The hospital recognizes the need for additional family support for moms and mom and baby pairs when at the hospital.

While the WHO’s position on child partners has remained the same, they believe all pregnant women, including those with confirmed viral infection, are entitled to high-quality care throughout the entire pregnancy.  

The new COVID-19 world is unknown, unpredictable, and scary with situations evolving by the minute. However, planning and flexibility allow women to have a normal birthing experience. Also, consult your medical team with any concerns or questions you may have about the pregnancy or COVID-19. Hopefully, technology will be able to play a bigger role for family and friends in the future so the mother and birthing partner can continue to have and provide support before, during, and after the pregnancy.

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