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Tales From the Road – Strange Photos Captured While Driving!

Lea Lomas




J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.” Take a drive down the road and you never know what you might come across! Thanks to the prevalence of camera phones, we now have documentation of all the wild and weird stuff humans get up to while they are out and about. 

Keep on reading for 20 tales from the road and the strange images that tell their story!

Gladiator Out For a Ride

We have a feeling that these motorcycling enthusiasts saw the film Gladiator at some point in their lives. We are always a fan of seeing inventive vehicles on the road and this motorcycle-turned-chariot is no exception. What do you think of this gnarly looking ride? Would you be down to hop on?

One Way to Haul a Couch

For some, minimalism means being able to fit your entire life inside of a car. When you can fit all of your furniture on the back of a bicycle, does that mean you have ‘beaten’ minimalism? We aren’t sure, but we know that this cyclist is probably regretting this idea already! This could be a new Crossfit workout too, so we’re not sure what’s going on!

These Cars Smell Fishy

Is there anything more entertaining than a gimmick car sitting in traffic? If your eyes were drawn to the mondo shark-jaw bus, we get it. With that being said, did you notice the fish fillet car right in front of it? We didn’t see this Jaws remake coming!

If you could have your own gimmick car, what would yours be?

Following the Rules

In life, there are two sorts of people, leaders, and followers. Here we have a motorist that falls firmly in the former category. We totally understand the desire to buck the rules, maybe don’t drive up a closed walkway. We’re not even mad at the motorist, to be fair, as this was quite the impressive feat due to the fact that they did not die of embarrassment.

Avengers Level Event

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wouldn’t people naturally be afraid of superheroes? After all, every time they arrive, some world-ending stuff is going down! With that being said, we are all for spotting Captain America on a motorcycle while stuck in traffic. Maybe he could let us ride his shield to the front!

Different Kind of Passenger

We appreciate how important snakes are to our world. We also love taking care of animals, even when they are exotic. With that being said, if this snake was in our car — we are calling a cab. Do you think this snake is a pet with a brave owner? Or did this snake sneak into the car?

A Smooth Ride

We’ve been staring at this car for an embarrassingly long time now and we are no closer to any answers. What is this vehicle? How is it so smooth and seamless? And why does it remind us of a villainous car from Speed Racer? We can already see people begin to rubber-neck as they drive by, thinking the same questions.

Technically it Fits

This image was taken in a small town somewhere in Pennsylvania. Typically, when you move a long ladder, you do so by fixing it to your roof. This driver had an entirely different idea. While it may technically be working, we’re not sure if this is the route that most people want to go if you don’t want a ticket.

Destroying a Road

Do you ever wonder why roads are under construction for so long? If so, this picture probably give you a pretty good answer! This driver drove down a five-lane road that was under construction, ignoring signs to move lanes. Instead, she drove through fresh concrete and was summarily cited with destruction of property. Her insurance company will have to pay for the entire road!

Real Life Rocket Raccoon

Sure, seeing Captain America on a motorcycle was cool, but check out Rocket Raccoon! Okay, maybe this raccoon isn’t the same Rocket from Guardian of the Galaxies but he is still pretty cool! We’re not sure what situation warrants a raccoon in the cab of a semi-truck, but we’re here to find out.

Improvement on Littering

Perhaps we have a soft spot for the environment but when we see cigarette butts on the ground, we get furious! This driver figured out a way to smoke without littering on longer rides. We’re not sure if this is entirely fool-proof, but at least he is trying! We can only imagine how bad that window smells, however.

Questionable Funeral Home

Death is a somber affair as well as an existential crisis we must all wrestle with at some point in our lives. With that kind of context, it can be a relief to see people adding humor to the situation. This funeral home director hauled a woodchipper behind their car. Who said composting wasn’t ‘in’ anymore?

Totally Humble (Really) (Not Really)

The best thing about being wealthy is rubbing it in the faces of your subordinates. Wait, that’s something only a sociopath does. This driver has a gold-plated Bugatti worth more than most people make in a year. The ‘Humble’ special license plate is the dressing on the ‘jerk’ sandwich that is this picture.

I’m Cargo, Morty, Cargo!

In the wonderfully weird universe of Rick & Morty, our favorite cynical scientist makes a habit out of transforming himself. We aren’t talking about any simple pickle this time, however, we are talking about a cargo truck! A cargo truck, Morty! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Mission Impossible: Babushka

Fifty years after the last Mission Impossible was released, Tom Cruise will return to the silver screen in MI: Babushka. Watch as a grandfatherl-y Ethan Hunt seeks vengeance after — Wait, this isn’t a movie. This is just some grandma in Russia hitching a ride! Screw it, let’s give her a movie too.

A Noisy Truck

Certain images can cause sounds to appear in your head. These so-called ‘noisy images’ have gained quite the following online. While we might be stretching the definition a bit, we think this truck fits in the same picture-album! Read the text on the back of this construction vehicle before telling us we are wrong!

By Thor’s Hammer

If you want proof positive that Marvel will never go out of date, take one look at this image. It’s freaking awesome! Rather than letting his beat-up Buick hold him down, this driver attached a replica of Thor’s hammer before transforming the entire ride. Now people are taking pictures of his car for entirely different reasons!

The Cutest Move

It looks like little Paw Paw packed his truck with cat treats and scratching posts for the big move. A quick stop for gas and we’re sure this litter will be right back on the road. Who doesn’t love catching a photo of a cat being adorable?  We think it is a safe guess to assume that the driver is a cat lover, wouldn’t you say?



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Movies Create More Pet Problems Than Help

Mackenzie Freeman



When Disney released the second installment of Nemo storyline with Finding Dory kids flocked to the theaters and the toy stores to see and grab their favorite forgetful fish. Voiced by Ellen Degeneres in both films, Dory endeared herself to kids and their parents so much, many wanted to have their own pet version of Dory, specifically a Blue Tang. However, like so many other movies before, Finding Dory set off a red alert for conservationists who saw the same problem record playing all over again, just with another animal species favorite du jour.

First, Blue Tangs are very inhospitable to captivity and do not breed, which would otherwise produce a farm grown population that could satisfy the pet industry demand for them. Second, that means what Blue Tangs are provided as pets are literally captured from the sea as wild specimens from their natural environment. Third, the same in turn has huge implications because in practice pet-loving humans literally become a collective predator through the pet supply chain, reducing the wild population dramatically and suddenly.

The Dory demand is not the first time a fish or other animal has seen a run on the natural population, affecting eco-systems in the wild. When the first movie, Finding Nemo, was released, the main character’s fish, the Clown Fish, skyrocketed in home aquarium pet demand by 40 percent. As soon as they left the theater, everyone wanted their own Clown Fish. The harvesting from the wild was so bad, the fish just about started to disappear from its natural regions in the waters off of Indonesia and the Philippines. And all of it was driven by a cartoon movie and massive consumerism in the U.S. which practically sends ripple effect across international markets as a result.

And fish are not exclusive in the movie-driven eco-damage. The Harry Potter film franchise has done its damage as well, specifically hunting for pet owls. An unreasonable number of Potter fans insisted on trying to get their own pet owl after the movies became extremely popular. And, like so many non-normal pets, people realized they aren’t soft and cuddly. Owls have razor sharp claws, they smell quite a bit, and they can bite viciously. Most of these owls had been captive-bred so there was no possibility they could be returned to the wild once they became unwanted.

Disney again triggered and earlier run on a specific animal when it re-released the 101 Dalmatians story in a mid-1990s movie. Now most folks would assume dogs should be just fine; they’re man’s best friend. However, the Dalmatian breed is a fussy one, packed with a lot of high-strung energy and needing regular exercise. Add to the mix, they don’t do well with small kids. Soon after the movie’s pet rush, Dalmatians began to spike in dog shelters and dog rescues as many of them were given up as unwanted and their true nature was realized months after previous Christmas.

Whether its mini-turtles due to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies and related salmonella sickness in kids, or “Dory” Blue Tangs, people need to teach their children and their wallets to refrain from running out and getting the next pet fad. It’s costing needless loss of animal lives and frustration. If you want a pet that will likely love your family, try pet adoption first. Give a lonely animal that can be is ready to be a pet a second chance instead and leave Nemo and Dory in the sea.

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Lea Lomas



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