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These Simple Hotel Life Hacks Will Change Traveling Forever!

Leslie Tander




Traveling is a natural part of life, especially if you want to get out and see the world! Whether you are staying at a hotel for work or for vacation, making the most of your experience is definitely important. Unfortunately, it isn’t hard to find countless horror stories about hotels around the world. Today, we are going to make your life easier. So, whether you are on a business trip or your Honeymoon, make sure to keep these simple hotel life hacks in mind!

Keep The Curtains Closed With a Hanger

You don’t have to be a light sleeper to hate having light seep into your room. No matter where you are staying, your hotel might have to deal with lights from nearby buildings and vehicles. Due to the fact that most hotel blinds don’t close correctly, you might need some help keeping them shut. Simply take a large hanger from your hotel closet and repeat what you see above. With a single hanger in place, you can keep your curtains closed nice and tight.

Quick and Easy Dining Room Table

If you are going to be traveling for work, you might want to save money by eating in your room. Unfortunately, most hotel rooms aren’t going to be outfitted with a comfortable place to eat. Thankfully with the addition of a simple ironing board, you can eat with comfort from your own bed! Not a bad little hack, is it? Throw down a clean towel to prevent food from staining the board if you want to be extra careful.

Improve the Smell of Your Room With a Car Freshener

We aren’t saying that every hotel smells bad, but there are plenty of offputting odors that can find their way into your room. If you want to make your room smell a little better, simply attach a car freshener to your air conditioning or heating unit before turning the air on. In the blink of an eye, you’ll have a room that smells fresh and clean.

Restock Your Mini Bar By Yourself

If you find yourself dipping into the mini bar, don’t worry about a blossoming bill. We all know that hotel minibars are overpriced, so head to the pharmacy down the street to restock it yourself. This is a great way to avoid a large bill if you find yourself with the time to restock the room.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help

If you are at a reasonable hotel, the front desk will be committed to making your stay a pleasant one. With that being said, most people don’t take advantage of the concierge services available to them. Hotel clerks are always ready to lend a hand, so if you are facing an obstacle don’t hesitate to ask for help! On one recent trip, a hotel clerk helped to connect me with a late dinner due to my arrival time. I wouldn’t have had access to that food had I not asked!

Add Extra Humidity To Your Room

You don’t have to want to sleep in a sauna to require a little extra humidity in your room. Traveling during the winter can mean dealing with tons of dry and damaging air. Add a little extra humidity to your room by draping a wet towel on top of your suitcase rack beside your heating unit. As the air heats up the towel, steam will manifest! Simply dampen the towel again when you feel it start to dry out.

Save Your Shower Cap For Clean Traveling

If you travel with any regularity, you are going to grow accustomed to carrying extra pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, it can be hit-and-miss when it comes to cleaning your shoes while abroad. In order to package your shoes in a safe and clean manner, simply put them inside of a fresh shower cap. The shower cap will keep dirt from getting on your things while the shower cap can be replaced as needed.

Recover Phone Chargers From the Front Desk

Losing your phone charger can be a terrifying prospect, especially when you aren’t near a store. Fortunately, most hotels offer support services at their front desk to replace lost or stolen items. If your cable went missing during your stay, make sure to ask the front desk about it. Even if they can’t help, the front desk might be able to offer a free loan item to get you through your trip.

Childproof Your Room With Duct Tape

You don’t have to be the best parent on the planet to know that children are creative when it comes to troublemaking. If you want to make your room as safe as possible for your children, consider taping down exposed cables with duct tape. Your duct tape should be easy to remove without leaving any marks behind.

Cover Your Remote For Germ-Free Relaxation

For individuals who like to keep germs at bay, pay careful attention to what you touch during your hotel stay. One of the biggest hotspots for germs in a hotel room, outside of the bathroom, is the television remote. Simply put your remote control into a clear bag during use so that you can avoid problematic germs. Simple, right? That sounds a lot easier than dealing with a cold!

Tip For Extra Services

Tipping is a pretty American custom, so if you are traveling through the United States you might want to adopt the practice. With that being said, tipping at a hotel may feel a little odd but there are benefits! Simply put down a little tip on the pillow after your first night in order to reward the room cleaners. A little kindness can lead to extra attention during your stay.

Prop the Door Open With a Hanger

Unpacking your things can be a pain in the neck, literally. If your hotel doesn’t have a handy cart to unload your property with, consider using a closet hanger to keep your door propped open. While not exactly pretty to look at, this is a great way to get in and out of your room without having to whip your key card out of your pocket.

Ready to Use Toothbrush Holder For Free

There isn’t anything less appealing than putting your toothbrush on the counter of a hotel bathroom. While we are sure that most hotels do their best to keep their property clean, we are still bothered by the idea. If you don’t want to pack a spare cup to hold your toothbrush in, consider sticking it through the bottom of a paper cup from the bathroom. It’s not pretty, but this cheap toothbrush holder can keep the germs away!

Quickly Get Rid of Fog In Your Bathroom

Getting in and out of your hotel in the morning can be difficult when the bathroom mirror won’t defog. If you are like us, you wait until the last moment to get out of the door. Shaving in a hurry or doing your makeup with a foggy mirror can be hard to handle. Simply use a little bit of soap to quickly get rid of the troublesome fog. Now you don’t have to shave in a hurry!

Pack an HDMI Cable For Free Entertainment

To say that hotel rooms lack entertainment options would be putting it lightly. Most hotels charge exorbitant fees to use their television and film services. If you want to have enjoyable entertainment while traveling, pack a spare HDMI cable with your work laptop. Use an HDMI cable and the free Wi-Fi that your hotel provides to stream whatever entertainment you want to the television screen.

Convenient Hot Noodles When You Need Them

We don’t ever want to look down our noses at a hot cup of noodles, so we won’t. If you are craving a brick of delicious noodles and some hot soupy water, consider using your in-room coffee maker to boil hot water. After prepping your hot water, pour it straight into the Cup of Noodles. Now you have a hot meal that doesn’t cost more than a quarter. That’s a quick way to save money!

Keep Your Stuff Dry With an Ice Bucket Bag

Using the swimming pool can be fun until you have to pack a soaking wet swimsuit. If you don’t have time to dry your swimming apparel, use an ice bucket bag to keep your swimsuit separated. If you don’t want to haul around a swimsuit in a plastic bag, you can also ask your front desk for access to a drying machine. You might need a bag of quarters to use the hotel drying machine, just a forewarning!

Avoid Shampoo Leaks Forever

Is there anything more instantly aggravating than finding a broken shampoo bottle in your luggage? Even a small shampoo leak can cause a giant mess within your baggage. In order to keep your toiletries from leaking, simply use a piece of plastic from one of the cups in your room to end the leak forever. Put the plastic underneath the cap of your shampoo before screwing the cap on.

Mention Your Special Circumstances

Hotels will typically endeavor to make your experience as rewarding as they possibly can. For that reason, consider letting your hotel know of any special circumstances that brought you to them. Perhaps you are traveling for a honeymoon or maybe you are in town for a wedding. In either situation, you’ll be surprised by the little kind flourishes that some hotels will showcase to provide improved service.

Makeshift Air Conditioning Unit

While the majority of modern hotels have working air conditioning, you won’t find that same convenience while traveling abroad. If you are in a room without an air conditioning unit, consider putting a wet towel on your windowsill after soaking it with cold water. Crack your window open and allow a cool breeze to blow across the towel. While this obviously isn’t as effective as air conditioning, you’ll be shocked by what a little cool air can do on a hot night.

Take Your Mini Bottles With You

Experienced travelers know to keep their own shampoo and conditioning supplies on hand. Even if you don’t plan to use the toiletries provided by the hotel staff, don’t simply leave them behind. Many times, hotels will use high-quality brands in smaller containers to add a little bit of luxury to the room. Bring home the little bottles for an emergency stash!

This Is Why You Should Put Coins In Sink

If You are in a pinch and really need to do laundry then this sink hack will come in hand. Take a piece of plastic and a coin or two and put them into the sink like the picture below. After you do that you are all set to wash your clothes in the sink or bathtub.

Get a Loan From the Front Desk

Has your phone charger suddenly broken? Are you missing an important cable for hooking up your laptop to the television? No matter what you are missing, your hotel might be able to offer you support. You might be able to find resources at the front desk, otherwise, you might be referred to somewhere that you can find local help.

Lock Away Your Valuables

You can stay at the best hotel in the world while still worrying about getting robbed. Nobody wants to think about people rifling through their stuff when they are traveling, so make sure to request a room safe. Lock away your valuables before you leave to make sure that you aren’t worried throughout the day.

Skip Room Service and Save Big

One of the easiest ways to blow through your budget while on the road is ordering room service. While room service is quick and convenient, it is also incredibly expensive. Instead of spending big at your hotel’s room service, consider calling a nearby restaurant to deliver. All you have to do is head down to the entrance when your driver arrives. That $25 burger from room service just became a whole lot more affordable!

Mute External Noise With a Towel

There are life hacks and then there are obvious tips like this. If you are dealing with a lot of external noise, from the hall or your neighboring rooms, simply put a towel underneath your door. The towel will serve as a dampening device thus blocking one of the most problematic areas of sound leakage. If you really want to take your peace and quiet serious, consider bringing a sleeping mask as well!

Feel Free To Ask For Another Room

Most people who book a hotel will take the first room offered to them. When was the last time that you personally asked to look at a separate room? While not exactly routine, most hotel clerks are happy to showcase additional rooms. If you are located near a loud neighbor or want to face away from city lights, this can be the easiest way to fix the issue. Most hotels try to offload their worst rooms first, so don’t feel bad about asking for a better spot.

Add Some Volume to Your Phone With a Mug

A little bit of music never hurt anyone, but you can’t really just blast a stereo in your hotel. In order to add a little volume to your room without blowing the neighbors window off, consider putting your phone inside of a clean coffee mug with the speaker facing down. The speaker will use the walls of the mug to produce an amplified sound for you to enjoy. Or you could just get a Bluetooth speaker, but that’s a little pricier.

Request a Spare Room Key

Even when you are traveling alone, it can help to have a backup key on hand. Simply request a spare key from the front desk when you first go through the check-in process. Keep one key with you at all times while leaving the other key in an easily accessible place in your room. Now, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have a key handy.

Steam Away Wrinkles For Free

When you unpack your luggage at the hotel, the last thing that you’ll want to see is a pile of wrinkles. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find quick and affordable steam cleaning services when you are away from home. If your hotel doesn’t offer the services, simply hang your wrinkled shirt as close to the shower spout as you can without getting wet. Let the shower run on high heat while allowing the steam to press your clothing.

Instant Mini Fridge In Your Bathroom

While mini-refrigerators have become the norm with most modern hotels, that still isn’t the case everywhere. If your hotel room lacks a refrigerator, simply buy a bag of ice and unload it in your sink. While you won’t be able to use your sink right away, you’ll have plenty of cold beverages at the ready! The best aspect of this life hack is that there is no cleanup! Just let the ice melt and you are all done.

How About a Mobile Mini Fridge

Throwing your own little party will require a place to keep your drinks. Whether you are inviting a friend to your hotel room or simply having fun with your significant other, consider filling an empty trash bin with a bag of ice. Rip the bag open and put your drinks inside to create a mobile mini-fridge! Who said having fun at a hotel was impossible?

File Complaints For Poor Service

Nobody wants to be the ‘problematic’ guest at a hotel, but sometimes you have to speak up for what is right. If you feel that you are receiving subpar service, make sure to mention your complaint to the front desk. If you walk away from the hotel without airing your grievances, you might miss out on their attempt to remedy the problem. That remedy could come by way of gift vouchers or reduced rates.



An In-depth Look At The Exciting And Inquisitive Bengal Cats

Lea Lomas



Many people enjoy cats because they have a reputation for being independent and low maintenance compared to other types of animals. However, one possible exception to the rule is Bengal cats. Not only are Bengal cats known for their unique complexion, they also have an infectious personality that is basically unmatched in the domestic cat world. Bengal cats are considered a combination of Asian leopard cats and traditional house cats.


Bengals cats are hybrid breeds. Doctors at Loyola University created the hybrids because they wanted a cat with an exotic look but the energetic personality of a domestic cat. The doctors mixed African leopard cats with Egyptian cats. According to the International Cat Association, most Bengal cats are now bred from their own species. This wasn’t the case initially, as the first generation of male Bengal cats were unable to reproduce. Bengals are now recognized as an official breed by several organizations around the World, including the Canadian Cat Association and The Cat Fancier’s Association.


Bengal cats are known for their striking appearance. They have spotted or marbled markings. Most of the patterns are black or silver. Bengal cats have multiple coat colors, including seal sepia, seal lynx, brown tabby, and black silver tabby. Most Bengal cats have white background fur on their chin, chest, legs, and abdomen.


Bengal cats are now seen as large house cats. If you would like to add one to your home, make sure that you groom your cat every week. That will remove excess hair and dead hair. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed and always ensure that your Bengal cat is using a clean litter box.

Initially, Bengal cats were seen as too wild potentially out of control to be good pets. However, the cats have learned to channel their energy. So it is important that they get plenty of exercise and physical stimulation throughout the day. Make sure that you have a scratching post nearby and a tree for them to climb.

Bengal cats are very intelligent and inquisitive, so try to find an area around your home for them to explore. Bengal cats love interactive and engaging toys. In general, it’s just important to spend as much quality time as possible. Bengal cats are very fond of water, so look out for them trying to jump in the bathtub with you. While Bengals primarily get along with most animals, you should try to keep them in confined spaces. Bengal cats have been known to prey on hamsters and gerbils.

Managing Their Health

Most Bengal cats have a life expectancy of 10-16 years. Make sure that your cat stays up to date on all of its treatments and immunizations to avoid catching diseases such as leukemia. In some cases, Bengal cats may suffer from blindness. They are especially at risk during their younger years. Try avoiding all foods that contain grains when preparing your Bengal cats’ diet.

If you would like to adopt a Bengal cat, you can try avenues such as Petfinder. You should have a lot of fun learning and growing with your Bengal cat.

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This is Just How Beautiful African Emerald Cuckoos Are

Sherry Rucherman



Just a step above the brown birds is the beautiful green birds. I mean this in terms of my level of interest in birds. Green is a beautiful color but it is meant for birds to blend in easily and hide. This takes away from the beauty of the green bird. With that being said, please do not take this out of context because green is still one of my favorite colors.

Sometimes, however, I still come across a green bird that always proves me wrong. They are nothing near boring to sit there and observe. Every so often I may stumble across one. When I do, it is hard for me to take my eyes off of it.

One of them happens to be the African emerald cuckoo. I can bet you have probably never heard or seen this one before.

They have beautiful bright bellies that are yellow along with emerald bodies. Between these two characteristics, it makes it hard for these birds to come across as boring. They have mastered the skill of hiding from their predators even though they are extremely bright. Photographers even have a hard time trying to find them to capture any great pictures of them.

African emerald cuckoos are mostly found in Western and Sub-Saharan African. Their preferred habitat is moist forests of course.

They may go and visit urban areas sometimes. However, they can still be pretty difficult to find.

But there still seems to be some good news! If you really want to find one of these birds, the best thing to do is listen out for a very interesting four-note song that stands out from other birds. Follow their song to find out where they are hiding. This is usually the only way to be able to spot them.

One thing about cuckoos is that they do not raise their babies if you know anything about them. This may be hard to believe, yet it is very true.

They do not even make their own nests as other birds do.

They pretty much take the nests that are built by puff back shrikes, bee-eaters, olive bush shrikes, and others. In other words, they steal those nests and get rid of the eggs that are in them.  If this isn’t hard to believe, I don’t know what is.

Once a cuckoo has found a good nest, the female will lay her own eggs and leave them for another mama bird to raise. Yes, you heard me correctly. Another bird from an entirely different species will get stuck to raise a cuckoo’s babies! How rude can this be?

But it doesn’t end there! After hatching, cuckoo babies push other babies from other species away. This just goes to show you how rude these birds really are. Regardless, these birds still are a beautiful sight to see!

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Meet the Human-Faced Potato Poodle That’s Taking Over the Internet

Leslie Tander



It can be hard to say what makes us humans, human. How are people separate from dogs, cats, monkeys, and more? For some people, you simply know a human when you see one. The many unique traits we offer can be difficult to describe but a lot of people think this cute pooch offers some of the same unique traits reminiscent of humans.

And you know what? They’re right. It’s hard to say way exactly makes this poodle so vaguely human, and yet a quick look in her eyes can be a bit unsettling at first. It feels a bit like you’re looking at a person in a Halloween costume. Of course, once your eyes are drawn away from her eyes, you quickly realize that you’re looking at a cute and fluffy poodle.

The pooch’s name, by the way, is Kokoro. This name may be unfamiliar to some, but it suits the pup quite well. In Japanese, Kokoro roughly means heart and feelings. And Kokoro certainly has a lot of heart and is melting a lot of hearts too.

While she may not know it, Kokoro has become an internet sensation and now has countless fans around the world. Many would love to give this poodle a well-deserved pet on the head. And given Kokoro’s round, bushy afro-like haircut, the pets are sure to feel good for both parties.

So far, Kokoro’s charming photos have garnered over one hundred and thirty thousand likes and thirty thousand shares on Twitter. One top of that, nearly a thousand people have commented. Some people argue that the pupper has an eerie similarity to famed painter and teacher Bob Ross. A few believe that she looks like an ewok. Others simply note that they want to give her a pat on the head or belly rub.

Kokoro is also extremely popular on the photo sharing site Instagram. She has over one hundred and sixty thousand followers. Follow her on Instagram and you can check out more than 3,500 photos. Many of them, of course, featured Kokoro herself.

By all accounts, she’s a smart, gentle, and kind dog. She seems to like exploring outside and overall appears to like chilling out with her buds the most. It also looks like Kokoro spends quite a bit of time traveling and on the road. So who knows, maybe you’ll get to meet her when you’re out on an adventure of your own.

It’s obvious that Kokoro’s human companions take a lot of time and put a lot of effort into her care. Besides her great hairdo, the rest of her coat is obviously well cared for. Poodle hair can be difficult to keep clean, especially if your poodle likes to dig around in the yard or snuggle under furniture. Yet Kokoro looks like she just stepped out of the hair salon.

Got your own pictures of an amazing puppy, cat, or other animal? Consider sharing them with the world. Many people have been cooped up, working from home, and avoiding public gatherings in recent months. Now is the perfect time to share a little light and warmth, and a few photos of amazing animals can go a long way.

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