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Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is On The Way!

Leslie Tander




Have you ever been walking outside when you realized that something felt ‘off’? Maybe a storm was blowing in. Perhaps there was a wild animal nearby. Maybe you caught a whiff of smoke before you realized that there was a fire. Whatever the situation may be, you realized that something was wrong before it manifested. Similarly, the world around us can warn of danger before it appears, but only if you know what the signs are. Keep on reading to learn potentially life-saving signs that disaster is about to strike!

Sharks in Deep Waters

Traditionally, you aren’t going to see many sharks while out in the ocean. However, if you find yourself swimming in deep water, keep an eye out for the smooth-skinned apex predators. Sharks coming into deeper water can signify serious changes over the surface of the ocean. In fact, sharks frequently head to deep water in order to escape the forces of hurricanes or other tropical storms.

Be Aware of J-Shaped Trees

Do you want a simple sign that a landslide is about to occur? If so, keep an eye out for J-Shaped trees on sloping hills. As you can see, these trees are hard to miss! The reason that these trees begin to change shape is due to the slowly changing nature of a landslide. As the trees grow, they are subtly manipulated by forces beneath the ground, thus leading to the famous J shape before us.

Stay Away From Smelly Water

You shouldn’t need to be told to avoid foul-smelling water, but we are going to just in case. If you are in or near a lake, ocean, or river, take stock of how it appears and smells. If the water is stagnant, scummy, or discolored, you are going to want to avoid any interaction with the water feature. Typically, those traits are afflicted upon water features that are experiencing serious bacterial growth.

Hair Standing on End

Have you ever put your hands on a static ball as a kid? When you did, you probably had all of your hair stand up on end. While this may look funny, it also can signify that lighting is about to strike in the immediate area. If you feel your hair standing on end, take immediate shelter! If nothing else, crouch as low to the ground as possible.

Dropping Ocean Levels

If you are walking along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, pay attention to the water level. If you see that the water level is receding, you might want to skip the selfie and take shelter instead. When water suddenly recedes, thus leaving reefs and living creatures uncovered, a tsunami could be on the way.

Red Sky Warning

For people into the nautical side of life, the term ‘red sky warning’ probably has some serious meaning. For everyone else, understand that a red sky at night is awesome. It means that you are likely going to have great weather in the morning. However, if the sky is red in the morning, a storm could be on the horizon.

Scary Wall Clouds

If you are in the Midwest or near Tornado Alley, you are going to want to get good at identifying clouds. Wall clouds, specifically, are something you want to watch out for. Wall clouds sit lower than the average thunderstorm, and they often mean that a tornado is coming. Unless you want to be taken to a yellow brick road somewhere, you should head to the basement.

Pets Paying Close Attention

Did you know that there was once a cat in a hospital that could ‘tell’ when someone was about to pass away? Scientists don’t quite understand how animals know that something is wrong, but there is plenty of evidence that they do! If your furry friend seems majorly concerned about a part of your body, maybe head to the doctor for a checkup. Signs to watch out for include excessive licking or sniffing of an afflicted body part.

Be Weary of Funnel Clouds

Don’t believe the hype that storm chasers are trying to sell to you. Funnel clouds are dangerous, full-stop. While we all love a little adrenaline, we don’t advise spending too much time near an existing funnel cloud. In fact, funnel clouds are so unpredictable that you can’t really tell which way they are going. Take shelter, not selfies. We would also suggest purchasing a weather radio if you live in an area where intense storms are possible.

Animals Running Toward You

When you are out in nature, animals should pretty much leave you alone. If you are walking through the park when animals start to run toward you, it might be time to take a hint. Animals rushing toward you can signify that there is a fire, or something else dangerous, pushing them in your direction. Take stock of their actions and start analyzing the situation.

Watch For Caves During Full or New Moons

While hanging out on the beach in a cave can be a ton of fun, it can also be dangerous. If you find yourself wandering into a cave on the coast at night, check the moon. If the moon is full or new, you need to be aware of the tide. If you don’t escape before the tide rises, you could end up in a fatal situation.

Watch For Sky ‘Holes’

When you see a hole open up in the sky, what is nature telling you? While you might be afraid of an alien invasion, you probably are looking at a Fallstreak hole. These sky holes form in clouds filled with water droplets that have been surrounded by sub-freezing temperatures. Directly beneath these holes, you are likely to see an ice shower begin to manifest. If you don’t enjoy being pelted by ice, you might want to avoid the area altogether. With all of that being said, this DOES look pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Animals Quickly Departing

Did you know that a wild animal can sense when disaster is about to strike? It’s true! Dating back to 373 BC in Greece, humans have reported fleeing animals prior to a natural disaster. Scientists have even backed up this bizarre phenomenon! If you see masses of animals fleeing where you are at, you would do well to follow them.

Toxic Mushrooms are Near Trees

We are of the mind that you shouldn’t be eating anything that you find in nature. Unless you are trained to live off of the wild, you are likely just putting yourself in danger. If you are in a survival situation, make sure to avoid any mushrooms found near a tree. The mushrooms located near the base of a tree are likely to be poisonous. Look up the deathcap mushroom for further reading. Trust us, you don’t want to eat one!

Cracked Snow Beneath Your Feet

We are big fans of getting outside when it is cold. Whether we are skiing or snowboarding, staying active can be a fun way to get through winter. With that being said, we’d definitely suggest that you avoid any and all snow that cracks and sinks beneath your boots, particularly if you are on a mountain. Why? Well, cracking snow beneath your feet may signify that an avalanche is on the way. If you get buried in an avalanche, simply spit in order to see which direction you are facing.

Green Sky Colors

As it turns out, the sky is one of the most useful indicators that disaster is about to strike. Green skies are always going to be a warning sign that you pay attention to, particularly if there is news of a storm on the horizon. Green skies tend to signify that a storm is on the way and tornadoes are right behind.

Square Segments of Waves in the Ocean

You’re not going to want to go for a swim when you learn about square waves. Take a glance at this picture, notice how the waves in the ocean seem to be segmented off into squares. These squares signify something called a cross-sea. A cross-sea can be deadly for ships, swimmers, and surfers alike. Trust us, you don’t want to get caught in these waves!

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Stay Away From Colorful Animals

Mother Nature made it as easy as possible for us to identify dangerous animals, but we still ignore her. Anytime that you see a brightly colored bug, animal, or fish, you need to respect the creature. Colorful animals are almost always going to be fatally poisonous, so make sure you treat them with respect by avoiding them altogether.

Choppy Ocean Water

A bright and warm day at the beach can turn fatal when you are pulled into a rip current. For that reason, before ever entering into the water, you need to be aware of rip currents. Rip currents are most commonly identified by the choppy water that they send up to the beach. Rip currents pull you under and away from the shore. If caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore. When you are out of the current, swim at an angle toward the shore.

Lakes Near Volcanoes

You almost always want to avoid water features that are near volcanoes. Consider this, a volcano can heat up a nearby water feature by pushing carbon dioxide into the lake. Volcanoes relieve pressure, thus staving off an eruption, by feeding the C02 from the ground into a nearby water feature. The lake, when disturbed by a storm or an earthquake, can cause an explosion of carbon dioxide that kills literally everything around it. This is a serious probably for animals and humans alike.

Fish on the Beach

By the time you get done reading these warning signs, you’ll never want to go to the beach again. With that being said, dead fish on the beach signify that there is something deadly in the water. No, we aren’t talking about Jaws. We are talking, instead, about deadly chemicals or biological components such as algae. The Karenia Brevis, special algae found in the Gulf o Mexico, can turn red thus leading to a deadly ‘red tide’.

Sound of Rushing Water

If it has been storming or you are near a beach or river, you might want to keep your ears open. The sound of rushing water can be enough to shoot ice into your veins, metaphorically speaking. Rushing water signifies that a deadly flash flood has manifested. Floods are considered the second deadliest form of severe weather in the entire country.

Beware Trees With Cracks or Missing Bark

If you see a tree that has a ton of missing bark or deep cracks in its base, the tree might fall over soon. If this tree is in your yard, you need to get on the phone with a tree removal service. Trees with missing bark or cracked foundations are a falling danger to you and any property around you.

Ring Around the Moon/Sun

Did you know that the moon and sun can tell you a lot about the weather? If you look up at the sun or moon and see a glowing halo, what is the significance? Typically, these rings signify that rain will be on the way within the next 48 hours. These rings are formed by cirrus clouds, ice crystals, and light refraction.

Frog Sounds Predict Weather

Did you know that frog sounds can help warn you that danger is on the way? The infamous croaking sound of a frog can signal that heavy rain is on the way. For frogs, this heavy rain means a night of romance is on the way. For us? Well, their croaks signify that we need to roll up the windows before we get drenched.

Glossy Pavement Can Be Treacherous

Ice is deadly. Invisible ice is even deadlier. If you live somewhere that temperatures drop below freezing, you need to learn how to identify ice on pavement. Glossy pavements tend to signify that a sheen of slick ice is present. Don’t let yourself become a falling victim, walk slow and avoid any shiny surfaces where ice might be.

Vanishing Golden-Winged Warblers

Did you know that the status of the golden-winged warblers in your area can signify a dangerous storm? Researchers tracked a group of golden-winged warblers in Tennessee back in April 2014. The birds took flight from their area immediately preceding a severe tornado. After the storm ended, the birds came back to Tennessee.

When Dust Walls Appear, Ditch the Road

Whether you are heading to Sedona in Arizona or Albuquerque to visit Walt’s old home, you’ll need to pay attention to the dust around you. Now, we aren’t talking about keeping your clothes clean, we are talking about keeping you safe on the road. Throughout the Southwest, dust clouds can form in open spaces before barreling down on helpless drivers. If you think a dust wall is coming, pull over and turn your hazard lights on. You don’t want to get hit by the dust OR another car that doesn’t see you, right?

Cloudy Well Water Signifies Possible Sinkhole

While sinkholes can look impressive from far away, the truth is that they are deadly and destructive forces of nature. Fortunately, you can keep an eye out for sinkholes when you live on a property that uses well water. Additionally, if you have a nearby pond or lake, you can also use other water features for information. Basically, keep an eye out for cloudy well water, cracks in the walls or floor of your home, and how easily your doors close. When a sinkhole begins to develop, it can throw off how your house sits, thus making it hard to close doors.

Stompy Skunks Mean Danger

We are pretty sure that you don’t need to be warned to stay away from skunks. With that being said, if you ever find yourself in front of these cute critters, you might want to consider slowly backing away. The moment that a skunk raises its tail and begins to stomp its feet, you draw ever closer to being bathed in some noxious fumes. Nobody likes to smell like a skunk, so keep your distance!

Flee All Bee Stings

Unless you are allergic to bee stings, they aren’t the end of the world, right? Well, the unfortunate truth is that a bee sting can turn quite deadly, even if you aren’t allergic! When you are stung by a honey bee, you are spiked with pheromones that urge all nearby hive members to attack. If you are stung even once by a honey bee, you are best off fleeing the area. Even if you aren’t allergic to bee stings, enough of them can send you into shock.

Colorful Water Can Be Deadly

When Mother Nature wants you to stay away, she tends to leave a sign. In nature, brightly colored animals can signify poison. Brightly colored water, such as this shot from Yellowstone National Park, signals scalding temperatures that can lead directly to death. The water in this picture is roughly 200-degrees which is twice as hot as a traditional Jacuzzi. Let’s just say that you won’t want to skinny dip in this pool of water.

Banded Clouds Mean Tornadoes

If you live in the Midwest, dark clouds almost always signify some type of storm. Most storms can be comfortably watched from your home, but if you start to notice ‘inflow bands’ then you might want to take shelter. Also known as a ‘cloud snake’, inflow bands indicate that a strong storm is on the horizon. These inflow bands suck in low-level air from a good distance, thus adding juice to the growing storm.

Five Toed Paw Prints Mean Predators

Let’s say that you are walking through the woods. You see bark that has been scratched away from a nearby tree. You also see five-toed paw prints in the mud and dirt. In these situations, you are likely wandering into bear country. Look for tufts of fur as well as bear droppings in order to confirm that you are indeed near where a bear was. Stay alert and ready to respond appropriately to the bear in question, depending on what type of bear you have come across. Remember, you aren’t going to outrun a bear. 

White Ice is Always Dangerous

When we think of the dangers that ice can present, what comes to mind? You probably think about hitting icy patches on the road, thus leading to a crash. While that is a serious problem, many people end up walking onto their ice problems. If you see a lake covered in gray or white ice, you might want to avoid stepping on it. While many lakes have professionals who monitor ice thickness, plenty of them do not. White ice should be avoided at pretty much all costs unless you fancy going for a potentially deadly and unplanned ice bath.



Failure Provides Opportunities To Succeed

Lea Lomas



The fear of failure is failure itself and stops you from moving farther in your life, such as pursuing a relationship a job or anything that requires you to step forward.  No one prevents you from achieving your dreams of a better livelihood. The reason why the goal goes unfulfilled is that you undercut your efforts out of fear of failure. You have convinced yourself that making an effort is worthless and is thus not worth doing. But in fact, making an effort is essential to achieve your goal.  

Stop Bullying Yourself

The struggle may be as simple as filling out an application or applications seeking the job. Fear of failure has the same effect of bullying yourself by having concerns that you will nor be successful.  Failure may lead to the self-fulfilling prophecy of failing, which is a form of circular reasoning in that you know you will fail and then chose a course that leads to failure.  

You Are Your Worst Enemy.

Your fears may be directly be related to the thinking that you do not deserve to be successful. How do you overcome the fear of failure? The definition of failure is different, and it varies from person to person who has a) different red lines to cross that defines failure, b) different values, and c) different belief systems. So what may be a failure to you could be on the road to success for another. So what is failure? You could be so afraid of failing that you become immobilized to the point of depression. You may have had bad experiences as a child and received no positive feedback from your parents. At one time, you were traumatized in your life by failure and stopped trying to succeed. As a result, you become trapped in life’s struggle.

 Negative Mindsets

With these types of experiences, you may have set a death trap, or mindsets, requiring one to reset your life to a better path. The following mindsets set the trap.
•  You sabotage yourself through procrastination, excessive anxiety, or a failure to follow through to achieve your goals.
•  No self-confidence, coupled with low self-esteem, pondering on negative self-feedback that your life will not get better or that you lack the skills or the ability to succeed or it’s too late to be successful.
•  Perfectionism – You developed artificial high standards and cannot reach a level of perfection or willingness to try.

Breaking the Cycle of Fear

1. Fear of failure has the same effect of bullying yourself by having concerns that you will nor be successful, which leads to the self-fulfilling prophecy of failing, a form of circular reasoning in that you know you will fail and then chose a course that leads to failure.   
2.  Be your own best friend.  Love yourself, be your confidant, and not your worst enemy. Seeking external happiness, like a good relationship, may fatefully tie you to the failures of others that will not lead you to genuine fulfillment. It is up to you to change your own life.
3.  Whatever negative trait you may have should be viewed in the whole of a person that you are, so don’t be so hard on yourself or permit any other person’s negative view of yourself to define who you are.

Rational and Positive Thinking  

Failure is common and many times, precedes success. The most successful people have experienced palpable failure, such as Michael Jordan failed at basketball in high school. William Buffet was not academically qualified to be accepted at Harvard. Richard Branson does not have a high school diploma. The words “think positive” is not a mind game but a highly successful method of thinking that refuses to accept failure or treats failure as having another opportunity to succeed.

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How to Boost Self-Trust for the Ultimate in Self-Care

Mackenzie Freeman



Trust is a concept that you know well. From the time you were born, you learned to trust in the inevitability that a person would do what is expected and promised. Trust is an essential part of your relationships first with your family (parents, siblings, and even extended family). It evolves to become the basis for learning and growth experiences, romances, and (hopefully) something more self-centered: self-trust.  

What is Self-Trust? 

It’s usually called self-trust or self-esteem. The concept traces back to the works of William James, the father of modern psychology, in 1890. His concept of self-trust or self-esteem involved a combination of achievements and expectations, so you could either achieve great things or just lower your expectations. That earliest concept of self-esteem, self-worth, or self-trust changed through the 1960’s as influential figures like Nathaniel Branden ushered in the self-esteem movement, and John Vasconcellos politicized the concept. Fixing self-esteem was lauded as a “social vaccine,” the magic bullet that would remediate or prevent drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancy, etc. The persuasive efforts of Vasconcellos inspired a task force in California turned into the National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE) in 1995.  

Further studies by Psychology Professor Roy Baumeister in the 1990’s demonstrated that the premise for self-esteem was problematic. It could not cure all societal ills, nor could it be easily boosted by artificial means. In 2006, Professor Jean Twenge further found that the current laser-focus on self-esteem not only fueled depression, but also facilitated narcissism. While the concept of “self-esteem” has gradually taken on a negative or skeptical tinge, self-love and self-trust as a more positive spin-off. If you go back to the innocence of youth, before self-doubt crept in, you get the core of who you are and what you want. It’s a diamond in the raw, unmarred by pretension or the fear of failure. It’s something precious, because in that state it’s really about knowing and loving yourself, which naturally equates to self-trust.  

Why is Self-Trust Important & How Do You Reach It?  

The concept of self-trust is important because it relies upon a firm faith and understanding of your own integrity, or sense of self. As you trust yourself, you find a confidence and clarify that you are making the right choices. Self-trust is not about arrogance or narcissism. With true self-trust, it is something beyond external validation or seeking approval, because you have an internal roadmap that lays out your path and direction. Self-trust is unconditional, beyond fear or risk. Even when it feels out of reach, at the bottom of the well, or just beyond reach—self-trust never goes away. It remains, unbroken. 

The question, then, is how do you reach self-trust, particularly since it’s so important for self-care? You might just find that it’s easier than you think. Here are a few top tips for redirecting your focus and mindset inward on your journey toward self-trust.  

Get to Know Yourself!  

Julia Cameron calls it an “artist’s date.” The idea is that you need to find out what makes you tick, feed your creativity, and explore your bliss. It could be a book store, a library, or a toy store. Your exploration could involve a dinosaur expo, a botanical garden, a robot or tech show, a gemstone exhibit, an art museum, or a nuclear science museum. There are countless variations on destinations that could start to restore your self-trust.  

Look Inward, First Thing 

You probably reach for your phone as a first thought when you wake up. It feels natural, but what would happen to your sense of self and self-trust if you repossessed the first moments of your day. Look out the window to notice that the sun is rising. Open a book of poems or quotes, and take time to let the words sink in. Meditate, practice your breath exercises, take 10 or 15 minutes to do Yoga or Pilates stretches in your comfortable spot. Stand in one spot, allowing the silence of your place to surround you. Embrace the blank slate that is the day ahead, as you restore your self-trust.  

Focus on the Now 

When you focus on past regrets or future worries, you’re focusing on fear, loss, and suffering. Instead of living in a state of fear of failure, self-trust allows us to live in the present moment. It can be scary, with a feeling that it’s an unprotected or vulnerable state. What you’ll find is that living in the now opens up a realm of other possibilities. It’s not for the faint of heart. It can take courage, inner fortitude, and more strength than you ever thought you had.  

It can feel hard. It may seem possible… It also might just change your life.

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You Have More Inner Strength Than You Know

Leslie Tander



You have more strength than you realize. You’ve always had that strength burning inside of you. Do you remember when you fell down as a child? You skinned your knees. It hurt so bad. It was the worst pain that you had ever felt. You looked down and saw the blood. You wondered if you would ever recover. Then, magically, the bleeding stopped. New skin grew to take its place. The bruises that you received from that fall also faded. They eventually disappeared as if nothing had happened. Then, the healing process finished. You became stronger. You learned from this adventure and it made you a better person.

You have more strength than you realize. You have been struck down before. The world has told you no. Maybe you got denied for the job you so badly wanted. Maybe you got rejected from the school you always had dreams of attending. Even though the world told you no, you didn’t listen. You didn’t pay attention to anyone or anything that was going to tear you down. You didn’t let your wings get clipped. You didn’t let that anchor drag you to the bottom of the sea. You didn’t let anyone tell you what you could or couldn’t do. Even after the world said no, you found a way to spread your wings and fly again because that is who you are. That is where your strength comes from.

You have more strength than you realize. You decided to hold onto that vision of your dreams. You didn’t want them to tell you no. You ignored those who wanted to stop you. You ignored those who didn’t see or share your vision of what your future should look like. After all, who are they to dictate your future? Who are they to tell you how to live your life? Who are they to believe your dreams should be limited? You have so much strength inside of you. Your heart is so strong. Your bones are resilient. Your fingers are capable of painting a picture on the canvas of your future that knows no bounds. You do not settle for black and white when you know your life deserves to have the color of a thousand rainbows.

You have more strength than you realize. You can do the impossible. You have experienced grief in the past. You know what this feels like. You know that grief can shatter you in ways nobody else can. You feel guilty even though you know this isn’t your fault. You have always found a way to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and put them back together. Even when you felt like you were broken beyond repair. Even when you wanted nothing more than to curl up, close your eyes, and shut the world out, you got up and kept going. You did this because of the tremendous strength inside you. You decided not to let your wounds become scars. You decided to let your body heal just like your knees did when you were a child.

You did this because you have more strength than you realize. Now, you have risen to meet the challenges placed before you. You did this both for yourself and for the world who has told you no. You did this for the people who look to you as a source of inspiration. You do this because you want others to know that they have more strength than they realize as well. You have the strength to change the world.

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